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(Reviews of the original Crown of Glory, along with a list of its major awards, are to be found here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=898662 )

The Napoleon Series
CoG:EE is not an example of the real-time strategy graphics-fest games posing as strategy war games which have become more and more common on the gaming market. CoG:EE is a balanced, intriguing, subtle, artistically-satisfying, historically-accurate-enough, challenging, easy-to-learn/hard-to-master game: in short, a work of art. In contrast to some larger game companies which seem to strive for maximum market penetration among younger gamers who are less interested in strategy and more interested in beguiling graphics, WCS is not a producer of flash-in-the-pan sequels that show all the signs of massive capital backing, but limited vision, integration, realism and coherency. CoG:EE is a product of inspiration, hard work, team work, vision, and dedication. So if you are a Napoleon era fan or expert and you have a little time, even if you've never played a computer strategy game, check out CoG:EE, it is one of the best in its genre and you are likely to have a lot of fun!
Link to review: http://www.napoleon-series.org/reviews/cdroms/c_crownofglorygame.html

Armchair General – 79%
Players who enjoy methodical game play that allows them to get intimate with all details from shaping their economy to determining the best strategy for their army and navy will find themselves so absorbed in Napoleonic Europe it will be difficult to turn the game off.
Link to review: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/crown-of-glory-emperors-edition-pc-game-review.htm

PC4WAR (magazine) - 8/10
Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition is simply the best grand strategy game for this period since... the first Crown of Glory. Rare are games as complete, deep and fascinating as COG:EE.
Link to barely legible image of review: http://www.net4war.com/pc4war/numeros/pc4war38.htm#cog

Diehard Gamefan
Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition should be an automatic purchase for anyone who likes exceptionally deep, strategy-based wargames, as there is an awful lot to like here.
Link to review: http://diehardgamefan.com/2009/04/23/review-crown-of-glory-emperors-edition-pc/

Also, for a preview of COG:EE before its release, see http://www.wargamer.com/article/2582/crown-of-glory-2-emperor%27s-edition-preview

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