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JudgeDredd -> A book recommendation for you... (5/15/2009 11:40:21 PM)

Anyone interested in the Vietnam era...Chickenhawk by Robert Mason.

I bought this book way back in 1985 and read it whilst posted to The Falklands. It was one of the first books I read from start to finish in less than 2 weeks..although there is so much to do in The Falklands! [8|]

Anyway, I've had a history with this book...read it in The Falklands and when I was posted back to the UK, I left it there. I bought it again and read it again some years later (late 80's) and lent it to my brother in law, who lost it. He then bought me a copy he found in a car boot sale in mid 90s (I was always telling him he lost it)...I lent it to a friend who swears blind he gave it back.

Anyway, bought it again recently and lent it to a friend at work and looking forward to getting it back so I can read it again. A very good book on a individuals experience as a Huey pilot in the outset of the Vietnam Conflict. There are some details which I pieced together one time (after watching We Were Soldiers) where he mentioned Landing Zone X-Ray and taking "the boss" (presumably Hal Moore) on a recce.

It's a fantastic read. Quite touching, detailed and a seat of the pants at times.

Just wanted to put this out there because so many of us go through our lives not knowing about the many excellent things that pass us by...the guys story is worth knowing.

I've read the book 3 times since 1985 and can't wait to get it back again!

E -> RE: A book recommendation for you... (5/15/2009 11:44:08 PM)

Yes, I remember it being a good book as well. Although I only read it once (too many books stacking my shelves to do any repeats these decades).

Adam Parker -> RE: A book recommendation for you... (5/16/2009 3:41:23 AM)

Excellent book - it's a story that lives with you afterwards. That it's true make it unforgettable.

06 Maestro -> RE: A book recommendation for you... (5/16/2009 4:59:52 AM)

Yep-a good book. I only had to buy it once more than 25 years ago-I think I still have it.

Plodder -> RE: A book recommendation for you... (5/16/2009 5:02:05 AM)

I must have read this book at least 20 times over the years, I've still got my dog-eared 20 year old paperback copy.It's a stunning read.I recently bought the sequel Chickenhawk: Back in the World recently which goes into more detail about his life after Vietnam which is also excellent.

Marauders -> RE: A book recommendation for you... (5/16/2009 6:09:58 AM)


... although there is so much to do in The Falklands! [8|]

You broke it, so you bought it.  [;)]

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