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deterrumeversor -> 64 bit ? (9/12/2009 5:08:16 AM)

Hello all,

I really have not been able to get on but maybe once or twice in the last couple of years, and have not gotten to play at all in 2 years[sm=sad-1361.gif]. And so when all the planets came into alignment and the omens were all good, (a.k.a. Finally I have access to both electricity and internet..LOL..) I go and purchase a laptop computer. I download WIR, like a junkie thinking I was going to get my fix.[:D] Then my whole joyous world comes to an abrupt halt when I try to start the game[sm=comp16.gif] and it gives me the finger!!!!...LOL...

Actually, it tells me that it requires a 32 bit system and will not play on a 64 bit system? Heck, I did not even know such a thing mattered??? Does anybody know if there are any remedies for this? Please keep in mind that I am not terribly computer literate and so the simplest "computers for morons"[&:] instructions would be best.

Thanks in advance.

Rasputitsa -> RE: 64 bit ? (9/14/2009 9:39:27 PM)

Look at the earlier posts in this forum : Why won't it run : Download issues : How to download WIR : WIR and Vista. I am not sure if it will address the specific 64 bit problem, but DOSbox solves most problems with WIR running on new systems. [:)]

PaxMondo -> RE: 64 bit ? (9/15/2009 1:02:48 PM)

If you can run DOSbox, you can run WIR (and any other old DOS game).  So getting DOSbox to run is the key.

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