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Charles2222 -> Land of the Giants meets James Bond (3/17/2009 2:19:37 AM)

I recently bought the entire Cool McCool series on a dvd, thinking I had bought the following series below instead. Interestingly enough, despite the different sizes of the heroes, the plot is pretty much the same as Cool McCool's, where the secret agent is a bungler. I always liked somebody having a sidekick named Swingin' Jack, and the fact that Jack was Asian made him funnier still. It's really weird to see some of that King Kong series animation at work again, along with some of the same music scores. The theme at the beginning is particularly amusing:

E -> RE: Land of the Giants meets James Bond (3/17/2009 4:13:27 PM)

From your topic, I thought you might be referring to the 1959 TV show "World of Giants" ...with Marshall Thompson (the guy from Daktari) as a six inch secret agent.

Charles2222 -> RE: Land of the Giants meets James Bond (3/17/2009 8:40:42 PM)

I never heard of that one before. Must not had run into syndication. You know something else rather funny that just now grabs me, this is something of a WITP cartoon, at least this episode. You got americans and presumably japanese characters, and militarism, but the beginning is preciseless WITP. Notice his words "Hee hee hee, I can't believe it. I have been playing this game for 20 years and I this is the first time I am going to win."[:D][:D][:D][:D]

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