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Kharkov -> WitE Woes (7/21/2009 6:58:16 PM)

A lot of what made WIR such a fantastic game, and that actually made it stand out from the crowd was the little things added to the game. I'm talking about such things as tweaking production and the ability for you to choose which units were redeployed to which fronts. It added another dimension to the game which actually had a major impact on the players strategic plan. They were good things.

It seems a backward step not to have these facilities in WitE. I'm disappointed that this is the direction the developers have chosen.

Can anyone involved with the game explain the rationale behind this decision?

Capt Cliff -> RE: WitE Woes (7/21/2009 7:22:41 PM)

I disagree with you on some points. If your building a simulation where do you stop your command structure? What you seem to want is what Hitler had ... meddling in everything and screwing it up, like ME-262 fighter bomber instead of an air superoity fighter. He learned nothing from the Battle of Britain. But as commander of ALL these military units you really have only minor sway over what's being produced. Now there are imparatives ... like countering the T-34 for the Germans ... using all those captures Soviet 76mm AT gun on a SP as a stop gap ... etc. But could the German handle production any better? The German Army could only request changes, which they did thru the war but had no control over production. The game it appears stops at the head of the German Military, you command the military. So technically for the German you should not have control of the air either or the navy since both of thoses with automious organizations. So I think this is why you have no control over production, does make sence. But then ... if I were King ...

siRkid -> RE: WitE Woes (7/21/2009 8:17:09 PM)

Please Read the Why Not Free Production thread. It should answer your questions.

EdinHouston -> RE: WitE Woes (7/21/2009 8:29:36 PM)

I'll say again what I said before about a game this big: better to do less, and get it right, than try to do too much, and create an unplayable, unmanageable game.

It sounds like they are aiming for a strategic/operational level game of the Russian front, giving the countries what weapons and troops they had historically. That make sense to me. If you try to include things like choices in industrial production, well then you are creating a grand strategy game that would make more sense for a European theatre (or even global) WW2 game, not a game focused on the Russian front.

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