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von Staudt -> Install on 64 bit Vista??? (7/12/2009 10:34:08 PM)

Any tips on installing in this operating system? [&:]

I ran it once and got messages that the additional system files might have compatability problems. I chose not to install them, but then the game would not load. [:@]

If I let the files load, will they cause problems with the system?


Stridor -> RE: Install on 64 bit Vista??? (7/13/2009 7:49:04 AM)

It works. You do need to install *everything* even if it claims there will be problems which there aren't.



z1812 -> RE: Install on 64 bit Vista??? (7/13/2009 3:26:44 PM)

Hi All,

I have it installed on Vista 64 and it runs very well. I used the default install options and had no problems.

regards John

von Staudt -> RE: Install on 64 bit Vista??? (7/13/2009 8:07:38 PM)

Thanks guys! I will forge ahead. [:)]

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