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XLegion -> BUG AND QUESTION (7/27/2008 6:10:46 PM)

I have just concluded my first player to player game. I lost as Union in November of 1864 when Lincoln did not win the election.

One thing came up that we are pretty sure is a bug. At one point only the leader General Polk was in the Paducah Kentucky area and the Union had activated forces at Cairo. For some reason not one unit could move from Cairo to Paducah. Ok, maybe they didn't have enough movement points but it does seem a bit strange that not one unit could move. The Union had command of the Tennessee river also. What the real bug though was that an 85,000 man Union army was defeated and could not retreat because Gen. Polk was there with two pistols on horseback and he destroyed or rather caused to capture the entire Union army.

My question though is: HOW DO YOU SEE UNIT EXPERIENCE??? On page 86 of the manual they have an illustration that shows a cavalry unit with two stars on it indicating that it is experienced. I have never seen nor have figured out how you see, this experience on the counters. I know I have been in battles where units gained experience but I had not proof that they did as I don't see those little stars anywhere.

Is there another method of 'seeing' unit experience.

Frido1207 -> RE: BUG AND QUESTION (7/27/2008 6:48:54 PM)


here an overview screen:


But I donīt know an easy way to see, which unit has gained experience.
I check the troops manually from time to time, which were lately engaged in a battle.

JanSorensen -> RE: BUG AND QUESTION (7/27/2008 9:09:44 PM)

Wrt the bug - attach a save game. Without that its not possible to answer. If you attach both a save game just before the bug and one just after it will help alot.

Experience is seen as the stars next to the units as you can in the screen shot posted by th1207. Apart from that I know of no way to tell it - not that any other way is needed.

Harvey Birdman -> RE: BUG AND QUESTION (7/28/2008 12:03:08 AM)

Your army may have been destroyed because of this rule.

From the bottom of page 95 in the manual


If a defender is forced to retreat through an un-bridged minor river area ground units will be destroyed. If forced to retreat into an un-bridged major river area, ground units must use naval transport or they are destroyed. Units may not move or retreat over a bridged major river if there are enemy naval combat units in the river.

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