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simmer -> This is an example (10/23/2008 8:46:31 PM)

This show the difference in distribution for some teams

Marauders -> RE: This is an example (10/24/2008 5:13:38 AM)

Simmer, what's the point of this topic, and why open up two topics for it?

Hampe -> RE: This is an example (10/24/2008 8:25:14 AM)

Yea....I don't really see the "support" aspect of this thread.

simmer -> RE: This is an example (10/24/2008 1:00:39 PM)

I tried to show you that if you edit the rosters with JD's editor and tinker with the constraint files you do ger realistic results. I showed 2 different game logs that used different created plays. The plays that were created in the past and the present work great if the teams are edited. The default raw player skills in the game after a roster is generated and even after training camp plain SUCK and have to be edited. I use at least 10-16 different playbooks (ones that were created just after the game was released over two years now) and the game is enjoyable. Sometimes there are blowouts and others down to the wire. I am in the fourth week of an NCAA football schedule and the only problem that I have is the schedule editor due to the time it takes to create the 2008-2009 season.
I have seen teams beat version 3 plays made by hack that were created long ago, and loses too. After using JD's editor you get a balance. Just look at the game logs.

Marauders -> RE: This is an example (10/24/2008 5:27:39 PM)

Which skill attribute ranges are you using now?

I find that the game creates too many players, so spreading out the range on the low end makes sure that all of the actual drafted players are not the same.

I also have reported that the game tends to link major skill attributes for players, which means there are many great players and many crappy players without a great mixture in the middle.  As an example, there are not many kickers with a high KST and a low KAC, and since kicking drill affects both skills equally, it is difficult to have dynamic players without the editor.

dreamtheatervt -> RE: This is an example (10/24/2008 7:04:46 PM)

Simmer - mind showing us what you did number wise with the editor, that way other can use or tweak your numbers to get what they want?

simmer -> RE: This is an example (10/25/2008 12:23:30 AM)

I have been tweaking this so much, let me get the figures for you. This may take some time though. I know I started with what I would believe the true weights and heights were for college players in division 1. In my opinion I believe many are very large and strong but not as intellegent as pro players. I made the OL and DL  between 295 - 340 lbs. LB ,TE 245 - 265, RB 210 - 265 ,WR 150-225 ,DB 180-210, QB 210-250, K,P 160-210 . Any lineman over 300lbs had a strength of 99 and was edited to be a bit weaker than a lineman that was 290lbs. anyway you get the idea. Let take the OL , I used JD's editor 1.7 and globally randomly distrubuted the weight for the OL and for every player in the league to between 295-340. The distribute was set at default 50. Then went to the speed of the player for OL 65-85 and distributed these numbers globally and so on. I think you just got to find what you think a player should be rated on your own. I just kept tweaking the numbers and found the best results. I played many many exibition games and then continued to tweak the agility of the players and blocking avoidance and so on. I then worked on tweaking the constraint file. This is a very long process there is my NCAA league file uploaded at Mykals website. The contraint files posted there are not accurate to this date, I use a new one. I have made all RB's agility distributed between 80-99 and increased the speed of the DB and LB plus 7. The DL and LB catching has also been increased 7. Any way you have some idea. You have to get familiar with his editor so you can acheive your goal.

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