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sapper_astro -> Carriers at War scenarios (6/12/2009 3:41:29 PM)

I see a small number of scenarios available here, made by committed people, yet when I hop on over to SSG, there is nothing posted under the "user created scenarios" area for this game. Perhaps SSG could perhaps ask the makers of these scenarios if they can host them on their site? I cannot believe this has not already been done.

Come on guys, get with the picture. If any of these guys move on in life, or just junk the files, these scenarios will be lost.

sapper_astro -> RE: Carriers at War scenarios (6/19/2009 2:51:02 AM)

All quiet on the Western Front...

By the way guys, can you also create a central deposit for user created maps, ships and the like while you are downloading and putting in the CAW user created scenarios? Thanks fellas

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