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Franck -> Serial number !?!?!?!?! (6/13/2009 2:33:32 AM)

Hi, I go in my account on the store (only place I ever found my serial number) I click on view invoice for my Crown of glory game... And the campaign on the danube invoice comes up (with that game's serial number...) But I can't get my serial number for this game!!!

How should I find that number? (to install patch)

06 Maestro -> RE: Serial number !?!?!?!?! (6/13/2009 4:49:23 AM)

It would be with the purchase confirmation E-mail sent to your address. If you no longer have that email, then you can log in to "members", click on "my games" and then click on "view registered games". You can have your serial numbers emailed to you at that point or just copy them down.

terje439 -> RE: Serial number !?!?!?!?! (6/13/2009 5:03:23 AM)

It can also be found in a small text file in your main game folder, called "serialreg".


Erik Rutins -> RE: Serial number !?!?!?!?! (6/13/2009 12:58:47 PM)

Hi Franck,

The easiest way to retrieve your serial number if you still have the game installed is to look at the "serialreg.txt" file in your installation directory. The second method is to go to our Members Club if you registered your game (which we advise so you have another backup location for your serial number). The third method is to go to with your order info to retrieve serial numbers and/or download links.


- Erik

Anthropoid -> RE: Serial number !?!?!?!?! (6/13/2009 4:41:09 PM)

Any time I buy a game from matrix, just before I get to the final window where I finalize teh purchase, I select all the text with purchase details, serial number, order number, etc., and paste it into a Notepad .txt file. then I save it with a title like "Hired Guns Purchase.txt" inside my Matrix folder. That way I always have my serials on my machine, no matter any of the other sources mentioned above.

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