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tombo -> scenario deployments (11/24/2008 3:09:33 PM)

hi, had this game for a while but just now coming back to it. I like all the good development i see in the forums and from developer. [:)]

With the scenarios provided, are the unit locations the actual initial positions and forces for that time? I'm new to ww1 and not sure proper deployment phase for historical setup.
When i start the Opening Guns, i see theres no real forces to the east this true?

If not historical, can some one provide a Mod for this?

Can anyone comment to the later scenarios and challange, etc. Or does everyone start with 1914?


lordhoff -> RE: scenario deployments (11/25/2008 3:28:52 AM)

As I recall, Germany had 26 conscript corps, 13 reserve corps, 11 cavalry divisions, and four Landwehr corps mobilized in Aug 1914. This is by memory but should be somewhat close:

west: 21 conscript, 11 reserve, two Landwehr, and six cavalry
east: five conscript, two reserve, two Landwehr, five cavalry

I believe the 17th (?) army was in east Prussia and likely consisted of about half of the eastern forces. I assume the rest were holding fortresses.

tombo -> RE: scenario deployments (11/25/2008 9:26:45 PM)

Thanks Lordhoff...that helps some.

To start the 1914 scenerio as CP, what would be the number Corps, Cav, Art to move to the east (russian front), etc to be similar to historical setup?

OrvalB -> RE: scenario deployments (11/27/2008 4:32:23 AM)

There are a range of historical setups available, once you get into the setup screen. They are interesting, though probably in need of some updating.

The  naked startup is asking you to make the decision Moltke had to: how Schiefflen do you want to go? Much against all the history books claiming this or that, the answer isn't easy.

This is one of the game's great strengths.

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