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Judge_Omega -> Open Source? (12/1/2008 9:27:12 PM)

Any chance of releasing this wonderful little gem to the community?

Some of the tthings i dream of adding:

Chambered weapons- Give each weapon that requires ammo one round ready to fire. Even if no additional ammo was loaded on the titan.
Lance- a melee weapon only effective for charges so that the damage is one sided, secondary function allows it to be used at half damage for punch attacks but with increased chance to add instability.
Ram- attachable to any arm,torso, or head. Reduces self inflicted damage of charges.
Mortar- specializing in indirect fire, comparible stats to the high end autocannons but with longer range thats heavily affected by wind.
Arc energy weapons- which are able to hiit multple foes in a hex, large bonus to hit, minor damage.
External fire extinguisher- reduces most heat to 0 from outside sources. (limited uses)
DFA attacks split into flying punch/flying kick/flying ram/flying lance.
Allow high end scanners to detect air drops well ahead of time.
Have high end life support systems allow pilots health to go wildly negative(but still unconscious below 1).
Allow high end battle computers to allow androids health to go wildly negative.
Radical surgery option to bring back dead jocks as a cyborg with some loss of exp. (expensive and not always successful)
Cloning of dead jocks. Expensive, restarts jock as a rookie with high chances for bonuses in the fields the original was an expert in.(not available for androids, replicants at reduced cost with a chance of a bonus rank)
Data recovery of dead androids/cyborgs. Expensive, restarts jock with 1/2 rank of the original.
Chance that high level flares clear locks.
Reflective coating that makes the section 95% immune to lasers until damaged.
Self destruct sequence.

Variable ammo(loadable in factory round by round at a cost);
Smoke charges- minimal damage, double standard smoke affect with chance of it continuing on into the next hex in los as well.
Armor Piercing- 2/3 standard damage, small chance of damaging internals.
High explosive- 3/4 standard damage, slightly incresed instability roll and an unlikly chance based on damage dealt and weight of titan to blow it out of the hex..
Biochem- minimal damage but chance to kill jocks in the hex if life support or cockpit is damaged.(cyborgs take damage instead, androids are immune).
Incendiary- Half damage, high chance of igniting hex, increases heat of target.
Nanites- 3/4 standard damage with triple damage to internals which are hit.(expensive)
Radpaint splasher- minimal damage hits most everything in the hex, but eliminates relfective coating and guided missiles/locks have a huge bonus.

Religating pilots to 'Support Personel' which dont count towards your jock limit, allowing you not to risk your valued leader/ businessman/ mechanic and yet still have 8 jocks available for combat. With the option bringing them back into active duty if needed.
Support vehicles;
Medivac- (3 tons) hellicopter which can extract unconscious pilots.
Hellicopters- (5 tons) for scouting and minimal missle attacks
Technicals- (2 tons) for scouthing and machingunning/small lasering (only usful on even hexes), can ram
Tanks- (40-150 tons) for autocannoning (only useful on even hexes)
Supply truck- (10 tons) can refil empty ammo slots (slow reload time), explode when hit
Ship- reduces cost of the mission & can dynamically place units.
Bombers- (15 tons) napalmer
New piloting skill for the support vehicles which the support personel pilot.

Hotkeys for mech targeting(i hate using the mouse)
Dynamic music which is generated by the pace of battle.

LarkinVB -> RE: Open Source? (12/1/2008 11:36:36 PM)

Sorry. We do not plan to release the source code. It is in no good state and scattered all around the world. [;)]

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