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bretg80 -> What about surprise and Intelligence? (6/16/2009 3:06:09 AM)

After being out of the WW2 genre for a while, I decided to refresh my knowledge and do some reading over the weekend. I found a book called The Pacific War 1941 - 1945 by John Costello and proceeded to compare my strategy to the real actions of the war.

What I learned from the limited reading I was able to accomplish is that a lot of the battles in the Pacific were won by having knowledge ahead of time by the Americans who were then able to surprise the Japanese in many of the battles. Midway, the Marianas, etc.

How is this modeled in AE? If you are playing as the Japanese player, you must then feel like you are being shadowed by big brother. [&o]

n01487477 -> RE: What about surprise and Intelligence? (6/16/2009 3:32:57 AM)

Well it was already modeled pretty well in WITP, although some of these things have been changed for AE (and there are threads about such).
Allies can in WITP (this is not AE specific):
  • See when Japanese player moves large numbers of planes from base to base.
  • The Strategic bombing interface gives very accurate details of what is being produced and where. (Although I doubt there were many spies (if any) in Japan at the time, maybe communiques about production were intercepted). I live in Korea, and even now I stand out like a sore thumb. Strategic bombing HI - don't get me started again! (as my facial muscles twitch uncontrollably)
  • The Allied (asigint), is pretty good, although maybe not as much as some Allied players would like. The Japanese are just blindfolded.
  • Coastal Watchers give good sightings.
  • Recon missions are better IMO.
  • Ports in Japan (and other places) far from Allied bases give good intel of what is in port (number & type)

    ... there are more, but I might come off as whinging too much [:D]

    Maybe an AE tester will come and repeat all that has been said about AE, or you could do a bit of a search (which may or may not work).

    Sorry for the lack of help, just putting off going to gym [8D]

    And Japanese players, unlike our soft, lilly loving, fair weather, how can we hamstring the Japanese in AE more cousins -- suck it up cause the war is lost for most of us on Dec 7. (That should get a rise out of some of you!) [:D][:D][:D]

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