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terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (3/30/2011 2:46:12 PM)

From my calculations I will pass Sweden as long as she does not win a war [:)]
Ofc the BIG question is wether or not I can take out the British, if I can I should be able to take 2nd [X(]


terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/1/2011 3:58:07 PM)

Is peace the way?

Nothing happens that draws the attention of the French. We hand out money in all directions, Austria and the Ottoman Empire are pounding Preussia, Britain tries to gain the most by doing as little as possiible, and Russia are reclaiming her lands.
We however look to mathematics.


Graymane -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/1/2011 4:57:29 PM)

Very nice AAR. I have to say, almost convinces me to buy this game -) How is the single player in it? I've got FoF. Is this is a pre-FOF or post-FOF game?

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/1/2011 11:48:43 PM)

Thank you for your kind words [&o]
This is post FoF.
It is CoG -> FoF -> CoG:EE.

I still play the single player game after all this time, so I like it, but then again I really enjoy the detailed combat.
The main differences from FoF in my book;
-alot more resources to pay attention to unlike FoF where you have money, horses, labour, iron and weaponry
-more factions (8 major powers+alot of minors) while in FoF it is the CSA vs Northern Agressors
-naval battles!! And the critical strikes are really enjoyable, seing the enemy flagship blow up and set fire to another 3 or 4 ships really does something for your morale (the player, not the nation [:D])
-more provinces
-you cannot build your armies like mad, based on your population, your nation can only support a number of divisions/ships
-several campaigns (start date and major powers are altered)

But the game really becomes something when you go pbem ofc since human players WILL stab you in the back no matter [:)]


Graymane -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/3/2011 1:53:06 AM)

Thanks for the insights. I'm going to considered it.

I'm also reading Maestro's AAR as well. It does seem like the same old "feature" of FoF with QC/IC is there though where it only uses X number of divisions even if you have X+N but all your troops suffer retreat effects and surrender.

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/5/2011 7:07:20 PM)

Poor Preussia!

So Preussia surrenders to Britain, Austria and the Ottoman Empire. It leaves them in a poor position.


Graymane -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/5/2011 9:55:41 PM)

I'm not sure how the war scoring works, but it would seem you will have to go to war with either Sweden or England if you hope to come second or third. Is there a way to do it peacefully?

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/6/2011 5:23:02 PM)

If neither Sweden nor I win or lose a war I will bypass Sweden for a third place unless my calculations are incorrect, but I would not disregard any chance that the French might still have one fight left in them [;)]


terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/11/2011 2:41:33 PM)

Always fun to stick one to Britain

Well the British REALLY should have read the treaties Preussia has offered me closely. Now they will feel somewhat cheated after their war with Preussia I think.
However I am somewhat concerned about the treaty the Ottomans have demanded from the Preussians. Austria will recieve three provinces from Preussia, Preussia will have to pay almost all her money for some time, and issue a DoW on Russia.


Graymane -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/15/2011 6:13:38 PM)

Prussia seems to have been really smacked around this game. Especially with Russia continually DoWing her.

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/16/2011 1:17:58 AM)

Preussia lost everything by a few of her own moves;
1. Backstabbing me early on to allow Spain to defeat me
2. Not maintaining her alliance with Austria and Spain

She needed allies but #1 ment that she could not turn to me and #2 ment that she was forced to ally with Britain, Russia, Sweden or the Ottoman Empire.
Of these, Sweden and Britain cannot really put alot of punch on the mainland, and the Ottoman Empire is a beast which also holds the support of France...


terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/26/2011 6:14:49 AM)

The End

Due to people dropping out and computer issues this game has come to a halt. Which means I ended in 4th place and not the 3rd I would have gotten if we played it out [sm=00000023.gif].

So, what stands out from this game?
1. The death (ig!!) of King Mus of England, that ment that the treaties made with Britain fell short (and this AFTER I agreed to DoW The Netherlands so that Britain could destroy her fleet. Had I known there would be a change of ruler and change of diplomatic standings I would have prefered to gain The Netherlands as a protectorate together with her fleet).

2. Being refered to as agressive and a warmonger [:D] This after honoring my alliances and DoW'ing the enemies of my allies...

3. Being the target of a sneak attack (from Spain) and a stab in the back (from Preussia) when I was about to knock Spain out, costing me the war. Which leads us to #4.

4. Losing the southern provinces. This REALLY hurt me, not only did I lose a substantial part of my food income, but I also lost alot of glory from this.

5. The return climb into top 4. This was largely due to help/support/alliance with the Ottoman Empire. Things looked pretty bad for some time, but then I realized that I still had a somewhat working economy and 600.000 men under arms.

6. The indecision about sneak attacking Britain towards the end. This would likely have occured if the British were not keeping the Royal Navy in the Channel at all times. However I was building a fleet capable of giving the British a tough fight.

7. Being allied with Britain, doing the hard work, fighting the wars, not getting much help, and then just being ignored when what I said did not suit the British.

All in all, I have had a great time with this game. Too bad it did not go to the end (espesially since I would then have gained 3rd place and not 4th [;)]).
I would strongly recommend playing a pbem game to all those who are thinking about it.
And thanks to the readers and posters in this thread. [&o]


Graymane -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/27/2011 2:12:55 PM)

Really great job on this AAR Terje. Very impressive. I hope you guys decide to play another.

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/27/2011 11:02:53 PM)

Thank you.
And I am allready playing two more and will probably start a third in a month or so.
Will see what I can do about another AAR from that one, but one AAR at a time seems to be my limit inbetween all my pbem games.


06 Maestro -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/28/2011 2:25:14 AM)

France would have made at least 3rd place. If GB was being led by a less capable King, France could have gone even higher. It's too bad we could not finish this game-there were still a challenge, or two, left.

If we suddenly have a replacement player appear and the merging can be done, then maybe we can pick this up again. Realistically, that does not seem likely. We have been moving very slow since the end of last year.

I have been following your AAR for months-as we were allies-seemed ok. Now I can go back and read your whole AAR-looking forward to it.

Viva la France!
Selim 06

terje439 -> RE: Do you hear the people sing?! (4/28/2011 11:45:42 AM)

Well we even agreed that it was ok to follow eachother AARs so no issues with that [:)]
Yup, even by doing nothing I would have taken 3rd place as long as I did not lose a war and Sweden won one.


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