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I've been playing PC games for many years and decided I should try to make one. I am not a computer programmer. But I have been working on a game in Game Maker, it is sort of a simplified program/language geared toward the hobbyist programmer. Anyway, I have been working on this game, called Contagion, in which you try to identify and contain outbreaks of diseases in the USA (I was inspired by the Swine Flu). I posted it at the Game Maker website but, frankly, it hasn't attracted much interest there. It is sort of a strategy/simulation game and I thought, perhaps, the folks that visit these forums might find this sort of game more appealing than the shooter/platformer crowd over at YoYo Games. Anyway, this is a work in progress, but if anybody cares to try it out and provide me with some feedback I'd appreciate that. Below are some links. I've included a link for the game and the preliminary manual because the game is not necessarily intuitive. Thanks.

Instant play at YoYo Games: Contagion

Will Host For Food: Contagion.exe Manual.pdf
Snap Drive: Manual.pdf

Here is a screenshot:


pasternakski -> RE: My hobbyist programmer game - Contagion (6/4/2009 6:09:08 AM)


I was inspired by the Swine Flu

Gets my vote for the greatest all-time Matrix Forums quote.

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