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dennishe -> Life after AE (10/5/2008 8:17:49 PM)

In a moment of absolute boredom I decided to write down what in my opinion would be the best game ever so that when the time comes that matrix starts to think about another major upgrade/expansion after finishing AE, somebody will remember and consider this treat which involves in short WITP on a world map.

Naval warfare
If you like WITP solely for the naval warfare, including the European fronts is not going to improve the game a lot for you, although operations such as Dunkerque, the invasion of Norway, the war in the Mediterranean and the possibility of an invasion in England may be interesting.

Air warfare
The air war including the RAF and the Luftwaffe will be great with a lot of additional planes and will add different types of operations (strategic bombardements, large scale airborne operations).

Land warfare
At this point land warfare needs an improvement to make the war in Europe more exiting. More detail to OOB would be nice. Division attached to an army corps, which is attached to an army, which is in turn attached to a theatre or an armygroup.

Production system
This is why WITP on a world map will be really interesting. The production system will be the same for Japan or have minor improvements (since I think it is already quite awesome). But besides Japan all other countries will have production too.
Production for the USA will be torn between the European war (needs tanks and troops) and the Pacific war (mainly needs ships). In addition all factories need upgrading and expansion from the start. This could be very interesting if the player has to make a lot of important strategic decisions from the very beginning which may cause him to loose the war if they donít play out right. For example, if he uses all resources for expanding factories from the beginning and does not have enough resources to produce armament. Or the other way around, when he doesn't expand and upgrade enough factories, he will have enough weapons for the first year of the war, but then will be stuck with to little and obsolete weapons for a long time.
Great Britain now is in the same situation as Japan and has to ship in everything it needs, while U-boats, raiders and German battleships try to run havoc among the British merchant fleet.
Russia has lots of resources, but has its factories close to Germany and has to move/build them up elsewhere. Germany is low on resources and canít build everything. To economize will be key. Things get even more interesting if bridges and railroads can be destroyed. Strategic bombing of factories will also be an important factor on the war.

As I see it, the game will start with two players. One player takes on Germany and the other Great Britain, France and Poland and every other country that will become activated when attacked by Germany. The Finnish-Russian war will be played by the computer as well as the Russian invasion of Poland, which will be triggered if most of the Polish forces are destroyed. Italy will be activated when France is almost defeated and deactivated when it is about to loose the war. Russia (played by a third player or by the British player) will be triggered when attacked by Germany or a few months later (Stalin would have gone to war at some point). At December 7th 1941 Japan will attack the USA (played by either new or current players). In addition there could be a ďwhat ifĒ scenario with what would have happened if Franco went to war and what would have happened if countries went to war at a different stage of the war or would have flipped sides.

Iím not saying that AE wonít be interesting. Iím still very much looking forward till it comes out. I think that at some point playing WITP on a 30 or 20 miles hex (remember Iím talking about life after AE) simply becomes more of the same. And for all the people that are working very hard on AE, donít worry I donít expect this variant within the next 10 yearsÖ.

Q-Ball -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 8:22:28 PM)

I can't imagine how many ships that would be! And I know I would forget to move all my U-Boats every turn.

Terminus -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 8:23:50 PM)

Such a game would be unplayable. WitP is just barely playable by humans, WitWWW (War in the Whole Wide World) wouldn't be.

It's a nice dream, though.

dennishe -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 8:24:31 PM)

That's why you play this (PBEM)game with 5 players. And then you don't have to move more ships then you need to do now when you play Japan or all allies

wworld7 -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 9:16:53 PM)

You can have this if you really want it, but it comes AFTER WITP-2.

pad152 -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 10:33:37 PM)

I'd like to see something a little smaller, War in the Med! Then maybe something like the War in the Falklands (AE/UV meets Harpoon [;)]).

dennishe -> RE: Life after AE (10/5/2008 10:53:33 PM)


I'd like to see something a little smaller, War in the Med! Then maybe something like the War in the Falklands (AE/UV meets Harpoon [;)]).

I like WITP especially since it involves a lot of strategy and long term planning. Small campaigns won't do for me. To sell this game regional campaigns are probably important. In order to keep my dream alive lets add small(er) campaigns such as the War in the Med, The West-Front, The Eastern Front and the war in the Pacific (of coarse)...

Dili -> RE: Life after AE (10/6/2008 6:51:01 AM)


I'd like to see something a little smaller, War in the Med!

If AE turns to be editable like WITP that might happen. I am building a Med. Warfare database for 1940(Jun) to 1944(Jan). Right now Axis and minor nations are almost complete.

An world war with scope of WITP is possible but it would need a Command structure that doesnt exist in WITP. Instead of giving order to every minor unit you give to Army/Corps/Divisions etc and only if necessary you will go for minor ones. Likewise for submarines and ships. You give an operative area to a flotilla and only if necessary you will go down to a ship.

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