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LarkinVB -> v1.2.8 patch available (3/5/2009 12:20:45 PM)

Patch v1.2.8 is released as a zip archive. Just download, unzip into your titans of steel root folder and read the patchXYZ.txt for information on changes. Be aware that players have to play same patch version in network games.

1) If you are new to the game or you do not have modified or new titan designs in your database, you can download a corrected version of 36 titans for each weight class and replace the old database. Only use together with v1.2.3 or newer patches :

2) Otherwise you can update your modified v1.2.1 titan database so that all existing titans will fix their move speed and their price and ammo. Use the tmerge.exe 'command line' utility in the data/titans folder. I'm too lazy to write a complete howto.
Just be aware that you can get options with tmerge -h, check a weight class database with tmerge -1 x.tos (replace x with numbers 1 to 5, 1 for recons, 5 for assaults) and tmerge -a -m -s -1 x.tos to fix ammo, price and speed values.
Expl. : tmerge -a -m -s -1 3.tos to fix ammo, price and speed for all medium titans.


This patch v1.2.8 does include all changes from v1.2.2 and up. If you install the CD retail version, you have to patch to v1.2.1 first before applying v1.2.8. If you install the freeware download version, it is already patched to v1.2.1 and you can apply v1.2.8 immediately.

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