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Alexander Seil -> ADG rules available for free? (6/9/2008 5:55:40 AM)

DISCLAIMER: I am a WiF noob. My only involvement with the whole franchise amounted to catching a handful of obscure bugs back in the day of CWiF. I apologize in advance if the information I request is already known to everyone.

Just wondering, it seems that the vast majority of materials necessary to play the game (including DoD3), such as rules, setup charts and such, are available directly on the WiF FE website. At the same time, there is a gigantic VASSAL (you know, a piece of software for "computerizing" boardgames) module that basically covers every product that was ever released, and was also, apparently, approved by ADG.

So, my question is - is my impression of "everything being available for free" (except for the PHYSICAL game, of course) correct and, moreover, where can I find the scenario setup charts for Patton in Flames, if those are officially released? Surprisingly, it's the only setup/rule file that I cannot seem to find online (everything else is right there on the ADG website [X(]).

P.S. BTW, do people play the VASSAL module? It seems very well done, maybe I'll try and find an opponent for the smaller scens. once I read the rules.

lomyrin -> RE: ADG rules available for free? (6/9/2008 7:03:54 AM)

Yes, both Vassal and Cyberboard are functioning versions of the boardgame.  Their problem is that there is no rule enforcement and the players, by email, must continously check and verify that all rules are obeyed. Usually there is a remote die roller progam utilized for an additional mass of emails notifying all players of all die rolls as they occur, then the players must implement the die roll results manually and according to the rules used.


Alexander Seil -> RE: ADG rules available for free? (6/9/2008 7:51:16 AM)

Well, by the same reasoning, if you leave the game set up at someone's house, that someone could mess with it, so it's not like that problem is avoided with the boardgame.

Back to the original question, though, any chance for a Patton in Flames scenario setup spreadsheet/scan? Provided that ADG allows it (which I doubt would be a problem).

composer99 -> RE: ADG rules available for free? (6/9/2008 4:07:00 PM)

If you have not already done so, you may wish to check out the World in Flames discussion list on Yahoo! Groups and either check their 'Files' section for what you seek, or ask around there too.

CTB123 -> RE: ADG rules available for free? (6/19/2008 1:53:13 AM)

It is expected that you own a physical copy of the game when you play via Vassal or Cyberboard.  There is debate out there on whether both or just one player needs to own a copy of the game.

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