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Karri -> Fire in the East, once again (6/6/2008 11:04:57 PM)

I am playing against Josh, Fungwu was his forum name if I recall correctly. I play as the axis.
Now anyways, since it's pretty much been established that an experienced Soviet player can stop any Axis attack with the pullback strategy, we decided to do a little bit of modding to see how best make the game playable beyond the first 30 turns.

So here are the changes:
-Finns reconstruct in Helsinki
-Hungarians reconstruct at Budapest
-Slovakians reconstruct at Bratislava
-Italians reconstruct at Triest
-Romanians reconstruct at Bucharest

-Russian first winter shock 105(event 11)
-Russian shock of 95 after winter offensive(event 14)
-Russian shock until mud set to 95(even 361)
-turn 4 air shock to 70(event 362)
-turn 11 russian air shock to 80(event 363)
-turn 32 russian air shock 90(event 500)
-turn 57 russian air shock 95(event 501)
-turn 178 russian air shock 105(event 26)
- German air shock 105 in 1943, instead of 100(event 10)

-Some changes to territory in Finland. Shallow water to deep water
in order to decrease frontage
-Max rounds per battle set to 2

Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/6/2008 11:20:51 PM)

Turn 1:
Northern Front:
The German troops push through all resistance on the border and advance to Latvian border, some units penetrating into Latvia itself. The Soviets did defend to the last man, and thus advance was not as fast as it could have been, however with most enemy units destroyed or engaged there remains little on the way of the German spearheads. The first goal for the norther front is to capture Riga and cross the Dvina river as fast as possible. After that they are to head to Pskov and from there Leningrad.

I have decided that Leningrad needs to be captured before mud as otherwise it will end up tying down a considerable number of Axis forces. Usually the capture of Leningrad also means the collapse of the Soviet Northern Front.

Central Front:
The Germans enjoy similar superiority in the central front where, despite more numerous enemy forces, all resistance is pushed aside. Well, apart from the city of Kaunas where several enemy units remain in defensive positions. Most of the enemy units are again either destroyed or engaged, however there still remains some substantial formations for the Soviets to use, these units are mainly around Minsk and will no doubt either retreat or be used as roadblocks. The high command has ordered that Minsk must be captured by turn 3 at latest.

The plan is to drive to Minsk, then to Smolensk and then to Moscow. However, we will drive to Minsk first and then see how things go.


Southern Front:
In the south the enemy is crushed and driven back. Despite them concentrating more units here than anywhere else, our forces advance quite freely, advancing as far as 130 kilometers from the border. Some enemy units manage to survive the slaughter, but they are surrounded and will be eliminated soon.

The plan is to drive to the Stalin Line and see what happens then.

desert -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 12:11:36 AM) did you get three screens into your post?

Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 12:17:22 AM)

With the add image button...

desert -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 12:31:19 AM)

How did I never notice that? [&:]

Thank you for enlightening me.

Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 3:19:57 PM)

Turn 2:
My casualties this turn were about 20% of what they were last turn. I lost around 2000 HRS last turn, and around 400 this turn. A lot quieter turn in other words.

Nothern Front:
Advance continues as planned, we are now 30 kilometers from Riga itself, and there's nothing there to stop us. Enemy seems to be retreating towards Leningrad. Thus I am advancing with as little troops as possible, while the remaining are resting. Some infatry divisions have been left compeltely behind as to work as reserves.


Central Front:
As suspected the enemy is withdrawing most of his units while still leaving several of them as roadblocks. Still we make decent advance and reach within 40 kilometers of Minsk. Unlike in the north, here majority of untis are still used in combat operations due to the large amount of roadblocks. However several infantry formations are left behind again to act as general reserves. Most of these infantry units were used to clear the Bialystok pocket anyways, and thus they serve their purpose better as reserves.

Southern Front:
In the South we destroy the enemy formations that we can find, and advance as far as possible. Advance elements should reach the Stalin line next turn, and majority of units a turn after that. Due to the fact that the Stalin Line could slow us down for several turns, I am leaving no untis in reserve mode. I want to punch through it as fast as possible.


Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 6:27:04 PM)

Turn 3:
Casualties stayed low again, pretty much the same as last turn. Still equal to the amount I receive in replacements though...

Northern Front:
The german units reach and attack the Soviets in Riga. Some hard fighting ensues, and in the end the Soviets still manage to hold a small part of the city. 183rd Rifle Division held it's ground...but it will for sure be defeated next turn. Other than that, the river was crossed as planned and some mroe units were ordered to take some rest.


Central Front:
Remaining raodblocks destroyed, and Minsk reached. Despite numerous attacks the enemy still managed to hold the factories. But since all that remains is a Construction Brigade, I am sure they will be defeated next turn.

There are some more roadblock units, but these should be easily dealt with, perhaps with advance forces alone.

Also, first change to strategy, instead of going for Smolensk and Moscow with all the forces, the Central Front is split into two. One group continues towards Smolensk and Moscow as planned, and another will drive towards Gomel and Bryansk. I decided to do this since it means that if the enemy front in Bryansk collapses, I can threathen both the Smolensk front and the Southern Front...kind of a domino effect.

Southern Front:
The advance forces, which consist of some armored force, reach the Stalin line and even force a few enemy units back. The enemy seems to have withdrawn all his units, or those that he could, and thus it should be rather easy to breach the Stalin line.

Odessa and Kiev seem to be attracting a lot of enemy forces. Passing through or fortifying there?

Jakalo -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 6:43:45 PM)

Seems interesting, subscribed.

P.S. What about your AAR in paradox forum, is it over?

Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 7:16:27 PM)

It's not over, it's just that I don't have acces to OT anymore. I'd need to order a game from Paradox to get there...which I probaply will do eventually...all my current games from Pradox are so old they don't have the forum registeration possibility :(

Old, or missing. Moving tends to make you lose things.

Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 7:38:02 PM)

Turn 4:
Not much to report here, some combat as the remaining roadblocks are destroyed. Minsk captured, Riga cleared, and Stalin Line cleaned.

The rumanians and other axis minors in balkan activate and join the fun...which there isn't much since ruskies are retreating as fast as they can. Josh is clearly going for the pullback strategy, which is good since it will test whetever the changes work or not.

So far I can say that the Max Round Per Battle set to 2 works wonders. No more annoying turn burns where a single construction brigade attacked by a dozen units burns the whole turn...and survives.


Karri -> RE: Fite in the East, once again (6/7/2008 8:40:49 PM)

For some reason I had the title of the thread as "Fite in the east", fixed now. Just proves how much this scenario has corrupted my brains.

philturco -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/7/2008 9:34:14 PM)

great to see another FITE AAR. Would like to see the game tweaked to allow competitive play into late 42.

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/8/2008 5:30:31 PM)

Turns 5 to 7:
Almost free advance, so I am lumping these turns together.

Nothern Front:
The Soviets end up retreating to Murmansk in Lapland without a single shot fired. I guess my opponent decided to play it for sure here. All I can do is follow up and capture what is essentially worthless ground.

In Eastern Karelia the Soviets leave behind a couple of fortification units that couldn't withdraw, and pull back the rest. I encircle those units and advance towards the old border with no hurry.

In Karelian Isthmus however the Soviets put up a defensive line. A strong one too, artillery and reserves, even 2 tank divisions are counted. The finns are ordered to engage the enemy units. Now that the finns reconstruct I don't have to worry about sacrificing them for nothing. In the 'normal' FitE you usually end up with a situation where you have thousands upon thousands of rifle squads in replacement pool because you can't really use the minors for attacking in fear of them evaporating...
Anyways, the finns take heavy losses but so do the Soviets, and most importantly these Soviet untis are now engaged and can't be transferred to defend against Germans.

The Germans are advancing quite freely, the only engagement was in Pskov where a couple of Soviets put up some resistance. Roadblock, nothing more.

Also Germans made several landings, both in the Estonian Islands and Estonian mainland thus germans we're able to take control of the area quickly. Together with the finns capturing Hanko we were able to trap some soviet boats in the area.

Central Front:

Again, taking care of roadblocks was pretty much all the action this area saw. The Soviets are building their first line around Smolensk and I am trying to make sure my forces are in good condition when they finally reach it.

The other spearhead reached Gomel realitevly easy, and destryed the roadblocks with help from paratroopers. Railroad is laggin behind a bit, but should be rebuilt faster in the coming turns as I transported the railroad repair groups around a bit. Meanwhile the panzers are mostly travelling with the supply columns, resting and refitting for the main attack.

Here again another change to the plan. The Soviet line does not run directly down along the river from Bryansk, thus I decided that I will cross the river South of Bryansk because it gives me the possibility to attack in the open. As you know attacking across rivers gives penalties to the attack, as well as making exploitation more difficult since crossing the river costs extra movement points.

Southern Front:

Kiev was captured on turn 6, and the Soviets have pretty much withdrawn the rest of their units to somewhere around Kharkov. Most of my units are resting and waiting for the advance elements to clear the road.

The Rumanians reached Odessa and begun their attack. This is the first goal. capturing Odessa is difficult but necessary, or so I've judged from my previous games.

And here's the animation from turns 1 to 7:

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/8/2008 6:38:19 PM)

Turn 8 and 9:
Some minor attacks and positioning.

Northern Front:

Germans continue their advance towards Murmansk, while finns struggle to advance in the Karelian Isthmus. Apparently Soviets are also struggling, since on turn 9 three new Soviet divisions arrive there as reinforcements.

The Germans finally reach Leningrad defences and being their attack. Some advances are made, not much though. It is obvious that reinforcements are needed if I am to capture Leningrad before the mud comes. However first I need to rebuild the rail lines, which should take a turn or two. Enough to make some spoiling attacks.



Central Front:

Here we reach the enemy line awell, but do not attack yet. Some soviet units actually attack us and drive back a couple of units with low supply and readiness. It does not matter to me as those units are there only to make sure the Soviets do not retreat, the attack force is still resting before launching the main offensive. In fact, not only resting but waiting for reinforcements, as you recall I earlier left infantry formations behind to rest and refit, well now I am bringing them back up.

The 'Bryansk' force has not reached the enemy lines yet, however the route there is open as proved by the lone recon unit.

Southern Front:

Mostly resting here, some advance elements have made contact with a few enemy cavalry divisions. They will be dealt with soon. As you can see from the screenshot, the enemy line here is quite strong. Lot's of artillery, lot's of tanks, lot's of everything. But I'm gonna push through it.

In Odessa axis minors are banging their head against a wall. The enemy has garrisoned the city well. But I will capture the city before mud, I must.



And here are some infantry casualties so far:


Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/8/2008 7:51:52 PM)

Turn 10:

Nothern Front:
To speed up the attack and to tie down enemy reserves, the germans conduct a landing in Leningrad area. No doubt these units will be destroyed, but hopefully it will in the long run result in less casualties. The advance is still slow, but the enemy forces are starting to wear down. So are my forces, but luckily I still got reserves to throw in.

Central Front:

In Smolensk the troops were moved into positions to begin the attack next turn, meanwhile some german unit in Nelidovo(North of Smolensk) are pushing onwards despite heavy Soviet resistance. Also preparing for the attack south of Bryansk.

Southern Front:

In the south things are quiet. Getting rid of those cavalry units was harder than I thought, and it may actually delay my main attack with a turn or two. Nevertheless, that attack will come.

And in Odessa, banging my head against a wall.

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/8/2008 7:58:50 PM)

We are on turn 21 btw, so I'll probaply update until turn 15 or something, and keep a 5-10 turn 'lag' after that.

Karri -> Prepare to be surprised (6/8/2008 8:17:38 PM)

Turn 11:
Now that I have finally reached the Soviet main line the changes come to a test. And I can say, they prove worthwhile.

Nothern Front:
Not much to report here, the landing forces are beaten to death, with a single regiment surviving. They do tie down 1 tank and 2 rifle divisions however, which was the point. Apart from that, slow advance

Central Front:
I can't say I took the enemy by surprise since the attack came as no surprise, still I am sure that the results were a bit scary for the enemy. My forces advanced 2-3 hexes, crushing all resistance in their way. Granted, there's still plenty of resistance after those 2-3 hexes, but I also have fresh units left. The attack frontage at this point is about 150 kilometers(or 15 hexes). Some of that is only by my infantry, but they are making progress aswell. However using this infantry also leads to higher casualties, in the last 2 turns my casualties have doubled from about 4000 to about 8500. More combat means more casualties.

However where I did get a surprise was in the Bryansk. My enemy did not expect an attack there, and apparently the Soviet reconneisance did not even spot most of the forces there. Not that the Soviet line would be weak, it just lacked any second line reserves. Still, I'm pretty sure that the advance here is thanks to MRPB being set to 2. I threw in the Brandenburgians to stop the enemy from reinforcing the line. Good news is also that there are plenty of fresh units to push forwards and deal with any reserves the enemy might have...

Southern Front:
I was able to throw in a couple of armored units for an attack, but the majority of units will not attack until next turn. Still, I made some advances. Now that the Bryansk defences have been shattered, the enemy position here will be much weaker, as he has to move plenty of divisions to save his flank. In Odessa my losses keep growing, and the enemy even has the strenght to counter-attack. Counted 4 tank and 2 mech division there...


Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/10/2008 8:05:43 PM)

Turn 12:

Northern Front:
As the Germans are pushing in from south/west, the Soviets are unable to reinforce their forces fighting against finns, which results in the Soviet forces in Karelian Isthmus collapsing. The finns take heavy losses, but destroy and drive back several enemy units.

The germans are slowly pushing onwards, but have been unable to conduct a breakthrough yet. Reinforcements are on the way however, and fresh units should be able to pish through the weak soviet units.


Central Front:
In the Nelidovo(Valdai Hills?) area the germans are slowly pushing away the soviets. Hopefully the enemy canno't reinforce this area.

In Smolensk the city itself falls to germans, and the russians are pushed back another 10 to 20 kilometers. We are starting to reach the enemy artillery, and thus I do believe the enemy lines is breaking.

In Bryansk the situation is clear: a breakthrough has been achieved. The enemy is trying to protect his flanks, and slow down my advance but the infantry and panzers are destroying more units than the enemy can send in.

Southern Front:
In Kharkov the attack proceeds well, as the enemy line is forced back some 10 to 30 kilometers. Also since we broke the enemy line in Bryansk he was forced to send his reserves there to slow me down, and thus a fast breakthrough is possible in Kharkov aswell. In Odessa however we are taking losses but not ground.

Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/10/2008 8:08:37 PM)

Some casualties:

Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/12/2008 3:49:40 PM)

Turns 13-14:

Nothern Front:
The finns finish mopping up the remaining soviet units, and move into the old border. They are not allowed to advance beyond that unless Leningrad falls. That's one more reason to capture Leningrad, as it gives you control of a nice amount of extra units, and with good luck this means the capture of Murmans and Archangelsk.

On turn 13 the Germans receive several fresh infantry divisions as reinforcements, and the results of this move are obvious on turn 14. The Soviet resistance does not collapse, but suddenly it seems much weaker. I decide to move in 4 more infantry divisions.


Central Front:
The enemy resistance in Nelidovo collapses, but due to the nature of the terrain, even the routed enemy units are enough to stop breakthroughs. It doesn't even really matter, since the enemy resistance in Smolensk is collapsing aswell. The enemy still offers resistance, but unless he receives considerable reinforcements he won't be able to hold us off.

Especially so since the Bryansk front is now completely open, and German forces are advancing towards the Don river.

Southern Front:

Our Soviet friends are not doing any better here. I'm glad I decided to attack in Bryansk, since it 'stole' the Soviet reserves from this area. With those reserves gone the enemy canno't stop us now. Some Soviet divisions will be making a last stand in Kharkov, but that does not matter. We have already set the next objective for AGS, and that is Rostov.

Okay, you were probaply expecting Stalingrad...but no. It's Rostov allright.

Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/12/2008 3:56:21 PM)

Well, as you can see the changes seem to work. Josh did play a little(and little means little) 'sloppy' as he himself said, by not blowing every bridge etc, but nothing that could effect a normal game this much. Usually the Axis reach the Soviet main line on turn 10, and then spend 20 turns trying to break takes a minimum of 10-15 to actually gain a breakthrough and by then the mud is so close the axis have practically lost the game..this time the first brekathrough came in one turn, and the remaining lines are collapsing in 3-4 turns.

Of course I have another game as Sovies going on and we'll see what happens there. Not to mention what happens once the russkies can throw in their winter offensive...I can say though, much more interesting that the vanilla version.

Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/13/2008 2:35:40 PM)

Turns 15-18:

On turn 15 the Germans finally manage to achieve a breakthrough in Leningrad, only a few hexes wide and the Soviets still managed to block it, but it signalled the beginning of the end for Leningrad defenders. On top of this the Soviets could not spare any reinforcements to the area, and only had one or two fresh divisions left. Nothing to turn the tide with...even the fresh division were reduced to mere shadows of their former self after a turn or two of fighting. Not that my units were in any better condition, but luckily I had at least some more reserves.

On turn 16 I decided that it was time for a major air operation, and landed several brandenburger and FJ units behind enemy lines. The plan was to help me achieve that final brekathrough in my effort to encircle and destroy the defenders of Leningrad. The breakthrough and the landings went well, but then I had an early turn ending and couldn't exploit the succes. But on the other hand the enemy didn't seem to have anything to counter-attack with. A turn later the Fallschimjägers would then happily venture to the city of Novay Ladoga and cut the remaining supplylines of the soviet defenders.


In the Center the Russians managed to stop the breakthrough, but still every line they managed to build up was crushed like the previous ones. Apparently aware of this the enemy had already begun to build another line around Moscow. I decided to make a forced march to the Don with some infantry, while placing the panzer and panzergrenadier divisions on rest in order to prepare for an attack towards Moscow from south. They had to deal with roadblocks first though, but after that it would be time for the final assault.

Turn 16 was a turn of succes for Central Front, as the remaining enemy resistance was now ready to be pocketed. The early turn ending stopped this, but at least the enemy units were succesfully engaged, which meant they couldn't retreat even though the encirclement wasn't complete.

Thanks to still having some fresh forces in reserve I managed to advance quickly to engage the second line of enemy resistance. While these units conducted spoiling attacks the majority of my units had a little rest&refit to prepare for a breakthrough.


In the South things were great. Well, apart from Odessa where the enemy even managed to counter-attack and destroy some rumanian and hungarian units. Otherwise it was a mop up operation and advance with recon elements towards Rostov. In Kharkov pocket alone nearly 20 enemy division met their fate.

The enemy decided to sacrifice some lone divisions in order to slow down my advance, but the vast space of Southern Russia allowed for me to simply bypass these units and leave the mopping for infantry to do. The Soviets concentrated on building a new line in Rostov-Voroshilovgrad axis. I decided that at this point the most important goal is Moscow, and placed some infantry and panzer divisions to rest in order to be moved to that region. Also I figured that with the pressure there, the enemy canno't send too many reinforcements to the Southern front, and I still should have enough forces to break through the enemy ranks once more.

Karri -> RE: Prepare to be surprised (6/13/2008 2:38:02 PM)

And here are turns 1 to 18:

wmorris -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/14/2008 3:44:28 AM)

Sorry, didnt know that this would be misplaced relative to what I wanted to comment upon.

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (6/24/2008 5:14:17 PM)

Turns 19-21:

Northern Front:
After the enemy front had been pierced in Smolensk, Bryansk and in Kharkov, the enemy could no longer spare reinforcements into Leningrad. The capure of Novay Ladoga(removes supply from Leningrad) was the final blow, and with it the enemy defences collapsed within few turns. The city itself fell on turn 20, and with it fell the defences of the whole Northern Front.

Now that the finns were free to move and act as they saw fit, it was time for some new plans. With 10 turns left there was still time to complete these pans aswell. First mission is to encircle and possibly cpature the cities of Archanglesk(-5 supply) and Murmansk(5% replacement decrease). Then advance towards the city of Volodga in order to shorten the frontline considerably, and to also threathen Gorkiy and Moscow from the north.

Turn 19:

Turn 21:


Central Front:

After clearing out the remaining enemy forces, which were not all that numerous, the units had some rest and preprared for the second push, with the goal being Moscow. It was still some 150 kilometres away, but with fresh troops and worn out enemy defences, it should prove to be easy to capture the city. Some units were sent northeast to advance along the Volga towards the city of Yaroslavl and Vologda to link up with Northern Front. Their mission was to simply establish a defensive line in the area, and recon for enemy activity in the area.

On turn 21 all was finally set for the major offensive. Some troops had already been doing spoiling attacks, but soon the whole front, some 300 kilometres in lenght, would join the assault and crush those poor little workers. And with the fall of Leningrad we now even had some reserves to throw in once the enemy resistance was worn out.


Southern Front:
There is not much to report from South. Well, except for the fact that all our attacks against Odessa have been failures. The enemy managed to counter-attack and wiped out several divisions...our casualties here must be somewhere along 15 divisions now. Sounds horrible, but truth be told, our casualties elsewhere have not been much ligher...loss penalties now are 100 for Axis, 397 for Soviets.

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (7/1/2008 11:58:08 AM)

Central Front, turn 22-32:
Well, I'm breaking the format since Norther Front no longer exists. Anyways, the following happens between turns 22-32 ;)

With the first soviet defensive line now being completely crushed in every direction...well apart from Odessa...the soviets were struggling to build a new one. Especially since the fighting went on as my forces continue to push for Moscow. I had by now concentrated most, if not all, artillery units in Moscow, which gave my forces some punching power. On top of this, majority of panzergrenadier and panzer division were concentrated here aswell.

The plan was simple, just push through and capture Moscow. There were no encirclements planned, the goal was to push back or destroy every single unit the soviets placed in the line. This would force them to place even more units there...simply destory line after line through constant attacks.

Of course, my casualties were not gonna be light...but the prize would be worth it.

So, on turn 22 I set out to carry the first round of attacks, as I said until now there had been mostly spoiling attacks. I didn't of course commit all my forces yet, I left some infantry and armor in reserve for the future turns.

But anyways, the first round of attacks were succesful, as the enemy resistance was crushed everywhere it was met. Of course this kind of fighting, 4-8 rounds of combat per turn, burns out the defending as well as the attacking units. And at this point I didn't really have anything left to rebuild my units with...all my heavy rifle squad replacements went to reconstituting destroyed units...
Turn 22:

The results were as planned, the enemy was forced to reinforce Moscow, and I would simply crush the next line again. At the meantime my units were also advancing along the Volga river. However, I did not place any significant units here, I simply wished to gain good positions for the winter.

The enemy had pretty much nothing in here, since everything here was going to the defence of Moscow. A few divisions and regiments were guarding bridges.

Volga river, turn 23:

A small opportunity to expand the attack east represented itself on turn 23, but I decided not to do this. Although the area was open, there was little to gain there. My target was Moscow, and I had to push there with everything I had.

I did capture the town of Ryazan though a few turns later, but withdrew from there once I had destroyed the industry.
Ryazan, turn 23:

The enemy pushed even more reinfocements here, but it only slowed the mighty axis war machine down a bit. I was still able to advance as I had planned, 1 or 2 hexes per turn all along the front. This even though there seemed to be at least 1 or 2 Soviet tank brigades in every hex.

Even crossing the Ugra river, which was in the way of the 'southern offensive' proved to be quite easy. All thanks to the massive firepower. However, casualties kept mounting..and while the soviet casualties mounted faster, and althought the had by this point lost quite a few industrial cities, they could still replace those casualties. I on the other hand found more and more units that had one third or half of their strenght left...but in full supply and readiness. Would this be a pyrrhic victory? Would the Axis war machine be able to regain it's former strenght?

Turn 25:

And as the forces grew tired, I threw in some fresh panzer while freeing up some other for rest. Also worth noting that at this point my artillery started to get crowded...I had some 9 hexes stacked full of artillery, and as expected they did quite some damage.

And while I still had fresh units to throw in, my enemy did not. Or so I thought, until I discovered that a couple of Guard divisions had arrived to the rescue of the city. Those would prove to be harder to kill than a full stack of other units.

Situation on turn 27:

The tank brigades were also quite difficult to handle, even more so as they begun to stack up. A rifle division backed up by a tank brigade could be defeated, but a hex full of tank brigades started to be a bit harder...since all they had left were tanks, and artillery is pretty much useless against tanks in TOAW.

This meant that my own tank units needed to give a few hard punches...which also ment they were gonna take some hard casualties.

Turn 28, 35th Panzer regiment...or what's left of it:

Meanwhile a bit north from Moscow, Vologda and Yaroslav that is, I decide to advance a bit as the enemy has no defences in the area. Also probaply worht mentioning that much further north, Archanglesk and Murmansk are completely cut off...they will be going once I can somehow get more troops there.

As I said, those guard division were a bitch to deal with. Even when so close to Moscow, one of them stops my advance for a complete turn. I manage to wear it down, but it wears my forces down as well.

Luckily I managed to destroy the Soviet Northern Front all those turns ago and the 8th Panzer Division which ha now rested enough to gain full supply and readiness is sent to the rescue. It should be able to make the final push.


On turn 30 thus, the city of Moscow finally falls. The enemy is unable to counter-attack with his worn out troops. I stop my offensive here aswell, and only do a couple more limited attacks.

And with turn 32 the mud arrives, and thus all fighting stops.

Situation at the end of turn 32:

See the panzer untis in that screenshot? Each stack is a separate division. And yes, one of those stacks only has a HQ unit and an Engineer unit left.

Now, since Moscow fell the Soviets got quite a few penalties. First of all their rail capacity fell to 6000. Which is excellent for me. They lost 20% production aswell(but still outproduce me...).

However, something I didn't actually remember happened aswell: Turks joined the Axis. While I do welcome the 5% increase in replacements...the turks I don't welcome so much. They will probaply be more of a burden really. I figure I have to send 10 or so divisions there to build up a strong enough line.

Also, I discovered a bug...tha Axis Bonus tanks are set to arrive by event 500...I used that event to increase Soviet air the vanilla FitE it is not used. So thus, I now have some 750 Panthers sitting in Berlin. The Soviets also gained some bonus fleets thanks to this.

No biggie though, we just let them sit there...funnily enough though, I don't even have any untis that could receive panther as replacements.

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (7/1/2008 11:59:37 AM)

And btw. tomorrow I am leaving for a vacation, and will be gone for 2 weeks. So you gotta wait a bit for the next update :)

Da_Huge_D -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (12/15/2008 5:22:49 PM)

Question: What graphic mode is this? And where i can dl it?

Karri -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (12/15/2008 7:06:19 PM)

It's actually a bunch of graphic mods which I have mixed together.

Da_Huge_D -> RE: Fire in the East, once again (12/15/2008 8:55:23 PM)

Could you please tell which ones? Cos those graphics looks smooth!
I would enjoy. [;)]

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