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Motomouse -> Vista and Vintage Games (12/13/2008 1:08:11 AM)

You are not able to run your vintage gaming gems on Vista anymore?

I use VirtualBox + Linux (Ubuntu) + Wine to run my older games (< directX9) succesfully.

With Hardware Virtualization I am achieving good performance for 2d games and I am able to turn on Sound Emulation (sluggish without HW Virtualization on my box)

(System DualCore @ 2,13 - Nvidia 88 - 2 GB)

Perhaps this Info is of use to somebody eager to play the old gems.

noxious -> RE: Vista and Vintage Games (12/13/2008 1:54:07 AM)

Hmm, interesting : so you're running Virtual Box (a virtual PC on a PC ?) who then runs Linux who then runs a windows emulation layer (wine) on which you run your games ? Cool geeky stuff, hehe 8p
Does Wine do DOS also ? Albeit, for DOS games, there is Dosbox that can run direct in Vista iirc

Motomouse -> RE: Vista and Vintage Games (12/13/2008 11:41:21 AM)

Yes you described it quite right [:D]. I already used my dualboot Linux installation in the past to play older games. But recently I was not able to reboot, because I was waiting for a slow download (> 10 hours). So I discovered the described solution to play the games. I have not tried Dos Games yet.

Have fun

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