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Vasquez -> The Union is down =) (12/3/2008 8:37:08 PM)

Played my first campaign (Nov 1861). Advanced settings, only initiative check and "In-/Out of Command" disabled (I want my army to go where I want [:'(] ). Difficulty was First seargant.

Its late february 1864 now and the union about to crumble. I even outnumber them during battles. But I had luck and Kentucky joined the CSA after I broke the Unionīs Siege of Memphis in spring 1862.

It was a heck of a fight and especially during the autumn of 1862 my forces in Virginia where about to get exhausted. I fought a straight defensive war and just started to invade the North.

I love the combination of economy, strategy and the detailed battles.

I will start another campaign after this as the CSA with higher difficulty and the July 1861 setup.

Whats the difference between the standard 1861 campaign and the 1861 balanced economy campaign btw?

Gil R. -> RE: The Union is down =) (12/5/2008 5:03:04 PM)


Whats the difference between the standard 1861 campaign and the 1861 balanced economy campaign btw?

You're asking about the two July scenarios? The one that isn't "balanced" -- a term that actually refers to less of an economic gap between the two sides, but not actual equality -- is like November's "Southern Steel" scenario, in that the North is given much greater economic advantage over the South. The OOB's are the same, though.

We've written this in the forum many times, but since there are quite a few new players around these days it's worth my pointing out that both the balanced and imbalanced scenarios are historically accurate in terms of the economic numbers we used to create them, but that in the balanced scenarios whenever these numbers are uncertain we went with the estimates that favor the South and disfavor the North, while for the imbalanced scenarios we did the opposite. When the game was first released there were some people complaining that the North's economy wasn't strong enough, so we added "Southern Steel" and the imbalanced July scenario. We had originally gone with the more balanced approach simply to make the game playable for both sides, but adding the imbalanced scenarios was a good decision, since it makes for a much greater challenge when playing the South.

Vasquez -> RE: The Union is down =) (12/5/2008 11:09:10 PM)

Thx for your reply Gil. Meanwhile I found more informations. The ReadMe file ftw [8|][:D]

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