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falco148 -> newbee music woes (3/29/2009 1:57:21 PM)

I just bought this game on the recommendation of a good friend. So far I've really enjoyed
playing the bootcamp scenarios (a lot of fun!). I really want to play PBEM later when I get
my head around the rules etc though.

My problem is this: how to get rid of the awful military music which seems to accompany all
the scenarios?? (all the ones I've checked out so far anyway). I've looked around for a toggle
button to turn 'em off but there doesnt appear to be one. The music (in my opinion anyway),
is very distracting and VERY annoying. Anyone know the file numbers so I can delete them??

- falco.

scottintacoma -> RE: newbee music woes (3/29/2009 2:09:55 PM)


To turn off the music, in a scenario, the options drop down menu, un check Background Music.

Vulcain -> RE: newbee music woes (3/29/2009 2:11:17 PM)

Hello Falco,

Keyboard M : Menu and Options turn off background musics

I hope it helps


falco148 -> RE: newbee music woes (3/31/2009 6:32:19 PM)

Thanks for the answers guys.

Amazing how simple it is once you know

- falco.

big dawg -> RE: newbee music woes (4/17/2009 12:54:58 AM)

Hello falco,

Glad you are willing to PBEM.  It is really fun! 

Please check out a supporting site (The Blitz).  There are scenarios to download & members to find a PBEM game.

I joined several years ago & have met many new "friends' via PBEM.  All NEWBIES welcome.

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