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AminMaalouf -> New Hardware - Troubles with Matrix titles (3/23/2009 11:13:49 PM)


Issue: FoF, CoG and EiA won't run on my new hardware.

Description: The entry screens appear missplaced and the main start menu does not appear. EiA additionally shows up with 0-summ ok-prompts.

Possible causes: Cause could be the monitor (Dell 2709W), or the gpu who has 1024MB GDR5 (Palit/XpertVision Radeon HD 4870).

Tested solution: Scaling down did not help so far.

Any ideas?


Os: Vista 64 bit

SlickWilhelm -> RE: New Hardware - Troubles with Matrix titles (3/23/2009 11:49:50 PM)

Hi Amin,

Please try right-clicking on the file that starts up the game, then select "properties". On this screen, go to the "compatibility" tab. In this tab, place a check mark in the box that says "run this program in compatibility mode for" and then select "Windows XP sp2."

Then click "ok", and give it a try.

If this doesn't work, please check that you're running the game as administrator by right-clicking as above, then select "Run as Administrator".

If neither of those work, then I would suspect the video card drivers. Perhaps they need updating.

Good luck, sounds like you have a nice new gaming rig. I'm extremely jealous! [:D]

AminMaalouf -> RE: New Hardware - Troubles with Matrix titles (3/24/2009 2:38:29 PM)

Good hint Slick,

scaling with high DPI value under "properties" is now activated. FoF and CoG run now. There remain only some minor issues with the buttons on the intro-screen. EiA is still not operable. I am going to check the 64 bit patch later.

The rig is the first CS4-rig I have built. I am rather content so far. Dell 2709W is a good price/value monitor for the display of double pages.

Thanks, that hint was really helpful.

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