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06 Maestro -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 2:11:22 AM)


Yep, I fell into that INTJ category. No surprise there, huh?

Nope-not at all. I've always viewed you as a rational, occasionally opinionated and dry SOB-nothing wrong with that.[;)]

06 Maestro -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 2:25:49 AM)

My nearly 16 year old son has been an avid player of FPS games-courtesy of Steam for about two years now. He played on big teams-sounded like fun, but he has finally tired of it. About a year ago I tried to get him into CotA; he said it looked interesting and played the first tutorial, but then the same old sounds and yapping started coning from his room again. I will take advantage of his current lack of interest in FPS's to get him into a real game-and an interest in history.

I'm not all that optimistic about creating a big interest in military history in him. By the time I was sixteen, I was already hooked.

Anyone here pick up this interest after their 20th birthday?

V22 Osprey -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 3:49:49 AM)

I'm 15 and I'm already into wargaming.

06 Maestro -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 4:16:21 AM)


ORIGINAL: V22 Osprey

I'm 15 and I'm already into wargaming.

Good for you. I hope you are getting some books along with the games. Even without a big interest in history, the pertinent books will make the games make more sense, enjoyable and easier to play.

Warfare1 -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 9:30:40 PM)


ORIGINAL: V22 Osprey

I'm 15 and I'm already into wargaming.

Great to hear. You must also have a great interest in history.

When I was 12-13 years old, I must have read almost every history book in our school library. I kid you not. On Friday I would bring home a stack of books and have most of them read by Monday. I could read in the living room, even with the TV blaring away. I would consume hundreds of pages a day.

I was actively engaged in sports and the outdoors, but there was just something about history that engaged my ripe imagination. I read Caesar's biography 3 or 4 times; the Civil War upteen times, etc...

This love of history continues to this very day... watching documentaries, reading, wargames...

Southernland -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 9:42:53 PM)

It's odd, I'm part of a pub trivia team that competes every Thursday (how sad is my life) but often i'll dredge up some arcane peice of knowledge that will gain us crucial points that contribute towards frequent wins.   When asked "how the F@#k did you know that?"   the answer is there was generally a war somewhere in the region, from war you get culture, history, science and engineering and even some military history.

ilovestrategy -> RE: War history (2/11/2009 10:24:44 PM)

Well, that's like me being a buff for ancient battles in the classical period before AD 1. 

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