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Samro11 -> Short Sunderland. (6/11/2009 10:48:20 PM)

Very exciting AAR's on going looks like its going to be an ace game!

just a couple of questions [first may have been askes/answered so sorry.]

Are Float planes and amphibians treated diferantly aka some cat models can land on land locked bases?

Do some RN/Comonweath Ship's now have the mighty Fairy SeaFox ;-p?

What marks of sunderland are in? I use AccAir art and its ace but it has a MkI/MKIII hybrid [haveing the planed bottom of the III but waist type guns like the I/II] proper nit pic that LOL
I think mainly III and V's were used the former with MkII ASV Radar the fives had radar too but not shore model..
with the african bases imguessing there 3 or so groups knocking about?

I plan useing the editor a bit any way being a "British fanboy" as it were but im very interested to the RAF in India now has some interesting types on streangth!

Can one change how easy/dificult it is to maintain and aircraft in the editor?

wdolson -> RE: Short Sunderland. (6/12/2009 12:52:51 AM)

There is a check box in the editor for amphibian, so some float planes/flying boats can be set to amphibians and operate from land locked bases.

There are two versions of the Sunderland in game, the Mk III and GR V.

The editor is very easy to use.  It was done by the same guy who did EditorX for WitP.  I have used the editor a fair bit making experimental scenarios for testing and it's much easier to use than the original editor.


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