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Gary Tatro -> Here is an interesting question. (6/12/2002 4:45:14 AM)

I have found that many a time I will put one of my trucks or armored cars in harms way. Sometimes when this happens I am all out of movement. And sometimes when I am in this situation I force my men in the vehicle they are driving to jump out then I have them through smoke in the hex in front of them to protect them. They have zero suppretion so next turn they jump back into their vehicles and are ready to move out again.

Now my question is does the game record the death of a vehicle because of this. IE say I jump out of a truck. The truck is work 20 points. Does the computer record 20 victory points for my opponent when I have my men jump out of the vehicle?

Tommy -> (6/12/2002 7:10:59 AM)

I beleive that it only tallies up at the end of the battle. Temporarily "parked" trucks or AFV's are fine.

I've used this to get scouts tucked-in to spotting locations. Drive their jeep or scout car up next to the hex, F9 to bail out, move one hex, then don't move. They dig in nicely and the vehicle is "shot-proof" (just consider it to be heavily camo'd). When you're ready to move on, move to the vehicle hex, wait out the turn, next turn; Bob's your uncle, mounted up & ready to motor off! The few turns of "no action" penalty seem about right for this hide-the-transport activity.


Supervisor -> (6/12/2002 7:29:08 AM)

You or opponent get the full points of abandoned weapons, if 1. you kill the crew of the abandoned weapon or 2. you destroy the abandoned weapon by occupying the hex or 3. you neither kill the crew nor destroy the abandoned weapon, but own the majority of the victory hexes at the end of the game. Abandoning the vehicle awards no points to opponent if you recrew it, but if I'm not mistaken they do receive credit for a kill with no points. It's been a while since this question arouse but I'm pretty sure this is how it's coded.

Gary Tatro -> Thanks Gmenfan (6/12/2002 8:59:17 AM)

Thanks Gmenfan.
Tommy good tactic.

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