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rcleslie -> removing teams and/or leagues (1/4/2009 12:34:35 AM)

I should have figured this out by now, but remain in the dark. How do you delete a league or a team from a league?

Mykal -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/4/2009 1:51:53 AM)

What do you mean by delete a league
do you mean just one league from your conference ?

rcleslie -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 1:38:43 AM)

I would like to delete a conference and/or a team from a conference. I am trying to correct an error by which I wound up with the same team added twice to a division without having to do the conference over from scratch. Actually, I have already done the latter, but would like to know if there is better way. My understanding is that it is not wise to attempt this from outside the game because that might mess up the game's operation in some way. At present I have several conferences that I am not using and I would like to dump them. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

simmer -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 5:23:09 AM)

I think you have to reset season

Marauders -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 8:34:50 PM)

It's easy to get rid of a league, but I have not played around with conferences in a while.

In the League Structure Screen of the League Edit Menu (Change View to League Structure), one can Add, Edit, and Remove conferences.  Doesn't that work?

rcleslie -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 9:58:51 PM)

As far as I can tell it is possible to remove a team from a division, BUT it is removed to a list of "available teams" as opposed to being entirely deleted from the system. I had hoped that would be o.k. for my purposes, but when I activated the draft the removed, yet still "available", team also received players. I did "solve" my problem by starting a new league from scratch and now have what I want, BUT the old conference/league and divisions remain in the system. I can simply ignore them of course, but it offends my "obsessive-compulsive nature" to have those unused teams, etc. lurking in the shadows. I suppose I could try to delete them via the directory, but the manual warns against that.

Tullius -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 10:12:14 PM)

In the league database is a "Teams" table and there is a column "DefunctTeam". When the value is "-1" then the team is not active and you will not see it.

Mykal -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/5/2009 10:14:41 PM)

I think your best bet would be to set up a test league
de-activate a team and or league

then delete them via "access" to see what happens

its been a while since I did anything like this
and cant remember what I did at the time
but I do remember I had a similiar problem in one of my leagues with a floating non active team
a problem which I solved but too long ago to remember how (trial and error probarbly)

garysorrell -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/6/2009 2:27:37 AM)

You can do all sorts of maneuvering in the database, using access or open office.

Just remember, if you remove a team after the start of a new season, you would have to deal with the schedule.
The schedule is generated as soon as you hit new season, so the games will be scheduled, whether the team is in the league or not.

rcleslie -> RE: removing teams and/or leagues (1/9/2009 12:34:05 AM)

Thanks guys! Open office here I come!

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