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Franck -> Spaniards (No frills Game) (6/23/2009 4:35:00 AM)

Hi, I'll try to do some stuff on my game. I would like my co-players NOT to read this post as you might find out about my underhanded plots before they truly come to be (Evil laughter)!
So PLEASE do not read past this post!

For everyone else this is, I hope, something that will make you interested in playing PBEM game. I'll try to do this with some screen shots. If anyone can help me by telling me how to post here I'd be thankful (I have NO COMPUTER SKILLS whatsoever, so be clear).

Here is the game:
Wellington attrition level
Advance econ
23 years
Highest glory
Standart combat diff (so AI minors don't get a edge)

I will post soon some short term to long term strategy.

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