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franzauk -> Mortar fire vs Anti-tank gun (5/9/2009 9:13:40 AM)


The changes of survival of a spotted anti-tank gun seems to be reduced compared to CC5 due to lethal mortar fire in the TLD.

As soon a a anti-tank gun becomes visible, direct mortar fire on it and it will get destroyed.

In the past cc5 it was infantry that was the anti-tank gun counter, and mortar was for suppression.

Is it accurate that it is now so lethal?

RD Oddball -> RE: Mortar fire vs Anti-tank gun (5/9/2009 2:06:55 PM)

See xe5's post here:

Pretty much sum's it up. He ought to know.[;)][8D]

DesertedFox -> RE: Mortar fire vs Anti-tank gun (5/10/2009 1:05:08 PM)

Hi Oddball,

The link you gave was in reference to Mortar Barrages, whilst the OP is talking about onboard mortars.

Now before I begin on my tirade, let me say what an excellent job you guys did on this release. I am enjoying it very much.  But I did say excellent, not perfect.

Steiner has already brought up the ridiculous accuracy of onboard mortars in relation to AT guns and open topped vehicles on the CC4 rerelease, on the Matrix forums.  He has had zero satisfaction there and I strongly suspect my comments, which echo his, will have the same result.

Regularily, you get a one shot kill, even if the mortar doesn't have a LOS to the AT gun.  But regardless, 5 shots is more than enough to knock it out.  Totally ridiculous IMHO.  Can't wait for one of the mods to come out with this toned down a lot.

None the less, a very good game.


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