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German Korps West Front, August 1914
1.Armee: Gd, II, III, IV, IX, III.Res, IV.Res. II.Kav
2.Armee: VII, X, Gd.Res, VII.Res, X.Res
3.Armee: XII. XII, XIX, XII.Res I.Kav
4.Armee: VI, VIII, XVIII, VI.Res, XVII.Res
5.Armee: V, XIII, XVI, V.Res, VI.Res IV.Kav
6.Armee: I.Bav, II.Bav, III.Bav, XXI, I.Bav.Res, XIV.Res, III.Kav
7.Armee: XIV, XV, XIV.Res
in Schleswig-Hosltein: IX.Res
in Würzburg: II.Bav.Res
German Korps East Front, August 1914
8.Armee: I, XVII, XX, I.Res
West Prussia/Danzig: XVII.Res
Totals: 25 1st line Korps, 17 reserve Korps, 4 Kav Korps (some split between armies)

Austrian Korps Russian Front, August, 1914 (accounting for Conrad's indecision*)
1.Armee: I, V, X 3, 9. Kav Divs
2.Armee: III, IV*, VII*, XII 1, 5, 8. Kav Divs
3.Armee: XI, XIV 2, 4,11. Kav Divs
4.Armee: II, VI 6, 10* Kav Divs
Austrian Korps Serbian Front, August 1914
5.Armee: VIII, XIII
6.Armee: XV, XVI
Res. Kummer (2 Landsturm divs) 7.Kav div
Totals: 16 Korps and 11 Kav Divs.
Korps were not "standard", and 8 out of 46 inf divs are listed at Army, not Korps level.

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Print souces continue to roll in.

Food for tought, and I understand "Korps" are fudged.

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