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flanyboy -> Advice? (11/11/2009 7:59:27 PM)

The Ultra Aggressive AI has landed a division on the northern port on the island of New Caledonia. It is January 11th 1941 and I have yet to send any troops to Australia though I have reinforced some of the pacific islands on the way with ground troops. My BB fleet is crippled Java is not invaded yet, Singapore just became besieged after my forces were driven back from J B last turn and Clark Field is still holding strong though supplies there and at Bataan are down to 30,000 and draining fast with every suicidal Japanese assault.

The Japanese have a few CV's in the area of the Philippians and north of Borneo and have lost Akagi if the Ship Sunk list is to be believed.

My initial reaction was to load up a Brigade and a Battalion of Australian troops and reinforce the south end of New Caledonia before a counter attack. That was before I realized the 11th Japanese Division was the landing party. I am not really sure what to do. I need to eject them but with a full division there I find that unlikely this early though the air capacity of 7 would endanger my supply lines to Australia horribly. I also figure if I can't eject them then deploying large ground forces to the south end of the island may well be futile and a waste of men and resources this early on.

vinnie71 -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 8:12:36 PM)

In most of my games with the AI it stays put. I always move the NZ brigade from Suva to Noumoea and establish a base on Esprito something - north of where the AI lands the division. That way the AI seems not to go overland and conquer Noumoea, giving you time to bring in reinforcements (either from Australia or the first American divisions) and also gives you a base half way between Truk and K...... for your ANZAC fleet to bombard that division or intercept reinforcements.

In my current game I brought the 2 Australian divisions and other forces all the way from Aden + 1 Aus Army HQ + several Aussie and NZ base forces to Noumoea and am heading north. I have also moved the Marauder squadrons who have been bombarding them relentlessly.

one tip: develop the port quickly so that you reduce the unloading time. the Ai is fond of running raiding squadrons (usually 1 or 2 CLs + destroyers) from Truk to Noumoea, and they are hard to spot (especially on their way in), difficult to push back and can cause havoc on your shipping. Once I build up Espirito.... base, it will be time for revenge with some night attacks by Liberators on Truk [:D]

flanyboy -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 8:22:23 PM)

So I don't need to worry about Japanese air groups that far south? I was planning on building up Esprito but with a Japanese base on my left rear with a huge air cap I was afraid anything there would be cut off and destroyed... 

Rob Brennan UK -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 8:31:27 PM)

I'm not going to post any spoilers and i dont think anyone else should either, i'm playing Ironman scenario and most of the fun for me is to see what the AI does next. Just play the game and see what happens.

And Ironman vs vanilla is rather differant [;)].

Have fun [:D]

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 8:33:41 PM)

I have been in the same situation. I poured everything I could grab (against many precious PPs) from NZ into Noumea, built up fortifications, ran bombardment missions against Koumac, stationed carriers in the vicinity to prevent reinforcements coming in (which somehow arrived nonetheless) and dispatched reinforcements from CONUS. The AI marched down from Koumac to La Foa, stayed there for a couple of weeks and then marched to Noumea.

Ok, the rest would be spoiler...

vinnie71 -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 8:37:59 PM)

Never seen Japanese aircraft in the area. Its too far off and at first the AI doesn't have that many aircraft in the area (Rabaul initially: 1 Zero and 1 Oscar plus a Betty squadron). This is especially true if the Philippines hold out for some time and the Dutch forces are not completely overrun and given a chance to convert to modern aircraft (March 42 or so). Then they will hurt the Japanese airforces.

Also don't worry that much. By January or February you should be able to ship a lot of planes belonging to the Air HQs attached to the SWP and SP to both Australia proper and the islands. Most of the USAAF fighters of the South Pacific I put in Espiritu ... and once I get their bombers and develop the airfield, I'll put them there as well. in the meantime I'll use the Liberators earmarked for Australia...

The biggest problem resulting from the airgap is the fact that their surface forces will be able to raid Noumoea. I've never seen them coming and only intercepted them once in the daylight. So beware of their surface raiders. BTW watch out because Australia only gets crappy admirals.

Japanese subs operate mostly in the area between Noumoea and Suva plus another one that normally stays pretty close to Australia proper. Which gave me another idea of how to use Espiritu..... I'm in the process of moving an AS there plus several short range American subs in the are, hopefully to start plaguing the area and sink Japanese shipping in the Solomons...

Anthropoid -> RE: Advice? (11/11/2009 10:30:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: Rob Brennan UK

I'm not going to post any spoilers and i dont think anyone else should either, i'm playing Ironman scenario and most of the fun for me is to see what the AI does next. Just play the game and see what happens.

And Ironman vs vanilla is rather differant [;)].

Have fun [:D]

Hey Rob, how does the "Ironman" scenario compare to the "Hakko Ichiu" scenario?

I have my first foray into AE going with a game against the Japanese AI using the Hakko Ichiu scenario on Hard.

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