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scottott999 -> Available Ship bitmap slots (8/12/2009 3:11:13 AM)

Is there a limitation to the amount of ship Art that can be added? I think it used to be 499 bit map slots per scenario for each side if I recall correctly

wdolson -> RE: Available Ship bitmap slots (8/12/2009 12:31:21 PM)

No limitations that I know of.  I think there might be a real limit of 64,000 or something like that (due to the size of the value that stores the bitmap number), but it's so high, nobody will likely ever hit it.  There is a limitation on air art, but that has been expanded from WitP.


Don Bowen -> RE: Available Ship bitmap slots (8/12/2009 2:10:05 PM)

The limit on ship icons is 5000 per side, with 5000 total. You could use up all 5000 on the Japanese if you really felt like it. Since there are 5000 classes, there is really no limit at all, every class can have it's own artwork.

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