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jscott991 -> Blockades (5/27/2009 3:40:42 PM)

How exactly do blockades work?

I ask because I have never noticed a VP result from blockading Confederate ports and because my fleets very rarely seem to be shown as "close" to the port when I order them to blockade, leaving me to wonder whether they are actually doing anything.

Sometimes when I order a fleet to blockade, it will appear almost up against the port it is blockading. However, this rarely happens and it NEVER happens when I have two fleets in the same sea area blockading two different ports.

Do you need a minimum number of ships for a blockade to work? Is there some special command to actually commence a blockade? How many Confederate ports need to be blockaded for a VP effect to be seen? I have actually blockaded every Confederate port with fleets consisting of at least two ships, but have never seen a VP effect.

Randomizer -> RE: Blockades (5/27/2009 4:22:49 PM)

You require three ships (any combo Frigates, Ships or Ironclads for a total of 30 strength points; all my blockade squadrons are mostly frigates and some are entirely composed of frigates) in each Fleet container for the blockade to be effective.  See Victory Conditions, page 96 of the manual.

I have never seen any Confederate naval activity or combat with blockade runner but the VP's are there to be had and you can see from the end turn report how material and money support from Europe dries up once the blockade is in place.

The superficial treatment of naval combat is my biggest dissapointment with FoF but the blockade system does work and when all is said and done, nothing the South could have done at sea (or even on the rivers) could have been decisive.  Not spending vast developmental resources on a game sub-system that would in effect only add colour is an understandable management decision.

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jscott991 -> RE: Blockades (5/27/2009 5:39:50 PM)

Hmm.  So I guess my problem are the 2 ship fleets I create after using my initial fleets to blockade the east coast.

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