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Hey guys, I have an our or two in the evenings and decided recently I would like to 3D-model a fictional aircraft. I was thinking along the lines of something that is a cross between a 747 and a B-17. However, I prefer to focus more on the older aircraft designs as they are less streamlined, and hence have far more details.

Right now I would like to start working on the engines, and I had in mined to make each with a total of 8 cylinders. However, is this technologically feasable? I believe most reference photos from planes I have looked at have more crammed about. While I do prefer to use octagons for a lot of things, I had best avoid 8 if this ends up making the engine look un-sound. The problem, is I'm not an expert in this department, but I know a lot of members on his forum have some knowledge in this area.

Thanks, I wasn't quite sure where to post this question.

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