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kokono -> Combat system (10/29/2008 10:31:42 PM)

Hi to alls,
I'm new to this game and I would like to know what is the system that is used in combat, how to know what drives us to fight? How do you know the odds of success in a fight?

hjaco -> RE: Combat system (10/29/2008 11:29:57 PM)

I would recommend you to read through the manual which explains activation of units and combat in detail [;)]

lordhoff -> RE: Combat system (10/30/2008 3:13:09 AM)

As for part one of your question, see prior post. The manual is not at all detailed in many ways, however, and the relative value of corps is one of these. There is a detailed post somewhere in here, if you do a search after subscribing to "GoA" and checking "subscriptions only" (or you'll get results for all the games)for "what do the letters mean" or something similar, it should pop up. I'm no expert but the overall is that:
- higher numbers mean higher amounts of soldiers
- "A" is the highest quality down to "E" (I believe) being the lowest
- Quality (letter on lower right) also varies by country so one country's "A" troops may not be as good as. say, another's "B" troops.
- Readiness (the number in the box) is "9" being the best and "0" being the worst - this varies depending on combat results, supply, time since combat, etc. Rule of thumb is to not attack with readiness less then "5".

Hope this helps, but again, the post in the forums that helped me so much is still there and much more detailed.

ILCK -> RE: Combat system (10/30/2008 10:33:36 AM)


ORIGINAL: lordhoff
- Quality (letter on lower right) also varies by country so one country's "A" troops may not be as good as. say, another's "B" troops.

Is this true? Really, and if so why?

hjaco -> RE: Combat system (10/30/2008 12:20:56 PM)

Actually the manual reference to combat (section 22.0) is most useful which is why I referred to it [;)]

But anyway you calculate a "to hit number" in percentage and your modified strength points are the number of combat rolls to try inflicting hits.

You can't influence your random rolls but you can increase the number of rolls especially by keeping high readiness and entrenchment levels in your battles.

Similarly you can't seriously influence your "to hit number" but quality is one of the key factors which is a numerical percentage bonus to your "to hit number". So if your combat screen states "8" in average quality you get average + 8% to your "to hit number".

Quality differs from 9 as the best (say German and French A Corps) and downwards. So when all your troops included in a battle is one quality level lower your "to hit number" is 1% lower. Obviously you will have to loose much Quality in order to really make a difference although in the long run it makes a difference.

The Quality difference works best when British high strength & quality Corps steamroll low quality & strength point OE Corps.
We have all been there [8D] OE have no defences against this.

The key is to both take "to hit number" and number of attack rolls (firepower) into consideration.

So my advice is to attack/defend with your best quality and strength point corps with high grades of readiness as this is the combination where you get the best value out of your units.

That is also the reason why it usually is best to reinforce high quality corps with high readiness in the strategy phase compared to units unworthy for battle due to low readiness.

Quality is lost when a Corps is eliminated and has to be rebuild, when you suffer an exhaustion level or when a Corps has replaced *2 (or *3 can't remember) its original number of strength points.

A rule of thumb for quickly calculating anticipated battle results in open flat territory to evaluate whether to attack or not:

strengthpoints * readiness / 7 = firepower

Defender inflicts roughly 25 % casualties and attacker roughly 20 % casualties (take into consideration that attacker losses are removed before final firepower is calculated)

Firepower will be pretty accurate but can be severely altered due to artillery barrage in the pré-combat phase. Mind you - expected hit ratio is random!

One final note. Quality is most important in determine vulnerability to artillery fire. The worse quality the more readiness will be lost and the worse performance in combat will be (poison gas is a good example).

lordhoff -> RE: Combat system (10/31/2008 3:11:36 AM)



ORIGINAL: lordhoff
- Quality (letter on lower right) also varies by country so one country's "A" troops may not be as good as. say, another's "B" troops.

Is this true? Really, and if so why?

From what the post I mentioned said, the letters are relative only to the country. So, "A" for a well trained army (GM,GB) is its best and at the beginning, "C" is probably its worse class. The same is true for, say, the OE. However, its best trained troops are not trained as well as, say, Germany's and Germany's reserve corps ("B" rated) are better trained and equipped then the best "A" OE corps. The poster also rated the order that he she thought was probably true.

GB = Great Britain, GM = Germany, OE = Ottoman Empire

Guess I'm gonna have to dig it up - it cleared up a lot for me.

lordhoff -> RE: Combat system (10/31/2008 3:21:36 AM)

OK, here is the thread I referenced (from the discussion of the FAQs):

RE: FAQ - Guns of August - 7/30/2007 6:08:47 PM

Matrix Legion of Merit



And just what does that "A" for Troop Class actually mean and how many other types are there?

There are four classes of troops, A through D, with A being the best and D being the worst. So for example, German Guards are class A. Use your A class troops to spearhead your offenses.

Each country has it's own set of troops classes, also A through D, with A being the best the country can provide and D being the worst.

However, the classes are not comparable between countries. Thus a German A class division is qualitatively better than an A class Russian division but probably equal to or inferior to the British (also remembering that the Brits have much larger divisions... nasty).

I do not know for sure how the A class divisions compare country wise. That is, who has the better troops in class A divisions.

I would suppose it is something like this:

1) Britain and/or Germany
2) Germany
3) France and/or Austria
4) Austria and/or Russia
5) Russia
6) Everyone else

So basically you don't want Austrians fighting the British and Russians fighting the Germans... no matter what the class.

Ray (alias Lava)

ILCK -> RE: Combat system (10/31/2008 1:05:51 PM)

This is a rude shock since I assumed those letter grades evened out across armies. In that case why do we have the letters? Why not just place the quality measure on the counter since that is the real number used in combat if I can see that and readiness I have a much better idea what the punch the unit I have is going to be.

kokono -> RE: Combat system (10/31/2008 2:59:06 PM)

Hi thank you all for your help.
I continue practicing alone, but the best thing to learn is to play against a human opponent. Look opponent in the relevant forum, unless you want someone to lose a little of your time with a rookie.


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