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Hawspipe -> TF's refuse mission (10/29/2008 5:12:22 AM)

I have two TFs made up of CAs CLs & DDs operating out of Batavia I send them on bombardment missions to Palembang and catching ships in the harbor for night surface action. In the last four turns I have sunk 12 ships. Now all of a sudden my TFs refuse to go on another mission.
Any ideas as to why?

wworld7 -> RE: TF's refuse mission (10/29/2008 5:38:06 AM)

A little more info could help.

Why do you say they will not go on a mission?

USSAmerica -> RE: TF's refuse mission (10/29/2008 11:52:39 AM)

Out of ammo?

Mistmatz -> RE: TF's refuse mission (10/29/2008 2:55:32 PM)

Sometimes it helps to form a new TF (meaning different TF number)...

Hawspipe -> RE: TF's refuse mission (10/29/2008 7:02:20 PM)

Well they were all full up on fuel and ammo. I guess they just needed more R & R because after two moves of not obeying
orders they went back to war on the 3rd move and sank 3 more ships.
I did make a change though I was sending both TF's at the same time but now I am alternating.
Hope the problem has solved it's self.

rominet -> RE: TF's refuse mission (10/30/2008 12:55:18 AM)

I had once about the same trouble.
One of my invasion TF had orders to go to Buna from Truk.
One turn after, it was going toward Tokyo with Tokyo as arrival port and 2 hex above Truk (wrong direction[:@])
I thought i made a mistake.
So, i gave it new orders to go to Buna with Truk as arrival port.
One turn after, same thing[&:] and my TF was still 2 hex above Truk.
I finally solved the problem by sending an other TF to follow the first one and when the 2 TF were in the same hex, i transferred the first one into the new one and everything was ok . I lost 5 days for my operation without understanding anything.

It seems i have now the same trouble between Saigon and Kuching.

So, if someone can explain what's wrong??

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