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Arctic Blast -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/6/2008 10:24:26 PM)

Just a reminder that the Browns and Broncos play TONIGHT (and I think there are Thursday games from here on out).

wworld7 -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/6/2008 11:13:25 PM)

For all the good it will do my teams...I want to start over...

Arctic Blast -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/7/2008 8:45:04 PM)

It's been a weird year for big name guys absolutely falling flat. It happens to a few every year, but I can't remember a season previous to this where so many star players just collapsed in one shot.

chadandpia -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/9/2008 3:37:38 AM)

why hasn't the scores and standing for the Matrix Pro Football 09 league been updated yet from last weekend?

chadandpia -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/9/2008 5:15:52 PM)

nevermind ... figured out my issue [:'(]

Paul Vebber -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/26/2008 3:38:00 AM)

The Matrix Fantasy Playoffs are coming down to the wire!

in the Classic League Fair Warning at 10-2 and 783 points is in First followed by 8-3-1 and 691 points from Cuddly Munchkins. NiceguysBadguys is close behind at 8-4 and 788 points and L.I. Trouser Snakes at 7-4-1 and 674 points are all safely in the playoffs.

The following teams are all competing this week for the other 4 playoff spots:

CV66 Alpha Strike 7-5 680
Mandrakes Maulers 7-5 668
TGW 6-6 723
Pack o' Pain 6-6 691
Beer Forever 6-6 641
Attack Cats 6-6 610
Squirrel Attack 6-6 592
Bay Area Nightmares 5-7 598
Navy Ret 4 Christ 5-7 450

13 of 16 teams have not been Mathematically eliminated going int the final week - It doesn't get more competitive than that!!! Points are important because in the case of record ties, the highest point total is the tie breaker.

The Hall of fame league only has 4 of 8 teams and has two more weeks. It is pretty much decided with the 10-2 War Dogs with 3418 points a lock and the following four teams competing for the remaining 3 slot:

Colorado Calvary 8-4 2994
Northern Horde 7-5 3299
Mad Cow 7-5 2800
Pack o' Pain 6-6 3289

The Pro league is pretty much set with the top 6 teams being:

Vulcan 1778 10-2 7052.10
Northern Horde 9-3 7353.02
Arlington Atomics 9-3 6635.09
Colorado Calvary 8-4 6381.67
Barbariens 8-4 6337.62
Zoidbergs 6-6 6739.70

Technically my Pack o'Pain has not been eliminated but at 5-7 and only 6431.08, Zoidbergs has to lose and I have win AND make up the ~300 point difference. In a word notgonahappn.

THis has been the best turnout for Fantasy Football that we have had and Good Luck to all the bubble teams this week!

Erik Rutins -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/26/2008 12:24:12 PM)

Thanks for running it Paul, it's been great fun as always. Patty can't believe she made it to the #2 spot in Classic with the Cuddly Munchkins!

wworld7 -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/26/2008 3:56:03 PM)


Thanks, you did a much better job running these leagues than MY players (I should shoot myself for drafting the bums) have done for my team.

Beer Forever will fight to the end AND get drunk no matter what the result.

Prince of Eckmühl -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/26/2008 4:57:35 PM)

When Andy Reed pulled Donovan McNabb Sunday PM, I wanted to climb through the Samsung and yank his heart out! [;)]

Seriously, though, the only thing that I regret is that I have to wait nine months to play again.

Thanks for the excellent entertainment and competition!

Arctic Blast -> RE: Fantasy Football? (11/27/2008 12:01:07 AM)

I have definitely enjoyed it this I just need my teams to stop their late season collapse! [:@]

Cap Mandrake -> Matrix Classic Playoff Race (11/27/2008 7:33:58 PM)

8 teams will go to the three week playoffs. 4 have already clinched. 4 spots remain. An 8 and 5 record will certainly cinch a spot but failing that, there will be up to 4 spots for 7 and 6 teams. There are no less than 7 teams that might go 7 and 6. Interesting.

Cuddly Munchkins have had an amazing 5 win run to move from the near cellar to the number two seed.


Paul Vebber -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/3/2008 7:02:14 PM)

OK The playoff slates are set!

In the Pro League Vulcan 1776 at 11-2 (7771.63) and Northern Horde at 9-4 (7773.42) get the first round byes in the 6 team playoff format. Interesting that the 9-4 team actually scored more total points than the 11-2 team - got to get them at the right time!

Arlinton Atomics (9-4 7123.65) will play Zoidbergs (7-6 7481.97) Again the low record actually has considerbaly more points!)

Colorado Cavalry (9-4 7081.89) will play Barabriens (9-4 6921.68). 9-4 being a popular theme in that leaue!

In the Hall of Fame league witha 4 team 2 week format the matchup are most likely going to be WAR Dogs (11-2 3662) against Mad Cow (7-6 3038) and Colorado Calvary (9-4 3289) vs Northern Horde (8-5 3581). We still have to play this week because there is a SLIGHT chance that Mad Cow could lose to the Bay Area Nightmares (4-9 3075) and an even SLIMMER chance that My Pack o'Pain (6-7 3454) will beat the mighty War Dogs. If that happens, then I will knock out Mad Cow as the 4th seed and play War Dogs again... My PITIFUL performance last week likely sealed my fate as I lost DECICIVELY to the lowly 3-10 Tri-River Beam Rats... Thank you Peyton Manning adn your -4 points...:(

In the Classic League Fair Warning (11-2 861) will play Attack Kats (7-6 685), NiceguysBadguys (9-4 881) will play Mandrake's Maulers (7-6 733), Cuddly Munchkins (8-4-1 740) will play CV66 Alpha Strike (7-6 733) and L.I. Trouser Snakes (8-4-1 731 will play my Sole playoff team (a wrost ever showing ...) which got a crucial 52-50 victory to end 7-6 with 743 points.

Good luck to all the playoff teams. Arlington Atomics (Erik Rutins) will try to "defend this house" in the Pro league, Patty Rutins cuddly Munchkins (on a 5-1 run!) plays spoiler together with my Pack o' Pain in the Classic League and (barring a miricle) the Hall of Fame league will have a prize winner!

Good luck to all and thanks for the HUGE turn out. Based on the demand (a handful of people were unfortunately turned away) I will have a second "easy" league next season (back to four leageus total!)

Arctic Blast -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/3/2008 9:12:37 PM)

Well, I am definitely hoping for a comeback in the postseason from the various iterations of the Northern's been a sad freefall down the stretch in the Pro League.

Phatguy -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/4/2008 1:51:01 AM)

Not involved in the Matrix leagues but ......

Life is good in one of my leagues..8-5 with one left. Whilst the rest of the league is running sissy waivers I went Ironman this year.. Got some boys out for the year but the satisfaction of not playing the waiver game is immense.

The second, not so good. 5-8 but suffering a ton of defensive injuries. At the start I trotted out an all star cast of LB's. Last game I sent out Nece, Culberson, Dansbyand Pozluszny.It's like that thru out my team. On a positive note i'm holding 3 1st rounders next year along with 2 2nds....

Mickey -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/4/2008 11:23:37 PM)

8-5 not with one waiver wire move?  Thats great.

would love to get into a nice keeper league.

we beat up on each other in the Pro leagues.

Good luck to all ( except who I am playing) ;)

thegreatwent -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/5/2008 3:54:58 AM)

Good luck all, I started strong and faded. Sigh. Still it was fun and maybe Baseball will be kinder to me[:)].

Cap Mandrake -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/5/2008 5:53:14 PM)

I dont know how you could go with no waivers. I lost my two draft QB's in the first game. Brady was out for the season and my backup allegedly tried to commit suicide. [:)]

My lead RB never could play more than 3-4 plays a game b/o a bum shoulder and my theoretical lead receiver was on the hapless Browns.

I have only tow spots in my line-up from the draft....the kicker and the Titans defense. [:D]

Phatguy -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/5/2008 6:48:06 PM)

Pennington       22.09
Warner            12.11
Gore                1.12
Hightower         15.02
McFadden         4.03
Ray Rice            13.12
Reggie Brown     16.03
Ginn                8.07
Mason              9.08
Owens             2.01
Gates               3.02
Lindell               18.05
Josh Brown       21.08
Freeney             19.06
Kerney              10.09
Will Smith           14.01
Beason              6.05
Ryans                5.04
Bart Scott          24.11
DJ Williams         7.06
Bodden             20.07
Atogwe             11.10
Whitner            17.04

My team with corresponding round and round position.
I remember I had the 1st overall one yr and drafted cunningham. 1st game he got injured for the year. went with all scrubs that yr with jim McMahon being the top dog,, Yes I won the whole enchilada that yr using a scrub backup for the eagles....
But I play insane sometimes. One yr I drafted all rookies. Another yr I had 9 qb's(all backups on diff teams.except for eagles backup who was the starter. but he was 4th string to start i think-the yr I won) For the 1st 5 yrs I always spent the last pick (round35 the 1st 10 yrs) on the raiderettes cheerleaders.

Arctic Blast -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/6/2008 12:23:25 AM)

Good stuff, lurker. I think my best sleeper pick this year was Philip Rivers...I got him in the bottom third of the draft in THREE leagues.

Mad Cow -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/8/2008 4:02:50 AM)

Paul it looks like you will grab that last playoff spot. WAR Dogs is a damn good team and if you pull out the win, as you should tomorrow night, it will be a good win for you.

You totally deserve the playoff spot over me, considering you havbe something like 400 more points on the season. I dont see how I've been skating by this long with my terrible QB situation.

Good luck to everyone, but I think War Dogs has this piece in the bag, he's got a strong team.

Paul Vebber -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/8/2008 4:19:21 AM)

Thanks for the info - I'm in Qatar right now and have not been able to get my team (blcoked in the .mil domain [:@])

I seemed to match with everybody on their 'on' days and seemed to have more than my share of "season high" scores against me [8|]

I set my players up before I left and prayed for no injuries!

I will get access back the end of the week and will update the situation!

Paul Vebber -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/8/2008 4:21:22 AM)

P. S.

The Packers friggen SUCK!!! This makes 5 games they lost in the other teams final possession this year. Talk about not being able to finish on D... [:-][:@]

Arctic Blast -> RE: Matrix Classic Playoff Race (12/8/2008 8:02:40 PM)

Agreed...I don't know what's happened to Green Bays' defense. It was pretty solid last year!

Cap Mandrake -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/8/2008 9:07:13 PM)

Uggh....I need 11 pts from Antonio Bryant in tonights Monday night game.

That is one TD and 100 yds or 2 TD's. Not a miracle...but a longshot. Looks like my season will come to an end. [:(]

Mad Cow -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/9/2008 4:39:29 AM)


ORIGINAL: Cap Mandrake

Uggh....I need 11 pts from Antonio Bryant in tonights Monday night game.

That is one TD and 100 yds or 2 TD's. Not a miracle...but a longshot. Looks like my season will come to an end. [:(]

Bryant went off tonight. He had a great game.

Mad Cow -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/9/2008 4:42:40 AM)

I was just looking at the scoring. Why the hell do kickers get points for missing field goals?

Miss a 40-49 yarder they get a point, miss a 50+ yarder they get 2 points.

Strange scoring.

Paul, it appears you have lost after all and I will back into the playoffs with a 7-7 record and a 2 game losing streak.

I'll just get stomped by War Dogs, but it's nice to keep playing. ;)

Paul Vebber -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/9/2008 10:50:50 AM)

I'll be pulling for you!

THe Hall of Fame scoring emphases scoring so the idea is that if a kicker gets a chance to score a longer one (40+ or 50+ you get a little.

I'm going to repopulate my spreadsheet and adjust the scoring this off season. I didn't do that this past year.

I will be addinig another league next year too as Yahoo adjusted the default scoring to be more balanced between yards and scoring. The new league will be much more scoring oriented but have more players.

I'm thinking about making the Pro league a keeper league starting next season.

Always up for suggestions for improment.

Congrats to War Dogs - Bryant really came through when you needed it!

Erik Rutins -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/10/2008 3:19:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: Paul Vebber
I'm thinking about making the Pro league a keeper league starting next season.

I'd be very happy to see a keeper league, especially with the Pro scoring and IDPs.

Scott_WAR -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/13/2008 11:48:45 PM)

I would love to join a keeper league.

Also good luck to the other teams in the playoffs this week, I would wish the Mad Cows good luck, but I would be lying :)

Paul Vebber -> RE: Fantasy Football? (12/16/2008 12:25:39 AM)

Well, I'm recovered from my trip halfway round the the globe and have a chance to give a belated Fatasy Football playoff update.

In the Pro League Vulcan 1776 and Northern Horde enjoyed byes in the first round last week. In the First round games Colorado Cavalry narrowly beat Barbariens 588.78 to 553.38 on strong performances by Jay Cutler, Andre Johnson and Visanthe Shianco on offense and Justin Tuck, Rhonde Barber and Robert Mathis on Defense. Barabareins was let down by subpar performances of Marshwn Lynch, Bo Scaife and Adrian Peterson on Offense and Aaron Ross's zero on D.

In the other game Zoidbergs squeeked by Arlington atomics 607.44 to 593.34 Zoidbergs got a huge game from Brian Westbrook, John Carlson, and Nate Kaeding on Offense and Bradie James, James farrior and London Fletcher on D. Arlington Atomics was let down by JEricho Cotchery, Chris Cooley and Jason Elam on Offense and Darrelle Revis, Cortland Finnegan and Zach Thomas on D.

In the Semifinals, Vulcan 1776 has a 638.41 to 519.11 Lead over Colarado Cavalry with Brian Dawkins and Quintin Mikell yet to play for CC. Unlikely they will combine for over 100 points. Good games by Randy Moss, Jonathon Stewart, and Tony Gonzales on Offense and Jerod Mayo, Channing Crowder and Calvin PAce on D loo to propel Vulcan to to the finals. Colorado Cav was let down by Visanthe Shianco and Derrick Ward on Offence and Robert Mathis and Kevin Williams on D.

In the other game, Northern Horde holds a tenuous 579.65 to 547.57 lead over Zoidbergs, with Zoidbergs still looking for contributions from Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson. 33 points between those two seem almost inevitable. If they indeed do, the Horde will point to Brandon Marshall and Clinton Portis on offense and Chris Hope, James Harrison, and Lofa Tatupu on D for letting him down. If Westbrook and Jackson come through, Zoidbergs will also congratulate Bernard Berian, Marques Colston adn Kevin Smith on Offense and Melvin Bullitt, and James Farrior on D.

Barring dramatic turns, it looks like (1) Vulcan 1776 vs (6) Zoidbergs in the Pro Final!

In the Hall of Fame League War Dogs has a comfortable 305 to 187 lead over Mad Cow with DeSean Jackson and Phil Dawson still to play. barring a miracle, War Dogs should advance on the strength of Matt Cassel, Tony Gonzalez and the Jets D. Mad was rocked by Eli Mannings stunning -12 together with pitiful performances by Brandon Marshall, Chris Johnson and Anquan Boldin.

In the other game Northern Horde trails Colorado Cav by 10 220 to 230 with BRian Westbrook facing David Akers. I woould take Westbrook vs Akers +10 any day, but one never knows this season! This one is too close to call!!!

In the Consolation Bracket, My Pack o Pain has a comfortable 26 to 173 lead over Tri-River Beam rats getting great scores from Pierre Thomas, Kevin Faulk and the Tamba Bay D. TRBR was hosed by Kevin Curtis, Willie Parker, Jeremy Shockey and Ronnie Brown. In the other game THe Knuckledraggers has a 290 to 153 lead with Mcnabb and the Philly D vs Brady Quinn for the bay Area knightmares. Roddy White, Donald Driver and Clinton Portis let the Knightmares down. KDs got great games from Randy Moss, Calvin and Andre Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew to propel them to a nearly guarenteed victory.

My Pack o Pain looks to meet the KDs for the winner of the losers bracket...

In the Classic league Fair Warning anchored by Andre Johnson beat Attack Kats, let down by Joseph Addai 69 to 57.

My Pack o Pain on the back of the Indy D got by L.I.Trouser Snakes let down by Tony Romo, 67 to 36.

Cuddly Munchkins with 0s from Jerricho Cothery and Marion Barber was edged out by an aenemic CV66 Alpha Strike with above expectation performances by Ben Watson and Neil Rackers.

Mandrakes Maulers and Antonio Bryants big day powered to 61 to 49 win over NiceguysBadguys and Frerottes -3.

THis lead to Fair Warning, with Philly's D still to go and a great game by Andre Johnson cruising to victory over my Pack o Pain with Brandon Jacobs riding the pine and Larry Fitzgerald effectively there...

And Mandrakes Maulers Mauling CV66 Alpha Strike 75 to 33 thanks to MattCassel, Antonio Bryant and Sammy Morris. The Alpha Strike still has Donovan McNabb and Kevin Curtis, but Except fot Randy Moss's 15, he got only 18 points from the rest of his team. Barring a Miracle for Mcnabb and Curtis, that puts the Maulers and Fair Warning into the Finals!

Good luck to the Finalists!

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