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peskpesk -> Two options to balance china/japan in MWIF (7/31/2008 7:29:56 AM)

There are some concern over the China/Japan war in MWIF due to the change of scale.

Here are to some options that we make limited impact on the game difference between
WIF/MWIF but still balance the game more.

Option 80 Addition Limited view of Chinese setup
All Chinese units are setup face down and the Japanese player may not look at them or get any info about them. When the Japanese setup if finished all Chinese units is flipped face up,

Reason The setup rules of WIF gives to much power and flexibility to the Japanese player. He can concentrate his force to areas with no or weak defenders.

PS this option could be made for all nations a Face down setup...

Option 80 Addition Varying Chinese partisan activity

Chinas partisan number increases by one for each additional city the Japanese take control over. And its lowered by one for each city the Chinese capture back.

Reason:- A way to simulate the reason to the limited inland advance the Japanese forces did historically

Edfactor -> RE: Two options to balance china/japan in MWIF (7/31/2008 3:13:46 PM)

This is of course a great concern, but i'd like to see several playtest reports about this before we try fixing it.

brian brian -> RE: Two options to balance china/japan in MWIF (7/31/2008 11:35:13 PM)

once the new maps are out, let the House Ruling begin! until then, don't hold your breath. those both look like good ideas that I'm sure we'll all enjoy discussing some day in the future though.

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