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dedonta -> Run Time Error 2147024770 (11/30/2008 4:34:14 PM)

I am getting a run time error 2147024770 (8007007e) everytime I try to start my game. I have erased the game, reinstalled it, done the same with all the updates and still the same problem. I tried doing the suggestion for the other run time errors but that had no effect either. Please of know I have a 30 dollar non-functioning game. Thanks for any help you can give!!


Tullius -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (11/30/2008 4:53:27 PM)

Here is an answer i found in an other context


The following error is generally application-specific, and does not have a
solution in common. In some cases, registering a DLL file (supplied with the
respective software) may be enough, or perhaps a reinstallation may be
required. It's better to contact the software manufacturer for product
specific help.

Only Matrix can give you an answer as it seems that the installer could be the source of trouble. Perhaps Eric Rutkins or some other staff member can help you.

Marauders -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/1/2008 7:29:44 AM)

Did you install with the computer linked to the Internet?

Sometimes the install needs to update the .dll files.

dedonta -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/7/2008 4:57:32 PM)

Yes, my cp is always hooked up internet...i have cable internet. This is VERY frustrating as I have had absolutely NO help from Matrix...I submitted this problem to the customer service help desk last week and have heard nothing. If this is the way they operate I will never waste my money on one of their products again. I can't believe they offer no phone support either, this could have been cleared up in minutes instead of weeks. If there is a Matrix person that folllows this forum, please respond and give me some help. Especially as there is no return policy!!!!


garysorrell -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/7/2008 6:17:34 PM)

What versions of the game do you have...that is, if you bought it recently, im thinking you should have 1 full install and an update?

MaximumFootball-SetupRelease-v2270.exe   ( the full install )

MaximumFootball-UpdateRelease-v2290Comp.exe (the update )

If you havent already, try an uninstall....delete the matrix folder.

Install the game only, no update......make sure you allow the install to check directx and do all that stuff.

then see if it will start.

if it works, that narrows it down to the update........maybe.

install the update next and see if it hoses it.

dedonta -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/7/2008 9:13:33 PM)

ok...deleted everything in the Max Football folder and the folder itself. I ran V2.0 2.00 and i have downloaded but not installed all of the updates, as I don't know which ones I need. However, everytime i install the game it won't initialize the directX installation...alwasys says it can't do it and to try again later...and i have retried about 15 times. And when I run the game now (after following your instructions) its still gets me to the start screen with the music, but when I click PLAY, its shuts down and gives me the run time error message. With all the updates, I had installed each of them previously because it didn't run with just my original purchased version...with each download it did the same thing...Run Time Error 214 etc.. This is most frustrating. But at least you tried to help, unlike customer service.

Marauders -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/8/2008 3:04:45 AM)

Is this a Vista install or an XP install?

If it's Vista, did you read and follow the FAQ?

Did you put in the serial number correctly?

Tullius -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/8/2008 4:46:24 PM)


However, everytime i install the game it won't initialize the directX installation...alwasys says it can't do it and to try again later...and i have retried about 15 times.

It seems that is a weak point in whole installation and here Matrix is responsible. In the past i had problems, too and when this screen appeared i decided to do nothing (after some bad experiences) and wait what the installation routine would do as next step. Even when the wait lasted more than one or two seconds every time the installation was finished. But i have still XP.

I will make a note on the beta board so that perhaps Eric Rutkins will have pity and looks at the case.

Marauders -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/8/2008 5:49:16 PM)

Is this an install for a computer in the United States or another country?  I can't tell by your profile.

Are you using Windows XP or Vista? 

Windows '98se is no longer supported.

dedonta -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/9/2008 6:33:01 PM)

Sorry for the delay...I am running it on a U.S. computer with XP.  I have other Matrix games that run fine, but this one is killing me.  I allowed the Direct X program to run its full install but it just says it can't initialize and goes to a box that has a "finish" button and says try again i click "finish" and thats it.  Oh, and I still haven't heard ANYTHING from customer support...what is the deal with they not support their products?  I'm so mad about this...I ended up buying Front Office Football for my football fix...I think I'm out the 30 bucks I paid for this game [:@]


LarryK -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 (12/9/2008 8:58:48 PM)

I don't know if this will help or not; I Googled your error which led to this forum:

which pointed to this solution:

Maybe worth trying.

Marauders -> RE: Run Time Error 2147024770 Solution? (2/8/2009 8:25:38 PM)

Thanks for the links, LarryK.

Marcus, did this work for you?

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