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aprezto -> Pigs fly or Schwein Flu? A Prussian AAR (6/14/2009 10:12:45 PM)

Hi all readers.

This will become the account of the trials and tribulations of the country of Prussia as she attempts to further her aims at the cost of her other continental adversaries.

I am a complete newb at this game, so this AAR will take on the guise of a story, interspersed with maps and takes on why I get my RS handed to me - as no doubt I will. This is very much a learning experience but will also, hopefully, be useful to you, as you stride into the unknown of this clever game.

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aprezto -> The King is dead, long live the King (6/15/2009 1:44:14 AM)

Count Novice Von Newby muttered to himself as he marched away from the royal chambers. The new King, raised to his position by men such as himself, plotting and scheming to undermine the previous ruler who was governing so poorly that the insurrection simmering in France might take root here in Prussia, was so young he barely new up from down.

He'd passed a group of soldiers lurking in one of the hallways earlier in the day and overheard one of their comments:

"He's so young he doesn't know it's not just for wizzing yet".

He'd admonished them of course, and the guilty party was now on jankers for a week, but it didn't take Julius Ceasar to recognise the King was not up to the job. Of course that's where Count Novice Von Newby would step up to the plate, he'd (secretly?) act as Regent until the boy could figure out the time of day. However, the shear weight of wrongs that needed to be put right was staggering. Where to start and who to woo??

aprezto -> Like a geriatric without their walking frame... (6/15/2009 1:46:09 AM)

So, like the novice I've admitted to being at this game I forgot to take either note or pictures of the settings I have made. However, I'll try and remember what I did and why and post it here. Any comments you'd like to make would be much appreciated.

Diplomatic Situation:
Well the most obvious issue I have is war with France. At present I have a small but capable army, but I only have 200 money to spend on depots to get this army to France. At the range I am from France this would be eaten in 2 turns.
I am in a strange sort of alliance with Austria, nothing is ratified as a treaty but I appear to have the yellow triangle of 'alliance' status in the diplomacy window... I need to talk to Austria about what we do in the war with the Frogs.
So, I send my two diplomats off. One (sorry names escape me), with good influence, goes to a location close to the small countries of greater Prussia :-) and is set to goodwill. This allows him to use his influence on all surround locations. Since they are all separate kingdoms/provinces, this seems reasonable (I did dally with the thought of sending him to Poland - a very great victory if you can get them to side with you, but decided against it (Russia and Austria will have designs there no doubt).
The other, with a high espionage rating, is sent to France to pressure for peace. France will have enough problems getting money, if I can cause him to have to pay another 60 a few times he may surrender.
I offer a royal wedding with GB, don't know if they'll go for this, but their natural enemy is France and I have no wish to DOW Britain in the near future. I would actually like them, with all their money, to start subsidising my attempts to take on the French.

As stated, I have a small but capable armed forces made of two armies: the Army of Prussia (4 inf, 1 Heavy Cav, 1 arty with 3 generals attached) and the Army of the Rhine (3 inf and 1 arty - 2 generals attached).
The Army of the Rhine moves to Madgesburg and enters the fort there. This is to try and keep costs down with the army in barracks plus I need some home defence, and the Army of Prussia moves to the only protectorate I have (can't remember it's name - 1 province to the West of Madgesburg). They are there to look like I am moving on France, this depends on what I can scheme with the Austrians - most of the leg work will have to be done by him, I am just too small, but I want to do France damage so that I can demand more concessions if/when we get to the bargaining table.
Also, from what I have read about Terje(France) he is likely to try and cut off the supply of the allied forces and let attrition cut down the numbers. To offset this I may attempt to get a 'share depots' treaty with Austria. This will at least allow us to stay in supply and may make my army more useful (defending the supply lines and killing any small units France uses to try and cut them).

Production and Trade
I move the only ship I have: a merchant, up off the coast of Sweden (again I can't remember the location). This is a risk as I am very likely to meet a Swedish merchant here and have my income neutered, however, this location has a possible income (although most of it is eaten by Fuedalism dues) of 50, of this I get about 10 (again as long as the Swedes, or the Russians for that matter, don't move a merchant there). I also have the worry of French interception, not much I can do about that - there is no way I can replace the merchant if it comes to that - far too expensive in textiles.
I set up my provinces to provide me with raw materials to fight the good fight with. Of these provinces the ones to note are: Madgesburg - wool, Breslau - Iron, Danzig - Luxuries and Brandenburg (my capital) - good at everything. I fiddle with the sliders, with a goal of being able to build a Jager infantry next turn. For this the most important thing I will need is labour, as I use my total labour stock on developing provinces this turn. Because I need 20 labour to make this unit I need to get my provinces to provide 20 labour in the next turn, I have to curtail many of the other resources to achieve this.
My overall feeling on the outcome is that I am not producing enough food to accommodate population growth, that in turn will accommodate building infantry based units.
To this end I propose a trade agreenent with Anglia (Britain) from Brandenburg, for money for food: 6 money for 5 food. Cheeky but depending on what settings he has on his PBEM policy I may get this...?

I increase the tax rate to 17, which has an impact on National Morale - but I am going to spend a shed load on luxuries this turn such that NM is increased by a whopping 100, so I can afford this, and after all I am in a war! I increase the draft from 1 to 2 and decrease the ages limit and increase the training time on my troops, such that their quality is 4.50 when they are released into their units.
With the merchant deployed this gives me an estimated 74 money next turn. If my trade with GB goes ahead (money for food) this will obviously be reduced, and I don't know what I'll get from my merchant, but this isn't too bad for Prussia.

I have enough resources and money to be able to commission 3 developments in my provinces. 2 banks (including one in the capital - of which I also allocate some precious labour for development reducing the time to build from 10 to 9), and a factory in Breslau. Breslau produces 10 iron, so a factory will produce 1 more, and will be good to build artillery out of once I have enough resources.

Overall Strategy
Hmm, well not sure here. Short term is to try and weddle as much damage and experience for my troops as I can out of the war with France. I don't know what the Austrians will do, but I am pretty certain the French will be canny about their deployments. I don't really want this war to drag on for too long, but I'll do my best to make the most of it while it's there. In PBEM I don't know if France will suffer through the revolution or not...?

I will attempt to woo both Britain and Sweden, and look to get aggressive towards Russia and maybe Austria. I also need to take a few protectorates to expand my influence. Now I have always used diplomacy to do this, rather than war, but in PBEM you may have to move faster than diplomacy to achieve what you're after. I will take a bit of time to see the lay of the land here.

There we have it.

aprezto -> In Flanders fields... (6/17/2009 12:27:22 AM)

A knock at the door.

"Come" voiced the Count.

A courtier carrying a small mail case entered, bowed, and handed the case to the Count. Von Newby opened the case and took out the letter sealed with the mark of General Brunswick: General in charge of the Army of Prussia, currently camped in Westphalia.
The parchment's comments were terse and to the point, as suited the man who'd written them. The Army had made good time marching to Westphalia, and that they were barracked in and around Munster.
What was most interesting was that the Austrian 1st Infantry Division was also in Westphalia, having marched from Flanders. They had news in the shape of an approaching French army.
The question was: where were the French heading? Flanders or striking more for an attempt at Prussian soil?
The fact the 1st Austrian Infantry Division was in Westphalia pointed to King Matto of Austria's mind: he thought they were aiming at Flanders.
Pigeons or riders sent to King Matto would take time to get there, and time to return. Coordination of movements would be very difficult. This coupled with information he had received from diplomats in the smaller Germanic nations: that another French Army was moving south towards the Austrians, seemed to indicate that the French wanted a slice of every pie.
No, the count had to make a decision, or more precisely, he had to 'advise' the King into making a decision as to what to do with the Army of Prussia? Move on Flanders and hope to defeat the split armies of the French banking on allied support? Or move to the south and the province of the Palatinate in the hope of meeting up with Austrian forces that would surely be making their way north? Of course there was always the option of staying in a home province until matters became clearer and reinforcements for the undersized Army of Prussia could be delivered.
Such is the burden of the mighty...

aprezto -> Diplomacy Diplomacy.. (6/17/2009 12:28:17 AM)

Turn 2

There are two noteworthy events for this turn.

1. The Swedish have offered a Royal Wedding and an Alliance to Prussia starting in 2 months time.
2. The Russians have DOW'd Poland.

I am unsure of the Swedish intentions with this? Maybe they want to DOW Denmark and want me to be included in that war rather than have the Danes look to me for protection. If he includes me in the war, while I am also at war with the French, he should kill two birds with one stone. Stop the Danes from asking for protection and have an almost free hand as I will be tied up against France. Still I would like a slice of Danish pie if I can achieve that, and it would be nice to have a more secure northern flank. I countersign agreeing to the Royal wedding but putting the alliance off until December. That means he will be unable to do much in a war against the Danes, if that is indeed his intent, because the weather will be awful. It also gives time for the French war to play out, potentially allowing me to move forces against the Danes and take a large slice of a pie that the Swedes intended for themselves?

The Russian move is a good one for them. They can potentially take large bites of the Poles without either Austria or us being able to allocate the forces to gaining any territory. I still have the Army of the Rhine in Madgesburg. This could potentially take part if I were to DOW Poland as well. I think I have a bit of time here too, the Polish Army is not inconsiderable.

The Army of Prussia will make a move on Flanders. I should be the defender, and I only have to pass (without invitation) through the Netherlands to do this. With my diplomat trying to woo the smaller Germanic states I don't want to undo that good work by traipsing through their countries without asking permission.
I hope I can get in touch with Matto (Austria) in order to get him to move the 1st ID back to Flanders. All the troops available will help.

Production and Trade
As stated last turn, I order a Jager infantry this turn built in Brandenburg. It has the highest barracks at level 5.
As surmised my location of the merchant has been shared with the Swedish merchant. Subsequently we are both getting a reduced slice of the pie. I choose not to move my merchant in the hope he moves his.
Through email I have coordinated with the British an attempt to gain money and spices for iron. Since the trade AI is apparently a pig, I am unsure as to how this will work.
In late news the Brits also ask for 10 horses for 10 money and 10 spices or 20 money. I can't afford to give over that many horses at present so have asked if we meet that half way and revisit the other half once I organise my developments.

I am looking OK. Labour is at 0 after the purchase of the Jager Infantry, but I have 130 money and an income of approx 70.
I change the sliders slightly to decrease the amount of labour in Brandenburg (I still desperately need labour, but it would be for purchasing upgrades that also require money - I may need that money as a war chest).

Swedish Diplomatic efforts

aprezto -> Sitskreig in Madgesburg (6/18/2009 1:46:56 AM)

Captain Henk gazed out towards the west as the setting sun bought the tree-lined farm fields around the Chateau into relief. Closer to where he stood a swarm of small midges was tracking backwards and forwards over the immaculately presented front lawn, as if on a military parade.

'left right, left right' Henk muttered to himself.

'Pardon Sir?' - Henks valet was at hand to take orders on the care of the Captains dress uniform. It had been stained by a buffoon of a heavy cavalry officer at the ball held at the Chateau the night before.

'I was thinking to myself, Schmidt, that this war appears to be one of balls and drill, and not alot of glory at beating the French'.

'Yes Sir', replied Schmidt who was thinking much the same thing, although for the opposite reason. He had little inclination to face the French. His position as a valet a way, he thought, of satisfying his Father's requirement to enter the armed forces, to defend his country, but not have to face the enemy's guns.

'It might be high summer now Schmidt, but the campaigning season is more than half over, we could be stuck here if winter comes early'.

Schmidt nodded his head absently while praying to God to let it be so.

aprezto -> Swedish ambitions in Denmark (6/18/2009 1:48:01 AM)

turn 3

The English have turned down our offer of Royal wedding. I don't think this is necessarily omminous, as they want to do some serious trading, it just cannot fit their designs, whatever they may be.
The Austrians were very slow to respond to our plans to invade into the North of France, and subsequently plans were halted. The Army of Prussia stays in Westphalia.
As expected, the overtures of the Swedish - for an Alliance, were to cover them on a campaign against the Danes. They DOW the Danish this turn.
In effect the Swedes don't have alot of options to expantion other than through the Danes, so I don't know if I should be difficult or just let it be. If the Swedes manage to overcome the Danes quickly I think I will be forced to DOW Mecklemburg so that I can take it before the Swedes take it for themselves.
My diplomat in the smaller Germanic nations inproves relations with about 6 states - including Austria.
The Swedish attempt to force the Danes to revolt, but the coup is unsuccessful.

The Army of Prussia is holed up in Westphalia. At present the French, who appeared to be aiming for Flanders, have pulled back from there. It appears they have concentrated more in the south. If they move towards the Austrians they will be off the roads and I may get more adventurous. As Captain Henk points out though, we are in August and there are not many months left to seige and take provinces from the French, let alone Ile De France to force a surrender.
In the East the Army of the Rhine marches to East Prussia. It suffers from march attrition. The plan for the Army of the Rhine is to snaffle up some Polish territory once the Russians have done the hard yards against their army.
Speaking of this, the Russians win a small victory and beginning seiging one of the eastern Polish territories.

Production and Trade.
I commission another bank in Danzig and roads in Nueman; this is a very central province with a crossroads within it, unfortunately it has poor roads and many manoeuvers get caught up here. With a war in the west with France and imminent war with the Poles in the east ( two front war anyone?) I may need to move forces backwards and forwards in earnest.
I have to radically alter the production of my provinces to accommodate the trade with the English - 5 horses, and then another 5 in the future, for spice and money.
My decision to keep my merchant in the sea zone off lapland is the correct one, well as far as the Russians are concerned, now the English have moved in and I am back to where I was with merchant income. Hopefully they move again.

Everything looking fine here. I have almost spent my stockpile of luxuries though, so the upward trend of my national morale - now at 130 - will halt after this turn and begin to track downwards (due to the 17% tax rate).

aprezto -> Change of plans! (6/18/2009 9:58:02 PM)

Because of my newbiness some of the tactics that are useful in PBEM and that I haven't used so heavily in AI games, become apparent.
The obvious difference is the intention by the larger powers to DOW the smaller nations and incorporate them into their empires.
So, a change. It appears that the Austrians will DOW the Polish but have offered to cede provinces to Russia and Prussia in an attempt to still be a good guy. They are the best placed to conduct this war as they can take the Polish Capital very quickly, it is right on their border.
The Swedish have attacked the Dans and of course there is the Polish adventure. I have decided to DOW Mecklemburg, which is between Prussia and Denmark. I don't have a very big reserve army - just the Army of the Rhine - but if it isn't to be used against the Poles, better that it takes on a single province nation to get me going ahead and gaining some experience for my units.
There is danger here because I may not take the province quickly and winter could come and hurt my troops. This means I have to look at creating a depot, which will cost money.
However, I think this worth while and will be my 'adventure' for the next few turns.

Franck -> RE: Change of plans! (6/20/2009 12:05:40 AM)

You got to be carefull tough when you declare on minors... You can push them them in your ennemies hands... For exemple, if you send alot of tributes and diplomats to convince Poland that you are there friends they might come running for your protection once Austria declare... This would push the MARVELOUS Polish army in you hands ( OH OH!) and give you control of all the country!!!!![X(][X(]

Even worst, if Austria capture the capital all other province will become part of your nation!!!!!! WOW![X(][X(]

Seriously, moves like DOWing Danemark aren't that good. There fleet is worth so MUCH more than there territory... Declaring on them is just pushing more fleets in GB's hand...

aprezto -> RE: Change of plans! (6/20/2009 12:38:44 AM)

hi Franck;

Now this makes sense to me, but was also pretty unknown. Being my first PBEM, but not my first game of course, I had seen and even had minors ask for protection from me. I figured this was why Sweden wanted an alliance??? He hasn't actually written, just asked for it.

Austria have written to say that they would divide up a captured Poland, ceding parts to the rest of us upon capture of the Capital, obviously this is a game of doublecross to a certain extent, but I don't think he wants me to change sides and have the Russians join me in bashing him when he still has France on his case?

Knowing this, is Mecklemburg too big a transgression? They have one province and an army of one infantry? If they do go to another nation, like the Brits, that would be very bad, but I suppose I am hoping to crush them quickly. Maybe the game would offer an ultimatum instead of instant war? Does this happen in PBEM??

So much still to learn. Thanks for your interest Franck

aprezto -> Surprises in the mail (6/24/2009 1:51:58 AM)

Von Newby swayed as he tried to sit at his workdesk. The back of his chair seemed terribly uncooperative and refused to meet with his hand so that he could take a seat.

A loud crash echoed through the Palace. It appeared festivities were still going on and Von Newby hated to leave them behind. The party had only really just got underway and the French cognac , liberated from a small transport ship by Privateers under an English marque, gifted to the King Frederick by King Mus of England, was truly sensational.

At last the chair met his hand and he managed to pull it out and plant himself unceremoniously into it. Correspondence from General Brunswick in Westphalia, a lavish scroll from the Swedes, a document with the seal of... the seal of... (Newby closes one eye in order to try and stop the red wax from swimming in and out of focus).. of King Matto of Austria, and another; who could this be, he didn't immediately recognise the seal, but then he wasn't in the best frame of mind for the memory game.

He sighed and reached for a carafe of water. Pouring himself a large glass he broke the seal to find out what was inside, and also to save himself from looking it up.

Ahhh King Frederick of Denmark, of course. He mused to himself - the Danish would be up to their armpits in their old Viking brothers, now foes: the Swedes. This was probably a cry for help, or maybe a request for protection?

He stopped reading in shock. "They've done WHAT"!!

aprezto -> Anyone fancy a Danish? (6/24/2009 1:53:49 AM)

Turn 4

The game has just turned on its head.
The Danes have just asked from protection from the English, and they have accepted. The timing could not have been worse, as the Swedes have just ratified the alliance between us - although mercifully I had changed the alliance to start in December (it being September now), and the English have just started trading horses and iron for cash and spices.
This course of action puts the Swedish at war with the English, and instantly results in 4 battles. Two at sea, which the English win (and one very handsomely), and the other two on land, that the English (nee Danish) win and the Swedes win the other. The larger of these land battles, in Malmo, was lost by the Swedes. So all in all, not a propitious month for the forces of King Gustav/Andrew.
Pigeons have already winged their way between me and the Swedish, intially they were drums of war, but I think the fact I had post dated the alliance, which I am not about to bring forward, will mean he is alone for a while. Potentially this provoked further correspondence such that he now plans to surrender to the English rather than suffer more pain.
Of course this event could trigger all sorts of follow on: the Russians could attack the Swedes while their attention is in the West, the English could be pushed into the camp of the French because once I go to war with them the Austrians will have to do the same (to honour our alliance). It is quite the can of worms.
This, of course, must also be taken into consideration with our declaration of war with Mecklemburg, which could conceivably mean they also call on the English; the Austrians declaring war on the Polish; and the fact we are still at war with the French!!
Phew, so, what to do?
I need to cut back on the amount of warring I am doing. To this end I try to take out Mecklemburg quickly.
I will wait to see what eventuates in the North. I use my diplomatic action to write a rumour that the French have a secret alliance with the Spanish against the English. The form of these rumours is undoubtably important, as most of them are computer generated, I don't know if mine will pass muster or even be read? Interestingly there was a rumour that we had a secret treaty with the Swedish in rumours this turn...?
My diplomats were both successful this turn. Luchenis (whatever) spreading the good word amongst the smaller German nations, and my other diplomat reducing national morale in France by 15 (he has very good national morale though - he must be heavily investing in luxuries). I decide to move Luchenis to the North of his current location - I want to include Saxony in my largesse and they aren't currently targeted.
I note the Austrians have a diplomate in the Palatenate - they too want that fine army.

The stalemate, that appears to be what we have with the French, is put on hold and the Army of Prussia is ordered to march to Mecklemburg. This is unlikely to be achieved as they have to cross the Rhine river to get from Madgesburg to Mecklemburg. The Army of the Rhine, currently in Pomerania, is also ordered to move to Mecklemburg. The Mecklemburg army (of one division) could conceivably march on Bundenburg or Magesburg, the first of these being the larger issue, as it is my Capital. I'll take this chance and hope the Army of the Rhine is fast enough to catch them before they move. I have taken the dangerous step of moving both armies because I want a quick end to the Mecklemburg affair.
The movement of the Army of Prussia is dangerous. It is essentially a green light for the French to move on me. Since the Austrians are indulging in Pole bashing, there is a window here for the French to pick on one opponent without being bothered by the other. That opponent is me.

Production and Trade
This turn I invest in roads in Nuemark and I purchase an Infantry division in Pomerania. With all this warring I need more forces. I have had to put on hold expansion of developments while I increase the military. This wanton saber rattling is producing a marked drain on my populace. Infantry may be cheap but each takes 2 population from your provinces. Pomerania is reduced to 1 pop of 5!! This severely effects its production.
To this end I change the production queues of all provinces. I drop luxuries slightly (with the influx from the British), and do away with wood, which is now in the negative (how do you get negative wood?), and instead increase iron and agriculture. Iron is back to 10, having been reduced by trade with the English, and food is increased to 90 from 80. This means I get a population increase next turn, and likely another the following. This of course just returns me to the level I am at pre-infantry purchase.
The expansion of the Military is onnerous indeed.
My merchant is being squeezed out of all locations he could make cash. The British are everywhere.

The economy is looking very spritely. I am able to create a depot in Madgesburg, and with the influx of English pounds still have 75 money accumulated next turn. I have a treasury of 140. This is still inadequate for military adventures outside my home provinces. Thankfully the French are in not much better situation.

Below is the situation in the North. If war does eventuate with England you can see he is not defenceless on the continent by any stretch of the imagination. I will not be able to look after my borders with the French if we do go to war. It will take all my powers to triumph over the English.


aprezto -> Mecklemburg or Bust (6/26/2009 6:46:59 AM)

It was noon.

The sun beat down fiercely on Captain Henk's back and the unsightly evidence of perspiration was showing through his fine battledress. The Army of Prussia had been marching for two weeks now and the toll was beginning to tell on even their iron discipline and fitness. Ahead was a crossing of the Elbe at Wittenberge, and then more days march to Rostock: the Capital of Mecklemburg.
Henk's horse had thrown a shoe and he was helping the mobile farrier with replacing it. This kind of behaviour was somewhat below that of a Captain, but Henk had been around horses all his life. Changing a shoe was one of those chores that inspired whistful remembrance of youth. He had wanted to join the Cavalry, but Prussia's burgening army had enough Cavalry officers at present, and if he had joined the Cavalry it would have been as a trooper. So he had stayed with the infantry. Rank, after all, had its privileges.
This was adventure was hardly figting the French, but in the stale war that had taken most of the month September, at least October was providing some sport. However, as he was at the moment, he would not be taking part in anything. The marching having produced yet another casualty on the road to hedgemony.

aprezto -> The British Army (6/26/2009 6:50:20 AM)

Turn 5

Phew, and things change again. The British have offered the Swedish a cease fire and the Swedes accept.
This of course cuts off war at the pass but I think this will be a bone of contention with the Swedes from now on. They will feel that Denmark is their territory. Apparently the Danish navy was too big a thorn, in the hands of the Swedes, for the British to allow being owned by one of the great powers. My opinion is that this had a smattering of opportunism to it. A moot point now either way, and the British navy, which was already a Goliath, has been reinforced.
Elsewhere the Austrians and the Turks declare themselves an Empire. The French post a query as to where the Austrian and Prussian armies have gone. The Spanish gain a victory over the Moroccans. The Russians take another Polish province. Otherwise none of the great fireworks present in proceeding turns.
I have written a proposal for the division of provinces to the Austrians. I'll admit I might have been a little greedy, but I purposefully did not go on the offensive because he promised to divvy up the country. It remains to be seen if I have been naive.
My diplomats are either on the move, or have managed to reduce the National Morale of France another 15.
The Swedish try to get Mecklemberg to have a coup. Hmm - not very neighbourly

We bested the small army of Mecklemburg, which subsequently evaporates. Next turn we will invest the walls and if we are lucky, take the province. I have decided to stay in Mecklemberg for one more turn just in case the fortress does not fall. The Army of the Rhine is just a little too underpowered to invest a decent seige. I am also taking another risk in that I will not provide a depot this turn. Hopefully November does not bring snowstorms in Mecklemburg.
There is double danger in this. Firstly the French no we have moved - where they will be unsure but away from the gates is all they need to know. This may be the trigger they have been waiting for to chose their first target: namely me. The second issue is that the British have landed the 'British Army' in Hamburg (see attached picture) and they are now a force to be reckoned with. The picture does not include Danish forces, just those of the British Army and the Hanoverians. The British morale is very high.
I don't think I am the target of all this power, but it is not impossible that the French have managed to pull a fast one. This doesn't really suit the British so it is a long shot. He may, though, be after the Swedes for real, or could turn around and DOW the Dutch.

Production and Trade
I am unable to build anything other than Militia this turn, and that is a waste for the resource strapped Prussians. My treasury is looking more healthy though, and the possibility of 'investing' in an attack on French territory could be contemplated.
My merchant is still bringing in its paltry 2 money. I need the French or some other power to attack the English to cut back on their merchants.
I am also at a crossroads. I want to build the next level of barracks in Berlin, but I also want another Jager Infantry. The bottleneck is textiles. Despite having enough wool to convert I think my lack of population is affecting the amount I produce (I have 20 wool in reserve and the estimate is for only 2 textiles to be produced). The barracks benefit experience in new units and will bring in more experience for upgrades. But I cannot neglect the army with so many apparent threats.... I can't decide (the barracks also need 4 more wood - I'll have to change my sliders to get this).

No real change here.

The pick below shows the situation in the North again. Look at that British Army. A little scary right there. Also you can see the Swedish diplomat up to no good in Mecklemburg.


aprezto -> Farce at Rostock (6/27/2009 3:43:52 AM)

Captain Henk stared up at the walls of Rostock. He had missed the Army's first attempt at taking the place. The artillery had lined up on a set of small hills that allowed them to get range on the fortress and prepared to bombard.
That was about as far as it got. The powder the artillery had been lugging around had apparently been open to the elements in a large portion of its stores. The bombardment was a farce. Cannons did not fire, those that did had no power and the shot was falling well short of the walls. The defenders behind those walls would have been in more danger of a meteor landing on them than a cannonball.
Henk had a perfect vantage point to view the General Headquarters and although he didn't know the man, it appeared General Brunswick was livid. Henk couldn't say he blamed him. At this rate they would be in the shadow of Rostock's walls when winter came, and who knew what the French were up to now?
The greatest fear he had though was that the artillery boys couldn't sort themselves out and the General deciding to charge the walls without the benefit of a breach, as the only way forward. He'd lost enough men as casualties of the march. Throwing them at the walls would make those losses akin to small fry.

aprezto -> Marking time (6/27/2009 3:45:30 AM)

Turn 6.

A quiet turn at last for diplomacy. Via email, Matto of Austria and I have come to an agreement that a pledge of defence will be part of a ceding of territory from Polish lands. However, this wont be happening in the next turn as Krakow holds out the Austrian beseigers. Apparently the Russian Tzar is a little testy over the DOW of Poland by the Austrian, we may benefit from this in the provinces that Austria cedes. Hard to know.
Both diplomats do their job this turn. Haugwitz reduces French morale by 10 (although this does not seem to be stopping it from rising) and Lucchensis (whatever) increases our standing with German minors. It appears the Austrians have the same idea here...
The Swedish diplomat in Mecklemburg fails to cause a coup again. Hopefully his standing with them is just plummeting and my attempts to take the place do better next turn.
Our alliance with the Swedish begins next month. Considering the amount of trouble working with them has bought I wonder whether agreeing to this was such a good idea (now).
I have also spent 20 money on subsidising the Saxons. I register on the 'liked' list, but I would like to suppliment the work of Lucchensis.

The seige of Mecklemburg was an unmitigated failure. The rolls were very much against me. Besiged got a roll of 9 while besieger got a roll of 0. I cause 79 casualties!
This lack of decisiveness and winters imminent arrival has persuaded me to build a depot in Brandenburg.
Winter appears to strike the Russian forces this turn, a massive hit noted in their strength. The same sort of loss for the Turks, but I can't see where their army is, or the weather in this area.
The French have made a move. It is not the bold statement I expected but is instead a move on the Austrian holdings closest to France, namely Luxemborg.
As stated the Austrians do not subjugate Poland, and now the Turks are saber rattling over the Austrian attack. King Matto is more desperate for a pledge of defence than he was. Hopefully this give me the bargaining power I was after with the division of Poland. Alot depends on the Tzar. If King Matto cedes too much to me then the Russians are likely to be very grumpy, and likely at him rather than me... If he doesn't cede enough to me, I will be grumpy. Interesting stuff.
With the French move into Luxemborg I am relatively safe from an attack by them into Prussian home territories. Luxemborg has horrible roading and it will take him a turn just to leave her lands.
Next turn sees the reinforcement of a div of Infantry and Jager Infantry. With the implementation of a depot in Brandenburg there should be a divvying out of the draft, which currently sits at 21,000+.

Production and Trade.
The factory in Breslau is completed, this increases the creation of iron here from 9 to 10. I purchase a bank in Silesia and Breslau.
It turns out that a negative listing on the manufacture of a commodity will actually eat away at your reserves. I don't know what is using wood, but I have a -3 wood per turn shortfall. With Breslau having finished its factory, and also being good at producing wood, I convert the 'development' spend I had here to wood. This gives me a net wood of +1. If I am to build the level 6 barracks in Brandenburg I need 36 wood. With 27 in the bank, this will take 9 turns; an expensive lesson in commodity function. The zeroing of the Breslau's development slider increases the time taken to build the bank from 3 turns to 9!!!
There will be a population increase next turn. I imagine it will be allocated to West Prussia, who's population is 2 of 5.
At present I am getting a population increase about every 2-3 turns. This is severely impacting my production when I also want to build military units. I looked at trading with some of the better food manufacturing powers: Russia and Turkey, but I have nothing that the Russians appear to want, and the Turks don't appear to like me enough to trade.

The main change this turn is the cost of running the depot in Brandenburg. Income goes from 75 to 32.

Here is a shot of the change in strength of each country as we've gone along. I don't know if this is subject to fog of war but you can see the increase Britain gets when Denmark asks them for protection. You can also see marked losses this turn for the Russians and the Turks. I think this is due to weather.


aprezto -> Charge the walls (6/28/2009 5:58:57 AM)

Second Company, first Battalion of the Grossewurst Regiment, first Prussian division, were shaking into manoevering column as they got within the range of musketry and cannon fire from the walls.
The west facing wall of Rostock had suddenly, and quite surprisingly, given way in a shower of stone dust. This wall had received nothing like the attention the southern walls had, and was really only being struck to make the defenders spread thinner. The artillery had finally received dry powder, in fact all supplies had got markedly better, and the results on all walls were telling.
Now there was a breach, and both sides had rushed to take advantage or bolster defence.
Henk barked commands to his fusiliers as they got into shape. The Grossewurst regiment had been tasked with holding this flank and helping to restrict relief to the seiged town. Now they were the closest at hand to grasp this moment.
Their orders were simple, if telling on courage: break into the city, take it, or hold a perimeter within the walls for reinforcement.
Men who not a quarter of an hour ago, were catching a nap or doing some other mundane task, were struggling to find decorum and get into fighting shape. They would have to march at the double, in column, up to the breach and then try and battle their way through, will under fire, all the while trying to keep some cohesion on the impossible ground created by broken masonry from the destroyed wall section.
Up ahead the third Battalion were being engaged by defenders on the wall as they tried to enter the gap. As expected cohesion was being lost and the iron discipline that set the soldiers apart from the part time militia defending the town was no longer such a telling factor. Each fusilier had to fight his own way into the city. The rubble provided cover, but a man had to overcome his fear to stand up and charge the fire, all the while growing hotter as defending reinforcements rushed to the breach, all over impossible footing.
A cannon roared, and the grapeshot it had been loaded with spat about the rubble like a host of vicious and angry bees. A score of men fell and one seemed to simply disintergrate in a red mist.
Fusiliers, attempting another approach, changed their aspect and advanced on the cannon, which had somehow been wheeled to the edge of the wall, jacked into a position to fire down into the breach, and was now assailing the assaulters. These men attained the height of the rubble mound, but were unable to make the next 'leap' to the top of the wall still 10 feet above their head. Defenders of the cannon were firing down into the men and throwing broken masonry. The Fusiliers, still trying to get up somehow, were frantically firing their muskets to keep the militia from sticking the heads over. The cannon roared again and the Fusiliers at once fell like a heavy wind had blown at them. Those that hadn't fallen suddenly broke and ran, such as they could, down the rubble pile, getting in the way of those still trying to climb it. All the while Militia musketmen were pouring a greater volume of fire into the midst.
To Henk, all of this seemed to take place in an instant. He, of course, was not alone in his viewing of the scene. Each of the men of his battalion were just as able, but not one of them missed a step as they continued to march to the drummers beat. A man ten in front of Henk spun suddenly and went down, his left arm at the shoulder a mess having taken a ball.
Henk's battalion made it to the breach, but it was becoming obvious that there was not enough room for the Prussian's advantage in numbers to tell. Men were milling at the bottom, and taking losses. The situation had come to an empasse.
"First and second platoons, Charge and take that mound!" Boomed Henk.
His troops, roiled by his command, and egged on by the Seargents, charged as a weight of numbers up the slope. Men were being felled but the one-off charge took the mound and were through the other side in less than a minute.
The militia waivered.
The cannon, that had so impacted the battle earlier, was again readied to breath on the men below, but this time a small battle line set up perpendicular to the cannon's barrel, at the bottom of the mound, fired on the gun crew. Most of the shot missed, but two of the gunners were felled and the cannon did not fire. More Prussians made it to the unknown sanctuary of the other side of the wall. Fire began to slacken on the outside of the wall, to be taken up by a more muted fire from within the city.
Henk attached himself to third platoon and, with them, climbed the mound.
He was in time to see a hastily formed line of fusiliers facing down a street, volley a line of fire into running militia. A woman, with a bundle of rags or a child in her arms, tried to run across the same street and a fusilier in a follow up line shot her dead. A house to the south was well on fire and a militiaman in an upper window had now given up harrassing the Prussians below and was trying to get out the window before he went up with the house.

Behind him the rest of the regiment was breaking ranks to enter the city.

aprezto -> Anglo Swedish Alliance (6/28/2009 6:01:41 AM)

Turn 7

Both Austria and Turkey declare themselves Empires.
England offers an alliance to the Swedish and to cede the provinces of Norway and Trondheim (I think). An interesting settling of things.
Our alliance with Sweden begins.
Below you can see the effects of our 'charm offensive' with the minors of German, including the money gifted to the Saxons. Not too bad, considering the Austrians are at the same thing (I think - I get no such specific indication).
Neither the Austrians in Poland, or the French in Luxemborg are able to beat the defenders. The Spanish though, have taken Morocco.


aprezto -> Mecklemburg Falls (6/28/2009 6:03:49 AM)

Mecklemburg falls with 2000 casualties. We are to suffer 7 months of unrest.
At last my new divisions are put in the field: a division of infantry in Pommerania and the Jager Infantry in Brandenburg. Below is a picture of the shaking out of reinforcements to all my depleted divisions. Everything is looking much more replete now, in time for me to deplete it again by sending the armies out to march.
I move the Prussian Army to Westphalia and the Jager Infantry Division as well, with the plan to place them (the Jagers) into the Prussian Army. The Army of the Rhine moves to Madgesburg, along with the new Infantry Division in Pommerania, and are placed into the town there (to lower supply costs).
A militia unit in Pommerania moves to Mecklemburg and enters the garrison.

Production and Trade
No new production or changes in trade.

No change.

Below is the shaking out of 15k reinforcements into the forces.


aprezto -> Poland Falls (6/28/2009 9:37:35 PM)

Turn 8

If you've been reading my sorry attempts at story writing I must apologise, we are cranking through the turns at the moment and I am getting a bit behind, so no story stuff this turn.

The major news is that the Austrians have taken Krakow and with it, the whole of Poland. I am in discussions with Matto of Austria about territory he is to cede to us and the Russians. In payment I am to sign a pledge of defence type treaty. If he asks the same of Russia this will create a very solid block in the centre east area of Europe and might cause some shake up of the other countries.
The Spanish, who have currenty taken almost no part in European politics, have declared war on Algeria (I think, the next 2 provinces along the African coast from Morroco). I imagine the French may go courting the Spanish.
More worrying though, is that the British might move in that direction too.
I move my diplomat, who was conducting propaganda, to Paris with a spying mission. I can now see there is a French army in Paris and I want to ascertain its size (if possible).
Since Austria now holds such a great chunk of Europe the rest of Europe has become alarmed at their rise. This means minors are less likely to think positively about them. My charm offensive against the minor Germanic states might make better headway now.
The Austrians propose a treaty of sharing supply depots. This make sense if we are to attack the French and it is ratified.

With the Polish question answered, the Austrians will move their main army up through Prussia to look to attack the North of France. I am to create depots so they can get supply.
I build a Corps in Berlin. Corps allow you to gain the benefit of Corp and Army General bonuses and ultimately will allow a bigger army. They do cost a massive 10 money a turn in upkeep though, so they are not a cheap option.
I toyed with moving the Army of Prussia down to Flanders to attempt to relieve pressure on Luxemborg, but truly the Austrians have taken a leap on the rest of us with the subjegation of the Austrians and the loss of a few provinces to the French may not be such a bad thing.

Trade and Production
The cost of Fuedilism continues to hurt me. Fuedilism is the reason I was losing 3 wood a turn, it seems it strikes all commodities - including textiles. Since it costs 4 wool (or cotton) to build one textile, this loss is heavy. I am trudging my way towards enough textiles to create my barracks... In contradiction to the textile situation I move the production slider for textiles in Brandenburg to wood. Wood is another commodity I need for the barracks. I will move it back to textiles next turn. This step should see me get enough textiles and wood at the same time so that I can build the level 6 barracks upgrade.

No change here, although next turn should see some differences when I have to create depots for the Austrians. The Austrian troops are paid for by the Austrians but the cost of the depots is still a drain.

aprezto -> Worries for Von Newby (6/29/2009 2:49:02 AM)

Von Newby rubbed bloodshot eyes.

The initial jubilation at the conquering of Mecklemburg had long since passed with the capture of Poland by the Austrians, the investiture of Luxemborg by the French and the large British Army now sitting in and around Hamburg.
There were cries across Europe at the size of Austrian holdings, and how they were a major threat - forget the French. Yet here he was signing a treaty to hand the use of the Prussian supply depots over to a courier bound for Vienna.
He had it on very good authority that King Matto would cede Polish provinces to Prussia, obviously to stop anti-Austrian sentiment with their ally against the French, but also to overcome the administrative difficulties that an already taxed government were struggling with.
However, Von Newby had also heard that the ceding of land was not just to Prussia's benefit, but that the Russian was likely to gain, if only to keep that wolf from Austria's door. No one needed a stronger Russia, they already had boundless land and resources, what need was there to strengthen them?
But, of all the worries that he feared, the large British army in Hamburg was the greatest headache. It was easily large enough to make victory over it unknown, and it had power enough to seige and capture Berlin. At present the British seemed still to be more anti the revolutionary French than willing to stab a dagger into the back of Prussia. But if Prussia was deeply embroiled in France there would be little chance of returning to the homeland in time to combat this army. Yet Prussia was at war with the French, who's forces were gathering at alarming speed. If she were to do nothing there then there would be trouble aplenty in a few months time.
Von Newby took out his quill and began to draft a treaty with the British, it was a long shot, but even if they would not ratify it, that would tell him much...


aprezto -> Slicing the Polish pie (6/29/2009 3:10:07 AM)

Turn 9

King Matto has proposed a treaty that cedes 4 Polish provinces to Prussia but that also requests the pledge of defence. At the same time he has offered 4 provinces to Russia and with a request for an alliance. There is some serious fruit to this treaty for the Russians to grab. I am disappointed Matto allocated Courland to the Russian and refused my request for Warsaw. I suppose it is one of the jewels in Poland, but for the little he has to do to gain control over the place it is still disappointing. King Matto says he will be adding to the territory ceded next turn as he can only hand over what is adjacent to currently owned territory. I want Valna (sp) but it is right on the Russian border...
With this increase in land I may be able to overcome my serious shortage in textiles, or at least boost production past losses to fuedalism.
I have drafted an enforced peace treaty with the British of 1 years duration. If all those troops have their eyes set on the Dutch lands rather than Prussia he should sign. If he doesn't well I might be staying home against the French, or at least not be able to send as much.
Diplomatic efforts charming the Germanic minors are starting to gain ground. The Austrians seemed to take a marked hit in their progress this turn. Most pleasing was the gain with Bavaria. I am at last in the positives there (along with Austria and Britain, who are all below 100).
Elsewhere the Spanish have another victory, this time over the Algerians in Oman. The Russians and the Turks both have battles against rebels.

The Austrians are moving north. I have been requested to build a depot in Berlin, which I duly do. I think he may have difficulty getting to it as he has to travel through Silesia and the snows are falling there.
The new Corps constructed in Berlin has been renamed the 'Blitzen Corp' and moves to Westphalia. The Rhine Army also moves there. I am going to reorganise the troops so that I can gain the benefit of my Generals.

Trade and Production.
Nothing built this turn. I do change the sliders in Berlin back to favouring wool and textiles (from wood). I have enough wood now that I will be able to start the barrack in Berlin in 3 months. It is a slow trek to accummulate resources.

All of the depots I am having to spring for have reduced my net profit to 31. Still, at least I am in the black. This will of course change once I go hunting Frenchmen. I have to restrain myself from building infrastructure. Wars are VERY expensive.

aprezto -> Gathering the men (6/30/2009 4:20:39 AM)

Despite its population, there was a decided martial vigour within the provinces that made up the Prussian Kingdom.
Amongst these recruits were the bourgeois volunteers and minor aristocrats that were members of clubs that followed all things military. Many of these clubs boasted armouries that minor nobles would be more than happy to call their own. The members were also very able at using these weapons, usually short form rifles - still accurate out to 300 yards by the very proficient - and they knew how to look after them.
These volunteers, for all their ability with their weapons, were still green. In order to create these scouting and skirmishing units able to engage usual infantry at much longer ranges there still needed to be some military leadership and experience.
It made sense to gather these men together, they had already armed themselves and were proficient with their weapons; just a mountain of new uniforms (31 textiles) and some experienced officers and non commissioned officers from other units (-10 % experience), and a new Jager Infantry Division could be formed.

The Quartermaster General looked down the list of all ranks, reading citations and commendations.

'Wilhelm Jahnus Henk - Captain' he mouthed to himself as he put a line through this name and then wrote the name on a growing list.

aprezto -> RE: Gathering the men (6/30/2009 6:34:04 AM)

Turn 10

The four provinces of Poland are handed over to us as part of the treaty of Polish division, as of next turn we are in a defensive pact with the Austrians (for 3 years). The Russians DID NOT agree to the treaty offered to them. I received correspondence from the Tzar expressing disappointment at the steep cost from the provinces he would gain (3 years enforced peace, and an alliance). I don't know what that will mean for us(Austria and I) but I imagine a disgruntled Russia could be a real threat, especially if it can wrangle some understanding from the Turks.
Things are coming to a head I think. At present the battle lines are Austria and Prussia against France. Prussia has an alliance with Sweden, who has an alliance with Britain. Prussia also has good trade relations with Britain (which I seek to expand following the Polish land grab). I also have information that the British are very worried about the Dutch, who more and more are stepping into the back pocket of the French diplomatically speaking. With the Dutch navy at stake, and the way King Mus handled the Danish situation (agreeing to a protectorate with them when the Swedish attacked), I imagine this area may bring the British in against the French. I also have an enforced peace treaty of one year sitting with the British.
No one else is affiliated other than a higgledepigglety treaty between Turkey and Russia regarding lack of cooperation with the Spanish. I'll admit I am a little lost as to the ramifications of this treaty. The Spanish seem unaffiliated, but they do have trade with Britain, and if I were France I'd be knocking on their door - especially if the British get bellicose. There have been numerous rumours regarding secret treaties, all of which are more easily broken than public ones.
My two diplomats continue doing their jobs, some of the minor nations are now looking very pro-Prussia, and my diplomat in Ile de France, set to spy, gives very interesting information. I have two 'good' information reports of the French armies. One, in Ild de France, is only infantry and of about 20-30k. The main army(s), now besieging Flanders, is about 130k, with alot of artillery.

I have come to the conclusion that I will form another Jager infantry next turn rather than build the barracks. The next level of barracks can get me +.1 morale to any unit built there, and an increase of experience points for unit upgrades, but the second is so much easier accomplished by upgrading a less costly barracks, of which I have several with the inclusion of the Polish lands. I will also have to look to purchase some militia to add to the completely ungarrisoned lands of the Polish - 4 militia = 8 population OUCH.
All of the Prussian forces, bar militia garrisons, are now in Westphalia. This turn I reorganise the army (see attached picture), with most units being put into the Blitzen Corp.
The Austrian army is now in Silesia. They still have to traverse Nuemark, with it's terrible roads (still 4 months from completing that upgrade), before we can join forces. I contemplated attacking the French in Flanders but I don't know whether I am the defender in my allies land, or even if there is an instant combat bonus to being the defender. The attraction to have an attack on the French and even if I lose, gain some experience, was overcome however, and the Prussian army stays in Westphalia.

Production and Trade.
The addition of the Polish lands has increased my resource creation by about 10-20%. Most importantly I can now build 4 textiles per turn (from 3). This turn I commission a farm in Mecklemburg and change some sliders within some of the very poor polish territories, such that they only produce food - poorly, and that their other alotments go to development. I am somewhat fortunate in that the AI had allocated money to two locations to build the first step of a factory and of a bank - both of these usually cost 100 cash!
The British pointed out that we were competing for trade off the coast of Sweden and why don't WE move somewhere else. I can't see any other location that doesn't cause competition - the FOW is too prevalent. Interesting that he wants me to move from a lucrative location when he dominates almost every other sea zone.
With the new lands, and especially because we have set most of them to produce agriculture, our horse production has leapt by 6. I therefore broach an expansion of trade with the British: 5 horses for 10 money. They accept and will orchestrate that next turn.

Again the Polish lands have influence here. My income, with 2 depots in play, and the Prussian and Rhine armies pulling from them, went from 32 to 59 (estimated). I have some bank upgrades coming online soon and the trade from the British. Things are turning up, right before I start spending like crazy by marching on the French.

Below is a pic of the Prussian and Rhine Armies. As you can see most of the forces are set up within the Blitzen Corp to make use of both Brunswick and Schwerin's bonuses. I really need another Corp to make use of Kalkrueth, but he has nothing of Schwerin'g stature, so that just has to wait. The Rhine Army will stay in Prussia, or look for opportunity to take supply depots, or defend supply depots we have laid.


aprezto -> RE: Gathering the men (7/1/2009 11:57:39 PM)

Turn 11

The Austrians have offered another two provinces: Courland and Grodno, but this time in payment for the lending of Silesia for a year. This is to win back some of the glory Austria lost in declaring on the Poles. Silesia is a political target for Austria, gaining him +1 glory per turn for owning it.
Fierce discussion between King Matto and me has resulted in Petrokov being added to this list of ceded provinces.
The addition of Courland is a benefit as it is a supply hub, but the real jewel I wanted to gain was Vilna, both a supply hub and a political target for me (+1 glory per turn). King Matto refuses to cede this province to me.
Interestingly it appears he is still in heated discussion with the Russians, and Vilna is to go to them.
The British agree to my enforced peace, our northern border should be safe for the next year.
The British also propose a treaty with France (!!!) for a 3 year peace as long as neither side takes the Dutch. This is not what we want to hear. Far better his initial plan which was to crush the Dutch navy, but be at war with the French.
The Spanish continue to engulf the North of Africa, taking Algiers and DOWing Tunisia. This approach appears to be working perfectly for them, no one taking any interest in halting proceedings. Unfortunately we are in no position to do anything. I suppose the French will be courting them, not wanting to admonish them. The Turks and Russia have this 'no treaty with Spain' treaty between themselves, but neither are taking steps to halt the progress. I doubt this will affect Prussia in the future, but it sure could affect the Med powers.

I just cannot make up my mind. While I was able to build a Jager infantry this turn, I don't, I have decided the barracks is the go, the experience boost (with 10% of the square of it's barracks level: 25 up to 36 = 3.6 per quarter), ultimately this is a better deal. I can also build horse artillery in Berlin if I feel so inclined.
Breslau, my main iron production location, will be quite hemmed in by Austrian land, especially with the lending of Silesia to the Austrians. It would be a perfect target for ruining my economy if things came to war.
The Austrian Army is now in Brandenburg, continuing to head West next turn.
My reorganisation of the Army of Prussia continues to fail with infantry units being left out of the Army as individuals - grrr. I set it up again and hope it is concluded correctly this turn!

Trade and Production
King Mus of Britain pointed out a rule to me this turn. That merchants do better the further they are from your own sea zones. I didn't know this. So I relinquish the Gulf of Bothnia and go to the seas off Zealand - currently empty.
Berlin finishes its bank, and a new one is started (I have plenty of labour now, and cash is doing OK). Danzig finishes a bank and starts a port upgrade (eating 2 precious textiles, but I will still have enough for the barracks upgrade in Berlin next turn). The port upgrade will increase (slightly) the amount of money bought in by foreign merchants.

I drop the tax rate by one to sixteen this turn. With the increase in land my ability to provide luxuries has taken a hit. The tax level was lowering national morale by 10 a turn. Considering I am about to go into battle, I want NM as high as possible. It helps in combat and I may need a buffer if we lose. Too negative an NM and provinces, like Mecklemburg and the Polish provinces, could have an insurrection.

aprezto -> Lapse of French War (7/3/2009 1:22:07 AM)

Turn 12

Well everything has gone to hell in a hand basket this turn.
Firstly, since we did not actually conduct any offensive actions against the French, the war with them fizzles out. Unfortunately, because we have a Pledge of Defence with Austria, and they are still at war with the French, we are being penalised 4 glory a turn for not declaring war against the French as per that treaty. We are not allowed to DOW France due to the enforced peace after a war. There will be 2 more months of this unless something changes.
Secondly, it appears the Russians are not only in conversation with Austria regarding the division of Poland, but they demand Courland, a location that can provide supply. We had agreed, with Austria that we would obtain Courland. Austria wants to renege on handing it to us because he fears that the Russians might DOW Austria if he doesn't.
He will have to make up his mind as to what he wants to do, but I will be very disappointed if I don't get Courland. Austria has offered to cede two other provinces instead, but it is not so much the territory as the supply base right upon my borders that worries me.
I am unsure how the diplomacy of ceding works. The treaty that the pledge of defence is part of has the clauses that involve the ceding of the first 5 Polish provinces. I don't think I can dissolve the Pedge of defence without dissolving the ceding of the provinces into the bargain.
Either way, this turn may be the spark that lights a much broader conflagration. If Russia were to DOW Austria, and Prussia (assuming I am still party to the pledge of defence), then the Turks may see benefit in adding to Austria's pain.
How the other powers would act I can't say, the British have their enforced peace with France, so with only Russia and Turkey to attack may not think the gains worth the pains. They are often the power brokers though, and a crippled Austria and Prussia will benefit on of the other continental powers - likely France, if they do nothing.
This turn Haugwitz moves to Brunswick and will attempt a coup. Many of the smaller germanic states are now very pro Prussia. I would rather they just attach as a protectorate - especially the Saxons, Hessians and wonder of wonders - Bavaria, as they have very nice armies.
I cannot say how this will move, so much of it is in the Austrian camp. Maybe the taking of Poland was the worst thing he could have done.
I subsidise Saxony for 35 money.

With no more war the Army of the Rhine moves into garrison in Westphalia and the Army of Prussia moves to Bundesburg. I build another depot in Bundesburg to reduce marching attrition. Speaking of that, the Austrians move to Nuemark last turn without informing me (I still have no explanation), and I had removed the depot in Bundesburg. He therefore suffers foraging losses. Not a very opportune time to do that.
I build a militia in East Prussia in order to offer a little defence to these new territories. At 10 months of unrest they cannot do this for themselves. The 2 population is such a burden to pay for such rubbish troops, but Militia do not count towards by support costs as long as there aren't more Militia than I have provinces.

Trade and Production
The new location of the merchant - off Zealand - is much better than the previous location. We are now getting 10 money a turn from our merchant.
Production this turn is the barracks at Berlin. I change the sliders to move Berlin to produce a large amount of effort into development. This will allow me to get the barracks done in 6 turns, this should be enough time to accrue enough textiles to commission another Jager infantry.

With the reduced tax rate I am now running at +65 cash. The purchase of the militia, the barracks and subsidising Saxony has reduced out treasury to 176 cash.

Below is a pic of the affects of the pledge of defence and our fizzle of the war with France.


aprezto -> barracks (7/3/2009 1:29:26 AM)

And here is the settings for Brandenburg in order to get the barracks in 6 turns. This change create a -3 in wool production. I have to tweak other provinces sliders to bring this back to 0 or else there wont be enough textiles to produce my new Jager infantry.


aprezto -> Expansion (7/4/2009 2:30:03 AM)

Turn 13

Success!! And to a certain extent failure :(
The Austrians decide to cede Petrokov, Grodno and Courland to me. Nothing has been ceded to the Russians...
This is almost definately war. I note that the French have started to subsidise the Russians as well. A good move, and we are helping to force the Tsar into his camp.
In that up and coming war I now have a supply location from which I can advance on the Russians if necessary (Courland). Therefore I move the newly built militia, in Eastern Prussia, to Courland to defend it.
Another radical move this turn. Both the French AND the British DOW the Dutch. They have obviously come to an arrangement to split the two provinces, and the British get rid of the Dutch navy.
The French gain a protectorate with Wurttemburg. They are slowly making a friendly trail towards Austrian lands.
King Matto has proposed that we encorporate the Saxons and Bavarians into our lands. Again though, he has proposed that he gets the Bavarians while I take the Saxons. Prussia may be the smaller protagonist but playing second fiddle is getting tiresome. Munich is the most important province on the board politically for Prussia - +3 glory each turn it is held.
The diplomat Luchensis will continue his goodwill campaign, but this turn we try and coup Brunswick using our other diplomat.
If Matto does ask for war against the minor Germanic states there is no longer any use subsidising them.

3 units from the Army of Prussia, now stationed in Brandenburg, are placed in the Brandenburg garrison. The depot in Madesburg is decommissioned. These effort raise the next month's income to an estimated 100 from 88.

Trade and Production.
I find a minor state that is happy to trade 5 food for 5 money and set this up.
I have to fiddle with the sliders in Brandenburg as the time taken to build my barracks upgrade there. It had increased from 6 turns to complete, up to 7, even after one turn's work. I have to take more effort out of agriculture and put it into development so that the barracks will be ready in 5 turns.
With all this new territory I have a severe defence problem. Mainly due to population requirements to create Militia to defend my gains. I have 8 new provinces (not including Mecklensburg, which is already defended by 1 militia unit). I have stolen 1 militia from Brandenburg - that province is down to 2 militia now. Dangerous indeed, especially with a probable war with Russia, and possibly Turkey, on the horizon.
So next turn I am going to conduct a major re-jig of the economy. I will set every province to produce as much food as I can, while making sure I do not go into the negatives in any single commodity, and that I provide enough wool to continue to create 5 textiles net (I lose 3 due to feudal penalties).

The economy gets another boost with the new provinces bought online. I am now getting 100 money a turn with a tax rate of 16.

aprezto -> Bavaria (7/7/2009 12:03:35 AM)

Turn 14

I cannot get over how this game twists and turns.
King Matto of Austria and I were discussing, with no shortage of disgruntlement on my side, the division of Bavaria. Munich, the captital province, is worth 3 glory points a turn for me if I control it. Once again though, as with Poland, Austria is within closer proximity to the Bavarian Capital province. So therefore he had a strength right (he is more powerful) but a line-of-supply right to demanding its control. I did gain a tentative agreement that he would cede the province of Munich to me, but things were getting a little heated.
To the point, or the month's happenings, then: the Bavarians ask for protection from Prussia!!
While I don't have control over her economy or resources, I do gain half her income and her armed forces, not forgetting the political points for Munich and 4 other of her provinces.
Prussia is no longer an 'also ran'. She is a power to contend with.
In other news:
The Austrian war with the French fizzles out. This is another amazing turn around. I figured, because France was seiging Flanders and Luxemborg, that this constituted a war footing. Apparently not and this conflict ends with the loss of these two states to the French.
The Austrian negotiations with the Russians are apparently falling to pieces. King Matto has recommended I look to move forces to the East. Even taking into consideration the incorporation of the Bavarians I still don't have enough forces to defend both East and West. I think that the Russians might think twice about attacking us without us also being in conflict with the French though.
The French and the British attack the Dutch at sea and upon land. The British especially gaining huge victories over the Dutch sea forces. The main French army now invests Batavia, while the Dutch army they defeated has retreated to Friesland.
My diplomats have obviously managed alot this turn. However, my attempt at even larger greed did not see fruition with my coup attempt in Brunswick meeting failure.
Luchensis moves to Hesse to start a pointed charm offensive against them. The Hessians have 3 fantastic high morale infantry divisions I would like to gain control of. Hesse is very happy with me. To add fruit to this I spend another 25 money on subsidising them.
This, my friends, is not all that occured this turn.
The Turks have attempted to halt the Spanish expansion through the North of Africa diplomatically. They have proposed a treaty to guarantee the soverinty of Tripoli, while incorporating either a peace agreement (for a year) or an alliance for a year. Since Turkey is an empire they can afford the two treaties. I imagine the Spanish are to chose one to their liking.

All very heady stuff.

Well the really resounding news is the attachment of the very capable Bavarian army. Look at the attached pic. It has extensive numbers, combined armies (I mean 2 divisions of artillery!!) and look at their morale. Other than numbers they are better quality than the Prussian Army. The one thing they are short of is leaders.
So I build a corp container in Brandenburg (this does not have to wait on the barracks to conclude upgrading - containers don't have morale). I will move the Corp and a Corp commander to Bavaria, via Austria (I don't have a direct route without violating neutrality of minors... yet). I do not know whether the Bavarians will actually move into my corp container - they are not to be seperated from their own formations. I don't know if putting the troops into a Prussian Corp container within their homeland army container is considered breaking of this rule. Either way, another Corps container within the Prussian army would be beneficial if I am to face either the French or the Russians.
This is relegating the Army of the Rhine to that of a supply interdiction unit. I still need more units to flesh this out. Really I need cavalry for this role but I cannot afford them.
The militia created this turn in Breslau is slated to move to Grodno. Grodno is a superfortress and sits on the main road into my Polish territory. So now I have militia in Courland and Grodno, both on important roads.
Obviously I cannot hope to defend every province, but the idea is to defend those that give me some time to come to the rescue with my armies.
This turn I gain enough experience (75) to purchase an upgrade to my forces. I choose engineering. This has a minor benefit in combat and a major benefit to seiges.

Trade and Production
This turn the British expand their purchase of horses to 9 (from 5) and this adds to my money income.
The trade proposed to Piedmont of 5 money for 5 food is ratified.
I make changes to the agriculture sliders that increase my food production from 131 to 152. My population is eating 101 food now (this is strange - I didn't think I had to feed the Bavarians, but I have a sudden jump in food requirement??).
So it doesn't look like I will be able to do any better than about 1 extra population every 2nd or 3rd turn. This bodes ill for my militia expansion requirement. At least the Bavarians have populated their provinces with their own militia.
The large increase in population has not been mirrored by an increase in luxury manufacture. I now regularly see no increase in National Morale. In fact, because I have my tax rate at 16, I lose 9 NM a turn. I can afford this for a while, but I don't want NM to dip too low - a few bad decisions on the battlefield and I'll be forced to surrender.

Despite my retreating National Morale, you don't appear to lose more NM for being on a 17 tax rate compared to a 16 tax rate. So while I am happy to lose the NM I will ratchet this up another step.

A pic of the situation in Central Europe


aprezto -> RE: Bavaria (7/7/2009 6:16:44 AM)

Turn 15

The last turn was a much quieter one for the forces of good. Little occurred for or against Prussia directly.
In other news though the French take Batavia, and with it the rest of the Dutch lands. The British appeared to get interested, a little too late, in taking some land. They've moved a large part of their army, which was stationed in Hamburg, to Hannover. Since I still have an enforced peace treaty I don't think this move has malicious intent.
The Turkish treaties attempting to keep Tripolitania neutral are both rejected by Spain and just to put a nail into that coffin they also take Tripoli gaining the three Tripolitainia provinces. Now that Tripolitania is lost the Spanish to counter with a straight alliance. With it they gain a large amount of glory and become the leader, overtaking Austria by 1 point. With this being the points situation this may not be accepted by the Turks.
The British and the French gain large chunks of glory either dealing with the Dutch fleet or taking the Dutch lands.
Prussia is relagated to 5th by the French.
My charm offensive against the Hessians starts in earnest but there is alot of it going about. The main contributor is the French, trying to buy favour from the Russians and the Turks. There can be no doubt as to why.
There are alot of foreign diplomats in the Bavarian provinces. I don't know why at present, they are unlikely to cause an insurrection. They may just be moving through.

The Bavarian army is fleshed out to the tune of 7000 replacements.
The new Donner Corps is created, is loaded with a Corps commander, and sent, via Austria, to Bavaria. This is to allow the Bavarian army to gain the benefit of some leadership.
The Army of the Rhine moves through Brandenburg and on to Pommerania. It moves again this turn to Eastern Prussia where it has orders to enter the garrison.
Parts of the Prussian army. Now in Madgesburg, enter the garrison there.
These moves are all in aid of building up my treasury.
I am, however, toying with attacking the germanic minors in between me and the Bavarian Capital: Munich. So I will not be building much for a while, with the lack of population gain at the moment I can't afford the loss to create the militia I am after anyway...

Trade and Production
As stated above no developments are commissioned and no changes in trade.

I am only bringing in 80 money a turn. Cash spent on trading for resources, subsidising minors, building units and developments etc. All have meant I have a treasury of about 150 money at the moment. I need more than this if I am ever to go on the offensive.

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