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jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/17/2009 2:04:58 AM)

Aug01_41, Axis T+13 turn (14th turn of Barbarossa)

Soviets abandon Talinn so it falls by default.

AGN units advance cautiously on Leningrad.

Paradrops surround Novgorod.

Velikiye Luki is screened.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/17/2009 2:07:14 AM)

Aug01_41, Axis T+13 turn (14th turn of Barbarossa) (continued)

AGC assaults the outskirts of Moskva, while some elements advance on Tver. A screen is deployed south toward Bryansk and Gomel.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/17/2009 2:11:43 AM)

Aug01_41, Axis T+13 turn (14th turn of Barbarossa) (continued)
2 turns ago AGS commander was shocked to receive reports that Zhukov and a Guards tank army have been deployed to defend Kiev. This forces a shift to the defense for the last 2 turns for AGS as all advances are effectively stopped and units dig in west of the Dnieper river.

It seems strange to find Zhukov and the guards tank army here while Leningrad and Moskva are threatened. Perhaps the Soviets have decided to try to seize the initiative in the south and threaten Poland or Romania? Another possibility is that the Soviet high command have given up Leningrad and Moskva as lost causes and now plan to resist any German advance on Stalingrad. The loss of Kiev would put the Germans one step closer to Stalingrad.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/20/2009 7:10:42 PM)

Sep16_41, Axis T+?? turn

I've lost track of how many turns since Barbarossa started. I think it might be around 17 turns?

Moskva fell about 3 turns ago.
Partisans struck again last turn so the Wermacht took the opportunity to refit some units and make a few advances.

Once Moskva fell there were a bunch of decisions to make. Obviously Leningrad has to be taken but it's probably a foregone conclusion that it will fall since it's now cutoff. It's a matter of time.

It's hard to describe but basically I view the Geography of Russia in RTV as follows:
1) There are a few cities north of Moskva. These could be taken to secure Moskva/Leningrad from easy counterattack (due to these cities being needed for supply by any counterattacking forces).
2) There is also a corridor of cities leading east to the Urals. This corridor has a branch that turns south toward Stalingrad about halfway between Moskva and the Urals.
3) There is another corridor of cities leading south toward Stalingrad. from Moskva.
4) there is also a corridor leading toward Stalingrad from Romania.

The main choices faced by AGC/N are I think:
1) How much strength to commit to taking the cities north of Moskva. Wherever AGN/C turns it's easy for the Soviets to quickly build a defense at the next city. So nothing will fall easily. If sufficient strength is committed it might be possible to secure Leningrad/Moskva from easy attack by the Soviets - in other words limit them to approaching from 1 or 2 cities to the east and south of Moskva. There would be a safe feeling if the Soviets could only approach with good supply from east or south of Moskva and had no other logical avenue of approach to Leningrad/Moskva.
2) Whether to make a thrust east from Moskva toward the Urals with the option of going straight to Urals or turning south toward Stalingrad half-way there.
3) Whether to make a thrust south through Orel, thus advancing in a logical line toward Stalingrad that will gradually curve east as I go south, and also threaten the rear of the Soviet forces around Kiev.

After thinking about it option (1) is ruled out. Committing major forces to taking the cities north of Moskva would take a long time, and the Soviets will just coalesce at whichever city is approached using reinforcements and strategic movement. Instead of fighting through 7-ish cities in the north AGN/C could have advanced through 7-ish cities to the east or south, actually approaching a valuable strategic goal (Urals or Stalingrad).

However it might be prudent to (A) cut off Velikiye Luki and (B) secure a logical defensive line north of Moskva, so a few turns of effort will be made north of Moskva, tapering off as forces are fed into the main offensive (east or south). Hopefully any protracted effort can be avoided and reasonable defensive positions can be gained quickly.

Advancing directly east toward the Urals holds great appeal since there is a lot of Soviet industry that's been moved east and an advance south toward Stalingrad is always possible later. However a long southern flank would be exposed and the threat of Western invasion once U.S. enters the war will begin to rise. The bonus is that 2 great prizes (Stalingrad and the Urals) would be threatened by an eastern advance. Since the Soviets have the supply advantage, exposing a long flank to them as the wermacht heads east could be fatal....

Advancing directly south seems the easier option. This would probably gain Kiev and a few other Soviet cities that AGS is unable to take by winter and put the Wermacht in a position to make a frontal drive on Stalingrad in the spring (assuming winter goes ok). The downside is that only Stalingrad is threatened, and that operationally the wermacht will be facing a frontal assault on prepared Soviets in 42 to take Stalingrad. Tactical flanking might be possible but few threats are posed to the Soviets.

There is also the possibility of undertaking any combination of the 3 options (1) clean up north, (2) drive east, (3) drive south, at the same time.

A decision will have to be taken soon but in the meantime a small offensive is launched to the north and the south of Moskva.

The Soviest this turn slipped a tank division into an ungarrisoned Tver - my fault for not garrisoning it. :(

Tver is surrounded, Leningrad is put under siege, and Orel is nearly surrounded.

AGS works on the Soviet left flank at Kiev. Everything is slow-mo for AGS since they have no mobile units.

The convoy wars rage on with the Italians losing a lot of subs.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/22/2009 5:03:52 PM)

Convoy battles rage. It seems that the Italian/Spanish/German navies are having a lot of success by shifting sea zones to avoid British concentrations. There seemed to be a lot of battles in Norwegian sea zone but Axis navies abandoned it 2 turns ago and there were actually no naval battles this turn. The British are probably wondering where the enemy went...they are one sea zone east of there in the Arctic sea zone(?name?) busy raiding the convoy lines to Russia.

Winter is approaching quickly - perhaps 5(?) turns away. Soviets just also got level 2 warfare so there has been a noticeable increase in their unit strengths.

Money has been pumped lately into German and Italian research. Early in the war the concern was getting boots on the ground but now Germany is playing catch-up in research.

AGN has been able to secure most of the cities north of Moskva with little fight. Only one city is left - Petrozavosk. A paradrop is being prepared with half the Luftwaffe as support to try to seize that city. If this city falls then the entire northeast sector of Russia should be safe since there are no Russian cities left there to provide supply.

As mentioned previously there are 2 basic ways to approach Stalingrad, from the north or the west. A decision has been taken to split AGN/C into 2 groups. The main drive will be east toward Magnitogorsk, with a possible drive south toward Stalingrad if it makes sense next spring. The secondary drive will be south from Orel to cut off Kiev and then approach Stalingrad using a basic frontal offensive.

It's unclear how much can be achieved before winter sets in.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/29/2009 5:42:14 AM)


I haven't posted in awhile. Germans continued to advance east and south during early winter. I forgot what the winter effect was. Suddenly winter hit and the Wermacht was in quite a bad position - strung out and disorganized. The Red Army had prepared an offensive toward Kiev and Orel to coincide w/ the start of the winter weather penalty.

The effect on the Wermacht was devastating. There were immediate local encirclements and a general retreat was ordered. The Wermacht has formed defenses around Kiev and Orel after losing many divisions during the retreat.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (4/29/2009 5:44:30 AM)


Naval battles continue at sea w/ the combined allied navies slowly grinding down the German and Italian sub fleets.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (5/8/2009 1:47:57 AM)

1 May 42

The long harsh winter finally ends and the Wermacht finally hits lvl 4 tank and infantry tech. The upgrades are extremely expensive so it looks like it will take months to upgrade.

The convoy battles continue. The safest sea zone seems to be the arctic zone (name?) closest to Murmansk.

The Italians hit infantry tech 3 and begin the slow process of upgrading units.

In USSR the Germans begin the plan described previously. Main thrust goes east toward Magnitogorsk (east edge of map in the screenshot shown). Smaller thrust heads south toward Dnepropetrovsk. The Soviets are strong south of Kiev but this area is just screened by the Wermacht. The Soviets will risk being cut off if they remain there anyway.

The fighting is tougher than it was in 1941. Air strikes are used to reduce units before attacks. One wing of the Luftwaffe has been sent to France to provide some defense against airborne assaults.


jjdenver -> RE: Half Again: Axis Perspective (12/15/2011 4:12:26 PM)

I just realized 2.5 years later that I never wrapped up this AAR. Chuck wrote an AAR from his viewpoint and in it he mentions that at about this point in the game the Allies offered surrender terms. The 50% production bonus to UK and 50% production bonus to Germany seemed to give the Axis side a big advantage and afaik no other AAR's ended in an Axis win without this bonus.

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