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nicks1 -> 43 Campaign AAR (10/27/2008 4:36:11 AM)

German Turns 1-7

Germans withdrew from initial positions on Turn 1. This has lead to no land combat so far. Air campaign was off to a brutal beginning. Soviets losing nearly 3-1 in first 3 turns as mass air-raids over airfields was undertaken by the Germans. Soviets losing about 1,000 planes per turn.

Air losses are now running at about 200 each per turn as Germans focus on Interdict missions. Losses of around 500 inf and 300 art per turn for the Soviets or last 4 turns from air bombardment.

Soviets are creeping across the map making sure German counter attacks dont catch them in nice low effectiveness surroundable piles.

PaxMondo -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (11/2/2008 4:35:32 AM)

Wow!  7 turns in one post!  Ok, how about the next turns?  [:)]

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (11/3/2008 5:01:22 AM)

Turns 8-20.
In response to Pax Mondo Few combats means little AARs.
Only two Soviet attacks on German positions so far.  However, Finland is rapidly going belly-up.
Anyway here is a summary.
German army withdrew to a line from Odessa in the S to Riga in the N.  The line is mostly behind river lines along a mostly straight line.
Soviets advanced cautiously, careful not to be caught in German counter attacks.  It is now December and the Soviets have only just caught up to German line.
Air campaign turned into a grinding match after initial slug-fest.  Losses were mostly even after about the first 4 turns as Germans moved to concentrating on large land formations.
USAAF has been a bit of a pain.  Major hits on several HI sites, including Berlin getting a very large smack.  Under control for most turns it sometimes slips through in bad weather.
Italy surrendered.  I had forgot that when allies first land on Italy proper all Italian units do what Italians do best and surrender.  I lost a lot of good airplanes that turn.  The Allies have also landed in France.  However, both fronts are well under control.
At the start of winter Soviets started a major push into Finland.  I had left the Finnish airforce dramatically weakened after ripping all the good planes from it.  This was a big mistake and the Soviets are now advancing on Helsinki with nothing left to stop them.
In recent turns the Luftwaffe has returned to full dominance of the air after a turn of heavy losses for both sides.
Early December and the Soviets should be unleashing the bulk of their forces onto the Germans now.
This turn the Germans did 500 sq, 120 Tanks, 300 art in Interdiction attacks.  This will only grow as time proceeds.

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (11/3/2008 5:38:28 AM)

Note on rules we are playing.
Mostly standard restrictions.  But also includes no changes to production.
Normally Germans move straight to 190A production with full steam ahead.  Germans now have to balance there air units in HQs more carefully to distribute quality aircraft and pilots.
However, the Soviets are also left to build less than ideal aircraft.  Overall it probably helps the Germans in the air until middle of 44 when they are prevented from going all 262 style medieval on the Soviets.
This is due to both sides having second rate aircraft more available. But German aircraft is more fighter-bomber meaning more ground losses for Soviets and 110s, 410s and Fw190Fs all having good survival and Cannon factors Making an attrition war all the harder for the Soviets in the air.
On the ground it will have an effect simply in that I have no time whatsoever for Pz-IVs once the Heavy German tanks turn up.  Soviets have endless streams of T-34s and KVs so no real issue for them.

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (11/6/2008 5:29:59 AM)

Turn 23

Finland is down to defending Helsinki.

Soviets launched their first attacks against German front lines. Hitting 5 locations each containing full strength, panther filled, SS Pz Div with assorted Tiger Btns.

Soviets stumbled back to their front lines having lost perhaps over 1,000 tanks compared to around 100 German Pz losses, consisting mostly of Stug III losses.

Just read up on lone Tiger taking on 50 Soviet tanks in 43 leaving 22 burning Soviet tank hulks and the rest of the Soviets fleeing. I begin to understand what that felt like.

German air is hitting Soviet ground forces eliminating 500 Inf and Art and 100 tanks per turn.

Soviet air force is likely to be a non- started for most of the rest of 44. It has been well pounded the last 4 turns. German losses have been high, but my Ftr groups are all over 100 strength with 70+ experience. Soviets are in much, much worse shape.

Only downside is I have left West front 500 points below required. I had forgotten the point increase kicks in from 1 Jan each year. I thought it was the first mud turn. Hopefully no break there or else there is very large German losses and stripping of the east front. I railed 3 Pz Divs and several Inf Divs in but this was not enough.

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (11/20/2008 3:57:08 AM)

Update April 44.
Winter is almost over. Last 3 turns have been mud. A very mild winter with only one or two blizzards.

German losses are starting to become more meaningful. However, still under control. Soviets are still losing over a thousand tanks a week, but intelligence has come through to indicate that they have over 12,000 held in reserve pools waiting to be used. Reports from Speer indicate that Germany has 12,000 panzers of all varieties in grand total with none in reserve.

Soviets have only advanced in a couple of sectors and only in several hexes there. However, the Soviets did active a Major breakthrough just SW of the Pripet marches sending two Tank armies through the German lines. However, after two turns of counter attacks by the Germans the Soviets were sent packing back to their original lines. There were fortunate the Germans decided to take no risks to throw-back the hordes otherwise they could have lost a full tank army as surrendered.

The USAAF continues its campaign but with little success. Over Germany and Rumania all USSAF attacks over winter have been repulsed. However, numerous attacks over Hungary and Austria have seen large losses to oil and art there. However, Germany is running low on 190As as the only efficient defence against the USAAF. With restricted production the 262 will not become the wonder weapon to defend Germany.

Germany has been spreading rumours to Soviet counterpart that a major summer offensive is planned by the Germans. While nothing obvious is happening to the front lines there has been large rail movements of German Panzers in both the northern and southern fronts.

I am playing off DosBox so I dont know how to copy the screen for images so far.

German Panzer Production has kept up with losses. However, for most of winter I stopped converting older formations to Panthers as I had no growth in the pools. Bulk of tank losses have been Panthers and Tigers and Stugs as they have made up the bulk of the SS Pz formations at the critical front line areas. This has seen dramatic growth in Pz IV formations to across the board full strength.

The Luftwaffe as grown continuously over winter. Most fighter formations are close to full strength. However, there are shortages of dive bombers. Most Bomber formations are below 50% but those flying Italian aircraft and the new He-177 are approaching 100%.

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (1/6/2009 6:08:54 AM)

Sorry for long delay in updating. I was unavailable through most of December (my opponent however wanted to play even when he was travelling overseas).

Start of June 44

Summary of April, May and start of June. Mud has come and gone on a regular basis making for a stop start spring. German lines held mostly strong until the first clear turn. Soviets continued to attack whenever possibly and made some headway in the North. On the first clear Turn the Germans evacuated the Baltic area between Konigsberg and Riga and Choose to defend the main river line in Eastern Poland. There was also a large scale reorg of German positions in order to move from defence to offense in coming summer. Most Pz Formations moved to the S between Eastern and North Eastern Rumania and the S end of the Pripet marshes.

First Clear Turn the Soviets made a substantial breakthrough in Eastern Poland overrunning a HQ with 10 full strength air units. Very painful for the Germans. However, no other major headway was made. The Soviet Tank army that broke through was surrounded and destroyed 3 turns later after mud had again intervened.

While Germans massed armour in the S the Soviets massed it in the N. All the Soviet Tank armies are now in Eastern Poland looking for a breakthrough to lead them to Berlin. Soviets have continued to batter the N, and are taking several hexes a turn. However, things are going very differently in the S for the Soviets.

Germans have divided their forces with only a handful of Pz Divs in the N (around 6-8) with the rest of the Pz Divs (including all SS Pz and SS Ps Grd Divs) are bulked up in the S. Germans have had three turns of offensive in the S taking about 12-15 hexes and destroying three armies. Soviet losses are starting to grow and the offensive builds in the S. Kiev will soon be under threat. Soviet losses in each of the last two German turns have been around 3500 inf, 2000 art and 500-600 tanks, Vs 1500 Inf and 500 Pz losses for the Germans. A large amount of German Pz losses come from Pz IVh and g groups so I am not so concerned with even losses in Tanks. I will soon have King Tiger formations to replace these.

In the Air the Germans have taken much higher losses over the spring than the Soviets but continue to have air dominance. Several high experience Soviet fighter formations have been put to the sword through steady attrition. German fighter formations are starting to look a little bit sick but are still mostly in fine shape.

The USAF got in some blows during the mud but no hits on critical facilities. All Fw190As are now on home defence (including Italy, Rumania and Hungary).

As it stand we are in for a real hum-dinger of a summer as the Soviets attempt to break the German lines just N of the Pripet marches while the Germans go all out to recapture the Ukraine and beyond.

nicks1 -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (1/9/2009 4:31:04 AM)

Soviet Turn 51
Soviets extracted a high price from the Germans for the Germans rapid advance in the S.  A lead Pz Corp was surrounded and destroyed leaving 900 Panzers in Soviet hands.
Other attacks across the front lead to high Soviet losses but several pushbacks in the N.
After the loss of the German Pz Corp Soviet propaganda is questioning the strength of German reserves and capacity for the German army to continue losses at this pace.
I have one answer to these statements from Soviet high command - Nuts.

colberki -> RE: 43 Campaign AAR (1/14/2009 4:27:04 PM)

STAVA is watching with interest the Wehrmacht commanders boast about their alleged successes in the Great Patriotic War in Bucharest and Berlin.

Meanwhile more socialist brothers rush to Red Army recruiting offices than we can process for the war with the Nazis. Soviet factories churn out huge numbers of T34/85 and other tanks to enable the Red Army to continue its relentless offensives in the summer of 1944. Brand new high performance LA-7 fighters are starting to requip the fighter formations.  We do not fear rumours of a new German heavy tank "Koniegtiger" as we alrady have IS-2 tanks in service.

It was most satisfying to surround and force the surrender of a famous panzerkorps - all officers and men captured are well treated in Siberia!

KGB is looking for WIR file password cracker to discover true strength of the German invader! Please apply at KGB Kremlin HQ for the job!

Signing off from our winter holiday spot in warm New York City!

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