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{Although unlikely ... on the possibility that some of you are not already regular members over at ... then I'll make this post. Also, I know that quite a few of you enjoyed the guides I did for Matrix's HTTR and COTA ... well, I've done it again.}

I recently just did a lengthy showcase of what I consider to be the single best strategy game (also a DOS classic) of all time.

If you are interested, then you will find it here:

FYI - 1830 is a simulation of business (finance), the stock market, and rail roads. However, it is not really about RRing in the sense that RT1, RT2, and RT3 are. It is a highly accurate port of a reknown board game. You play as 1 of 2-6 investors (AI or human) with goal to end the game as the richest investors. The RR companies are just tools and you can either grow your RR companies or destroy them based on what makes you wealthiest. Besides careful building ... the game is full of devious back stabbing. The PC version can deliver a full and varied game in just 60-90 minutes ... same game played as a board game is about 4-5 hours. (There is a big overhead savings by allowing the computer to handle book keeping tasks.)

Well, if you like The Classics, then check it out. Lastly, Bruce Shelly was quite involved with the 1830 Project. Many of you will recall that Bruce Shelly is a long time cohort of Sid Meier.

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