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McGlu -> Range Circle Not Stretched Correctly in Widescreen (7/25/2008 7:01:42 PM)

I didn't see this posted anywhere, but I just noticed something that can really effect gameplay if you are running widescreen. The range circles are not stretched when you set the game window to widescreen dimensions and do not constrain the map to that dimension.

Repro steps...

1. At the main menu, go into Options.
2. Under Graphics Options, enter a widescreen resolution. For me, it's 1920x1200. I also have Windowed Mode unchecked.
3. Under Map Options, uncheck Constrain Map Aspect Ratio. (Requires restart)
4. Restart and load any scenario.
5. Select a TG to show the range circles.
6. Right-click on the Show Range Indicators button on the right to bring up the display options for the indicators.
7. Check and uncheck the box to go back and forth between circle and hex display mode.

Notice how far off the borders are from each mode. The circles are not being scaled the same as the hexes.

I've been playing the game from the beginning using the round indicators. Sure would make difference if the circles were scaled correctly. I guess I can use the hexes from now on, but I like the circles better.

McGlu -> RE: Range Circle Not Stretched Correctly in Widescreen (7/25/2008 7:33:04 PM)

Shoot. Thought I posted this in the CAW forums. I'll report there...

EDIT: I reported this in the CAW Support forum. This thread can be nuked.

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