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Karri -> For your AAR needs! (6/8/2008 7:57:00 PM)

Here's a great program for every AAR writer there:

Instead of pressing print screen, open up paint, pasting the image, chaging it to gif or something else than BMP, editing it, etc etc, simply press print screen(or some other hotkey), select the area you want to take a screenie of and save the image. Much easier.

desert -> RE: For your AAR needs! (6/8/2008 9:47:40 PM)

Screenshot program? I would suggest Ace WINscreen, but you have to pay to get the best features.

Silvanski -> RE: For your AAR needs! (6/8/2008 10:51:41 PM)

Still using IrfanView and loving it.. The latest version also has a small drawing program to add arrows

cesteman -> RE: For your AAR needs! (6/9/2008 7:44:13 AM)

I have used IrfranView and King Kong capture. The latter was suggested to me in the FoF forum. Cheers.

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