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terje439 -> Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:20:17 PM)

I will here post some screenshots from the game, and try to explain a few things conserning the economy.

NB! This game will only concern itself with economy, and is not an AAR in the normal sense. I will build a few things, change some settings and try to show how this affects the game. To easier do this, I chose a hotseat game, and have conducted NO combat whatsoever. I also chose to use the Confederacy as an example, but the principles are the same for the Union. If you have any questions, just post and I will try to explain.
It is also worth noting that there is no "correct" way to do things, but this is how I do things, and it works for me.
The game was set on "full general" settings with "advanced options" chosen. This greatly influences how things turn out in the game, I did this however as this allows me to show every economic option of the game.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:21:00 PM)


The first turn. The Confederate economy is not good at all. My main concern is Labour and Iron production. Due to the difficulty settings I chose, Iron actually ends up negative. I need to alter my production...

Also note the diplomacy screens. At the moment I do not spend anything on this. Spending money on diplomacy has 1 downside but several upsides.
*It costs money...
*increased support from France or Britain might bring them into the war on my side (unless the "no european war" toggle is turned on)
*higher diplomacy levels increases the income I gain from my runners
*higher diplomacy levels increases the chance that the Europeans will send me extra stuff (cash, labour, horses, iron, research, weapons)
*some weapons can only be bought from Europe if the diplomacy level with the corresponding European country is high enough

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:23:38 PM)


Well, as mentioned we need more iron. I pressed the button in the lower part of the screen, labelled Ironworks. This will bring up a list of cities that has an Ironworks in them. An Ironwork is great, it DOUBLES the output of any iron mine in the city.
As we can see from this screen, two of the cities with Ironworks in them are not even set to produce Iron, this will need to be changed. To do this, I left click in the "Iron" coloumn behind the city name. This means that Augusta and Richmond will start to produce Iron instead of horses.
A city can produce EITHER money or labour + EITHER iron or horses. Chosing correctly is crucial!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:28:09 PM)


Well, we also needed to gain some more labour.
The cities marked with RED all produce more labour than money, so those I chose to set to produce labour, not money. I do this by left clicking on the labour coloumn behind the city name.
The cities marked with BLUE produce an equal ammount of money and labour, so these cities I will use to finely adjust my income. Some of these will produce money, some will produce labour.

If you look at the "Net Income" line towards the bottom, you will see that my income has changed since the opening screenshot. My economy is now somewhat better, Iron however is still a major concern.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:31:51 PM)


Compare the national net income with the opening screen to see the effects of the changes I have done so far.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:36:59 PM)


So, what is costing me so much?
Well, the difficulty setting I chose is a really big drain on my economy. This is something I cannot alter however.
I also spend alot of cash on my INF units, just to keep them in the field. If only there was a way to alter this...

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:39:55 PM)


What I have done now, is that I've disbanded my ships (my navy is way to small to take on the Union anyway), and I have moved quite a few INF units into forts and cities instead of keeping them in the field.
You will see the effect in the next post.
But for now, also note the point marked with BLUE.
My reinforcement rate is 1440 men per turn. This is not at all good enough, after all a big battle might easily see me lose 10-20.000 men. We need to alter this as well.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:43:03 PM)


See how my INF upkeep cost has decreased after I moved alot of INFs into cities and forts? This is because I pay to keep INF in the field, units in cities and forts take care of themselves.
Also note the small gain I got by disbanding my navy. Not alot, but those ships were not going to do any good anyway, so a penny saved is a penny earned etc etc...

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:45:17 PM)


Well, to further improve my economy I will need to start building various buildings.
I need more iron, so I chose to build a mine in Richmond. A question is, why did I build it in Richmond? (answer can be found further up, but I'll say it has something to do with Ironworks...)
I also need more reinforcements, so I build a camp in New Orleans. And again, why did I build it here? Well, the output of a camp is determined by the number of "men" in the city. As you can see, New Orleans and Richmond are my biggest cities with a "men" count of 6. This means that I will gain more reinforcements from a camp in these cities than in a camp built in Selma (as an example) as Selma only has a "men" count of 2.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:49:45 PM)


Well, if I want to make my army more efficent, I will need to build research institutes. So, I chose to build an engineering department in Milledgevi. Why just here you wonder?
Well if you look towards the bottom of the screen, you will see that I have pressed the "University" tab. This is because a city with a University will gain a +1 bonus to all research institutes built in the city. So, a research institute in these cities will net me +4 research rate instead of the normal +3 if I built them in a city without a university.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:52:57 PM)


Entering any city will allow you to see how you are doing research wise. As in all other matters, the Confederacy is not doing well. If I hover the mouse pointer over any of the lightbulbs, I will get a brief summary as to why my numbers are the way the are.
National Income: this is the grand total for all research institutes of this kind in the entire nation. Building more institutes will increase this number.
Difficulty level: this is again due to my settings, and cannot be altered.
Governor actions: this will only be in effect if governors is in effect. In my game they are, and it seems one of my governors is interesting in improving my navy.
Net Income: this is simply all positive and negative modifiers added up.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 7:57:22 PM)


Governors...They can be anything from your worst enemy to your best friend.
At this moment I really have to love Governor Lubbock of Texas, he is actually gaining me +15 labour every turn, a great bonus.
Governor Pettus of Mississippi is also doign ok, although I would have prefered it if he had chosen something else to support. (I have disbanded my navy after all...)
Governor Moore of Louisianna and Governor Clark of North Carolina both allows me to try to muster men in their cities with no risk of upsetting these fine governors. (more about muster later!)
Governor Brown of Georgia on the other side is doing me no good. Atleast his "opposing of volunteer muster" is not too big a penalty.
Some governors will take away from your income, or oppose research in certain areas. So keeping governors on your side is always a good thing.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:02:27 PM)


Here we see the effect of the actions of Governor Lubbock of Texas.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:04:25 PM)


Well despite the fact that I am not spending money on diplomacy, France still feels that my cause is a just one, and decided to send me 10 money. This is always apreciated!
Also Governor Pettus of Mississippi must have noticed that our navy is disbanded, and decided to throw his effort into engineering research instead of naval research.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:07:25 PM)


One of my camps have finsihed building, and as we can see my reinforcement rate has increased to 1830 men per turn. This is still way to low, but atleast it is improving.
Also one of my blockade runners managed to bring in some money to our cause. The location the runners need to be, the chance of success and chance of taking damage, as well as what resource I can get changes more or less every turn, so paying attention to your runners can be a life saver!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:12:57 PM)


Governors again...
Sometimes they will claim that they need certain things, it might be a specific building. or as here a certain number of brigades present in their state.
At times you will not be able to comply eith the governor as you cannot affort what they demand. As time goes by and their needs are not met, they will start to be more and more annoyed with you. Eventuall their demands will go away, but by this time, the relationship between you and that governor might have taken a severe blow.
So at times you have to decide, what is mroe important, saving your resources or keeping the relationship with a governor? Not an easy question, and there are no correct answer. You will need to be the judge of what to do yourself!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:17:47 PM)


The report that pops up at the start of every turn will contain alot of information, so read through it.
More buildings have finished;
*the engineering department. Since we had a university in the city, this will net us +4 engineering research per turn
*a mine in Richmond. The ironworks there means that this mine will give us +4 iron (and not +2 as would have been the case without an ironworks).
*another camp. This brings our reinforcement rate up to 3330 men per turn. Still not enough (as the CSA you should go for atleast 10.000 men per turn, and preferably closer to 20.000!!)
The Europeans keeps supporting our cause, great more resources is always apreciated.
And our runners keep bringing in even more resources.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:22:16 PM)


Just to show that the newly built mine do indeed provide +4 iron and not +2 since an ironworks is located in the city.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:23:24 PM)


We keep improving the parts of our economy that needs it the most.
More iron and more reinforcements!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:24:41 PM)


And back to governors (sorry about the fact that I jump to and forth alot!)

Governor Brown of Georgia is no friend of mine, now is there anything we can do to improve his feelings towards me?
Also note that Governor Clark of North Carolina now wants a school...

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:26:21 PM)


Now look at this, a one star general that is from Georgia. Maybe promoting him will please Governor Brown?

So I press the upwards pointing arrow with the four stars below it at the bottom of the screen.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:29:03 PM)


The only opening for a general at this time is for a 2 star general. So I press "2 stars" and chose ok.

1 star generals are leaders of brigades
2 star generals are leaders of divisions. You can only have as many 2 star generals as you have DIVs
3 star generals are leaders of corps. You can only have as many 3 star generals as you have CORPS
4 star generals are leaders of armies. You can only have as many 4 star generals as you have ARMIES.
5 star general is special in that only one will ever be available (if you build enough academies). He will then be overall commander of all your forces.

If I demoted a 3 or 4 star general, or built a new army or corps I would have been able to promote this general to 3 or 4 stars.

NB! If you read AARs or other threads on the forum, you will often come across the term CONTAINER. This is a word used to describe any DIV/CORPS/ARMY/FLEET. In other words, special units that can contain other units.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:35:29 PM)


April is a special month. This is the month that your available manpower is "recharged".
Note the message "Camps consumed total population: 14".
Every camp might take away population from your city, this has some bad effects;
-with higher settings, cities with no population available will produce less resources each turn
-with noth enough population available, you will not be able to build/muster units

The promotion of General E. Johnson improved our relationship with Governor Brown slightly. The higher a position a general is awarded, the happier the governor of the generals state will become. Note however that the reverse is also true, semoting a general is a fine way to make a governor rather annoyed at you!!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:40:03 PM)


Remember how camps consumed population? Well New Orleans lost ALL its population and will now yield less resources for atleast a year (untill next April).
We can also see that there are 3 camps in New Orleans (the small clusters of tents with a flag above them).

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:42:29 PM)


Richmond did not lose any population even though it has a camp.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:43:45 PM)


Remember that I told you that if a city has no available population it cannot build any units? That is a semi-truth to be honest. It can build some units, just not those that needs a certain ammount of "men" to be built. However the units you will want to build the most of, do have a recuirement for a number of "men".
INF costs 2 "men"
CAV costs "1 "men",
as can be seen above.
The city of Jackson has a population of 2, as can be seen two places in this screenshot. It is aahown by those two light blue men at the middle of the screen, and if you look at the top row of the unit list, you will see "men":2.
This means that the city of Jackson can build 2 CAV brigades or 1 INF brigade per year (population restocks every April remember).

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:48:38 PM)


Every building you build in a city must be supported (camps does not count towards this limit!!).
Most of my cities can still have more buildings built in them, with the exception of Milledgeville which is at 4/4.
To change this, we will need to build a plantation or a mansion in Milledgeville. Plantations are only available to the Confederacy, so the Union must build mansions. Both these buildings will allow the construction of 4 more buildings in the city they are built.
The main difference between a mansion and a plantation are build time, cost, and the effect that a plantation will also provide a small boost to resource income of the city it is built in.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 8:53:32 PM)


This is our resource stockpile.
Money, Labour, Iron, Horses, Weapons, Railroad capacity.
Money, Labour, Iron, Horses and Weapons will be changed by our current national income every turn.
If you have an iron output of +10 and you have a stockpile of 90, next turn you would have 100 iron (unless off course you spend iron on something).
Added to the national income is the effect of gifts from Europe, and the effect of your blockade runners.

Labour, Iron, Horses and Weapons stockpiles will cap at 500, while money will cap at 2000 (or is it 2500?).

Railroad capacity however is different. This will refill to its maximum every turn, so at this moment 10 is the maximum for the Confederacy, next turn it will remain at 10, it will not be at 20. If I want to increase my railroad capacity, I will need to build railroads in my cities. Every railroad will give +5 to the max ammount of railroad capacity.

And I bet you are thinking, well that is all nice, but what is it used for?
See that greyed out button that says "use Rail move"? If you press that one, you will order your units to travel by train instead of by foot. This can speed up movement greatly. However 10 railroad capacity is not alot. 1 point of railroad capacity allows ONE brigade to travel ONE territory. So to move an army over several provinces by railroad might require a railroad capacity of several hundred.

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 9:03:07 PM)


I promised to take a further look at mustering.
First off I want to find a governor that supports the idea of mustering. Governor Letcher of Virginia is my kind of man!
Since he supports the idea of mustering, I will not risk upsetting him by performing a muster in any of the cities in Virginia. Note however that I can still muster if this is not supported by the governor, this will however reduce the governors feelings towards you!

terje439 -> RE: Economy 101 (2/16/2009 9:06:39 PM)


So, I chose to go into the city view of Richmond, VA.
Behind the "muster" button it is written 70%, this is the success chance for the muster. If I succed, I will raise a new infantery brigade. It also states Gov-10, this means that if Governor Letcher did not support the idea of a muster, our relationship would take a 10 point damage.
When mustering, it is also worth to keep an eye out for the available number of population (how many men are colored light blue), this is because you need atleast 2 available population for the muster to be successful (since that is the number of men needed to build an INF brigade as mentioned earlier).

NB! A mustered brigade will be of lower quality than a brigade you "build/purchase".

Conscript: This guarrantees you a brigade (see that the % is listed at 100!), however there is also a 40% chance that the city will riot, denying you any income for a number of turns from this city. The riots might even spread to other provinces. A conscripted brigade is also the unit of lowest quality, so use this as a last resort only!

Impressment: 40 money 70% means that if I chose to do this, there is a 70% chance that I will recieve 40 money, there is also a 40% chance of a riot. This can sometimes be used if you are in dire need of certain resources. It is worth mentioning that conscription and impressment in a state were the governor does not support these ideas will result in a relationship hit with that governor.

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