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Charles22 -> Map Size in Campaigns (10/18/2000 10:34:00 PM)

Forgive me if this has already been answered definitively, and Paul's recent announcement that no new features will be added, only bugs fixed, to paraphrase, would possibly exclude this possibly seeing the light of day. I recall what has been an 'old' feature of the game (not terribly old) which hasn't been implemented, and so I ask the following: Will the WWII or generated campaigns ever allow for any battles larger then 80 hexes across? I can't hardly imagine the amount of impact such a feature would give the campaigner, like myself. Thanks

Warhorse -> (10/19/2000 12:48:00 AM)

Charles, do you mean the habit of the AI using only small, or medium maps?? I quit letting the AI dictate the campaigns, that's why I decided to document the alteration for campaigns, I now have mongo maps in some battles, however, this must be done manually!! ------------------ Mike Amos Meine Ehre Heisst Treue

Wild Bill -> (10/19/2000 1:23:00 AM)

What would also have been nice would have been a widening of the maps, more than 100 side to side. Of course, that is a dream unfulfilled, but it would have been a good feature. Wild Bill ------------------ In Arduis Fidelis Wild Bill Wilder Coordinator, Scenario Design Matrix Games

Charles22 -> (10/19/2000 1:26:00 AM)

Wild Bill: That's specifically what I'm talking about. While it technically isn't a new feature, it certainly has never graced the play of campaigns. I won't do anything as complicated as what warhorse suggests, as indeed I would like to have some amount of surprise as to just what the map will be like. Warhorse mentions as AI habit, but I think it's more than a habit, I think it's isn't even available for the AI to pick. I'm afraid this is yet another indicator of how SPWAW focused a lot more on scenarios improvements and a lot less on campaigns, which is sad for me. I've seen some flaws in campaigns, so quickly, that it was apparent that no hardened campaigner went through the testing phases, which most of the flaws could've been spotted from only going from battle one to battle two. [This message has been edited by Charles22 (edited October 18, 2000).]

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