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augustus -> cannot bomb? (9/9/2008 12:09:11 AM)

Just downloaded game--I actually forgot how addictive this old game can be!

The problem is I can't seem to get an HQ to bomb anything. They still support ground forces with aircraft, but as either side I cannot use the interdict function or Bomb AF. Is this something to do with the version available for download, am I missing something?

PaxMondo -> RE: cannot bomb? (9/9/2008 4:31:09 PM)

You need first set the bomber units to interdiction missions.  Then under the HQ unit orders choose interdiction, select the hex and <return>

shoudl work fine.

Josans -> RE: cannot bomb? (9/9/2008 7:10:40 PM)

Remember not move the HQ or transfer ground units on it if you want to do air missions in your turn. Thats make all air operations cant be used in your current turn ( but they can fly as CAP or Ground Support in the opponent turn )

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