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VikingNo2 -> SPWAW vs SPWW2 (6/16/2002 1:21:38 AM)

Ok as usual I would like some education from the SPWAW Gods, What is the difference between SPWAW and SPWW2 ? :rolleyes:

NightCrow -> (6/16/2002 6:09:45 AM)

SPWAW: set in world war 2. Windows based.

SPWW2: WW2 mod of Steel Panthers 2 by SPcamo. Steel Panthers II by SSI originally sets in morden times (1950-1999). DOS based. Maybe the OOBs and AI behavior are slightly different.

I heard the AI for SPWW2 is less forgiving too.

(BTW, SPMBT has just been released. :) )

Jim1954 -> (6/17/2002 9:14:56 PM)

SPWW2 has a larger OOB, but I don't know if it is any more accurate. There are no megacampaigns I am aware of for it and it is not nearly as easy to run on modern PC's (post Win98) than SPWAW. The download is only 50-60 MB so that's a plus. I had real video card problems with it and that is what finally encouraged me to do the big download for this. I only wish I had done it earlier.

clifford1944 -> (6/17/2002 9:39:34 PM)

SPWAW does not need a CD and you can play it over a LAN (Windows based).

SPWW2 is DOS based and you need a CD from Steel Panthers 1 or 2.

I have both and they are both very good. I would like to purchase the mega campaign Eastern Front for SPWAW sometime soon.


Jim1954 -> (6/17/2002 9:50:00 PM)

Do it before it becomes hard to find. You won't regret it. Kicks butt.

Kevin E. Duguay -> (6/17/2002 11:58:47 PM)

I have SPWWII V5 and it does NOT require any disk to play the game. And running on a Gateway with Windows ME no less. No problems either.

I'd like to see a melding of both games. I love the maps that can be produced in SPWaW but it could use the 15 levels of terrain in SPWWII. Also the OOB size in SPWWII is bigger and would be of great use in SPWaW. SPWWII also has a little jem called MOBHACK. MOBHACK is a game editor where you can change or create weapons, units, and formations with ease. I,ve almost given up on the Chlanda editors in SPWaW. Some day I'll figure it out but for now Im in the dark. On the other hand I started working with MOBHACK successfully shortly after I found it. Very easy to work with. With all that said however I personally like SPWaW better and with all the fine people working to perfect SPWaW it will soon be the best game of its type. But SPWWII is not bad either. Try them both and see for your self!:)

clifford1944 -> (6/18/2002 12:39:10 AM)

Sorry I thought that SPWW2 had to have a CD. I would like to see SPWW2 windows based someday.

I try to play the SPWAW over a LAN. Last time I did I played, it was against my two boys ages 14 and 15. They were Germans and I was Russian in summer 1944 meeting engagement. I showered them with rockets and had some good tank battles. I won but just barely. The only thing that worried me was those Jag Tigers. There were like only 10 turns in the game and they could have won I think with a a few more turns. I had some 76 AT guns hidden in the trees waiting for those Jag Tigers to come forth. I was out of tanks, except for maybe two T-34s left. So to stop the Jag Tigers I had lots of infantry and the 76s AT guns. And of course the rockets. If the Jag Tigers could have advanced a few more hexes the Germans would have had more points and they would have won. At the last minute I would liked to have had 6 more turns. Better to have more turns than you think that you will need than less. Well we are going for a re-match. That was a very close battle. Lots of fun.

Grenadier -> (6/18/2002 2:30:02 AM)

all the above plus
Stereo surround sound
multiple sounds for weapons, vehicles, explosions, etc
greater scalability of maps and vehicles for more realistic look of tanks vs buildings
800 x 600 video resolution
Player controlled Opportunity fire
Different ballistics system for more realistc amor penetration and slope values

mono Mel sound files
640 x 480 resolution
Original SP ballistics

clifford1944 -> (6/18/2002 3:17:20 AM)

"Player controlled Opportunity fire"

I think that this is set to like 3 seconds. Then it counts down to 0 and then you have lost your opprotunity for that unit to fire on that enemy unit. You can set this higher I'm sure. Edges the game closer to real time. Nice feature.

You can also set the amount of turns and points to play with. Plus you can set the amount of time that a player has to complete his turn. The game hooked up over a LAN with no problems.

This game is better than love.

Larry Holt -> (6/18/2002 4:04:55 AM)

I've played both.

SPWaW development seems to have gone into the accuracy of the engines underneath the hood, e.g. the armor modeling using actuall mms of armor.

SPWWII has focused on the user interface e.g. the larger number of OOBs, more terrain levels, etc.

clifford1944 -> (6/18/2002 10:15:45 PM)

One thing that I forgot to mention about SPWW2 is that it has an Italian long campaign. This would be interesting. I feel sorry for the Italian soldiers. They just did not seem to want to be in the war. By the way I have an Italian rifle for sale. It's been dropped several times but never fired. Just kidding.

Wild Bill -> (6/18/2002 10:28:30 PM)

Careful, CLifford. Our Italian cohorts have rifles that have never been dropped and fired more than once :eek:

That would include Resisti and the Mad Italian. Those guys are tough! ;)

Wild Bill

RockinHarry -> (6/18/2002 10:41:24 PM)

In fact SP2WW2 V5 has some interesting features and the long campaigns are worth playing. But compared to SPWAW its scenarios and graphics pale. I canīt hardly understand that the camo group guys put that little efforts into graphics! :(

As scenario designer in SPWAW you always can edit units to your liking, no need for huge OOBs IMHO. Same goes for the multiple terrain levels. With the available SPWAW tools it can be done, too.

Nonetheless,..if Iīd find some time I would play some generated campaigns with SP2WW2 again, but as scenario designer SP2WW2 interests me little due to its limited design features compared to SPWAW.


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