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Oldguard1970 -> Allocation of Replacements (7/29/2009 8:27:48 PM)

As the Allied player in stock 1.806, I am trying to manage the allocation of replacements, particularly rifle squads. I seem to remember reading that replacements are allocated among eligible LCUs according to their database ID number.

The BF units for all nationalities except American have higher ID numbers. So, if I am correct, a British BF set to receive replacements and eligible to receive replacements will wait wait until all eligible British LCUs draw a rifle squad that turn before it can draw one.

The American BF units have lower ID numbers, so an American BF unit set to receive replacements could draw a rifle squad before any eligible American LCU has a chance to draw one.

Am I correct?

USSAmerica -> RE: Allocation of Replacements (7/29/2009 9:20:51 PM)

The database ID number determines the order in which the LCU's "attempt" to draw a replacement device or squad from the pool.  There is a roll involved, along with meeting supply/support/disablement/etc requirements.  Of course, this assumes the unit has Accept Replacements turned on. 

Many times, units higher in the DB ID order will not draw a replacement, and then a lower numbered unit does draw one. 

Oldguard1970 -> RE: Allocation of Replacements (7/30/2009 3:33:50 PM)

Hello Mike,

Thanks very much for the confirmation.

I have exhausted the pools of British and American rifle squads.  Because British BFs have higher ID numbers than British infantry units, I can allow the BFs to "accept replacements" and have a reasonable hope that the one or two new rifle squads will be drawn by the infantry units.   That is not the case with the Americans.  If I set several American BFs to "accept replacements", they will get first crack at drawing the scarce infantry replacements.

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